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The best PC optimizer softwareUsing PC optimization software, we were able to speed up our entire PC system and Internet speeds to faster performance levels than we previously thought possible.

The best PC optimizer for 2018 has great range - it will tune-up your system and speed up Internet connections. We have been using a vast array of PC tune up, system utilities and optimizers for years. We have recently updated our reviews and ratings. The best PC optimizer after our latest tests, gave us the fastest speed results without breaking stability.

Some users are very happy with their PC performance and just need to improve online connectivity. In these cases, you'll want the best Internet optimizer and accelerator software to speed up Internet performance. It helps to boost everything that accesses your connection including web browsers, email clients, streaming video services and anything else you use while online.

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How to buy the best PC optimizer software for your computer

If you've decided it's time to buy Windows computer optimization software, there's a few things you should be aware of before making that purchase. We give you a complete run down on the perils of "free", and showcase the best PC optimization software after our rigorous comparison testing.

With almost 20 years experience using Windows tune-up utilities, we are very confident our recommended PC optimizer software will help you get the best performance for your Windows computer.

How do we find the best speed up software for PCs?

There are many variables to consider when we compare optimizers, but the most important would be speed gains WHILE still providing system stability. After all, what's the point in massive speed acceleration only to have your computer crash constantly. Happily, our recent leader in all of the speed categories, also perfectly maintained stability. It's eye-opening moments like these when we compare all of the speed up software for PC, that makes it all worth it - to find that one program to rule them all.

We dig down deep into the analysis of Windows tuning and cleaning software. Their key optimizing components are compared and rated including; PC and Internet speed improvements, startup and shutdown speed, registry cleaning, gaming performance, automatic optimization, repair modules, and the very important ability to maintain stability. read our latest reviews of PC optimization software utilities to help you choose the best one for you to get.

We tried most, if not all of the legitimate optimization software solutions. Unfortunately there are also many rogue programs masked as system utilities, so be careful out there. Rest assured, any software listed on our site has been tested and proven safe.

How to Speed Up Windows Performance

We are going to take an in-depth look at how to speed up PC performance. Increasing PC speed not only requires a quality optimizer but taking advantage of already present utilities such as Task Manager, CPU Priority, and Video Card controls. Organize and improve your human access time by using single-button number pad shortcuts. Plus, we'll look at the importance of driver updating.

Some users prefer to overclock vs using optimization software. Before you go ahead, it would be wise to consider the overclocking risks caused by electro migration and interconnect failure of your CPU.

Speed Up Internet and Network Performance

Learn how to increase your Internet speed. While modern PC and Internet optimizer programs have the ability to safely and automatically increase Internet performance in minutes, there's a few things you can do as a basic primer before using an optimizer solution.

Lag with online videos is a huge annoyance when watching Youtube or Netflix. We get down to the core issue, the buffering pauses that can lead to un-watchable movies. Find out how I fixed my video buffering problem once and for all.

Sometimes your Internet or network connection properties can be poorly configured causing slow Internet speed. Discover the nuances of setting your local area connection properties to improve connectivity.

Who are we? How do we test each PC optimizer?

"PC optimization enthusiasts for nearly 20 years, starting with Windows 98."

Current main rigs (a slight improvement over our first Pentium PCs ;-)
Windows 10, Intel Skylake platforms, SSD, DDR4 RAM

Other test rigs to check optimizer results on older PCs.
Windows 7 and Vista, Intel X38 platforms, HDD, DDR2 RAM

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