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Choosing the Best PC Cleaner Software of 2021

Last Updated: February 20, 2021

Using the best PC Cleaners, we were able to speed up our entire PC system and Internet speeds to faster performance levels than we previously thought possible.

The best PC optimizer for 2021 has great range - it will tune-up your system and speed up Internet connections. We have been using a vast array of PC system utilities and optimizers for years. After our most recent research, we have updated our definitive list of the best PC cleaners.

Receiving the best research scores in our latest research, this year's most advanced cleaner software improved overall system speed to the fastest level ever. Including gaming performance, optimizing Internet and Network data transmission, and intelligently adjusting RAM and resources on the fly for a perfectly optimized PC.

Some users are very happy with their PC performance and just need full Internet optimization to improve online connectivity. In these cases, you'll want to buy an Internet optimizer. It'll boost the performance of everything that accesses your online or network connection. This includes web browsers, email clients, streaming video services and anything else you use online or over a network.

Software to Improve Windows Performance

We have been using a vast array of PC system utilities and optimizers for years. After our most recent research, we have updated our definitive list to help you choose the best PC optimizer for your Windows computer.

We dig down deep into the analysis of Windows tuning and cleaning software. Their key optimizing components are compared and rated including; PC and Internet speed improvements, startup and shutdown speed, registry cleaning, gaming performance, automatic optimization, repair modules, and the very important ability to maintain stability.

The best optimizer for Windows computers, Smart Utilities 3-pack made our PC research systems soar to the fastest speed levels - without any errors or stability issues.

We tried most, if not all of the legitimate optimization software solutions. Unfortunately there are also many rogue programs masked as system utilities, so be careful out there. Rest assured, any software listed on our site has been researched and proven safe.

There are many variables that go into our comparison ratings, but the overwhelmingly most important would be speed gains WHILE still providing system stability. After all, what's the point in massive speed acceleration only to have your computer crash constantly. Happily, our recent leader in all of the speed categories, also perfectly maintained stability. It's eye-opening moments like these when we compare PC optimization software, that makes it all worth it.

Who is SpeedUpNew?

"Many of our computer experts have been PC optimization enthusiasts for over 20 years."

Current main research rigs are focused on the average Laptop and Desktop PC today.
Windows 10, Intel and AMD platforms, SSD, 8GB to 32GB RAM

Other research rigs to check optimizer results on older Laptops and Desktop PCs.
Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista, older Intel and AMD platforms, HDD, DDR2-3 RAM

In summary: We strive to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information concerning PC optimization software. We also teach you how to use Windows tuneup utilities to keep your computer fast and in perfect repair. Please browse our site to find the best solutions to make your computer the best it can be.

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