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Using PC Optimizer software, we were able to speed up our entire PC system and Internet speeds to faster performance levels than we previously thought possible. The download was fairly small (under 40 MB) but it absolutely changed the way our PC performs.

Best PC Optimizer System MechanicThe best PC optimizer for 2018 has great range - it will speedup your PC system and accelerate your Internet connection. We have been using a vast array of PC system utilities and optimizers for years. After our most recent tests, we have updated our list of proven optimizers to help you choose the best software to buy and download.

The only Internet optimizer that worked for us was actually built-in to our top overall choice as well. It provided amazing results to safely boost our online connection speed. In some cases, it accelerated our PC and Internet connection to an extreme speed level of up to 300%. This means a more responsive overall system speed, better pings, less latency and lag for gaming, faster downloads, web browsing, Windows startups, RAM performance, and a lot more, as discussed in our reviews..

Many PC optimization downloads are available for "free", but after trying many, the free downloads were the worst performers, and did the most harm to our systems. Also, the artificial free downloads of paid versions, provide such limited functionality, they're not worth downloading. They're an unnecessary step on your way to buying the real-working full version.

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Speed-up the Internet: When you consider our PCs are continually accessing the internet and our local networks today, it's vital to optimize it. The Internet optimizer modules included in many of the PC optimization software downloads will help you speedup both your Internet connection and local area network.

We strongly feel you should avoid the free junkware cycle that eventually pushes you to buy the full version anyway's. If you want real PC and Internet optimization, you should consider buying the optimizer from the get-go and see for yourself if it solves your problems or speeds up performance enough for you. Otherwise, if you're not satisfied, just use the money back guarantee for a full refund.

Who are we? How do we test each PC optimizer?

"PC optimization enthusiasts for nearly 20 years, starting with Windows 98."
Our current main rig is a slight improvement over our first Pentium PC ;-)

Test rigs used to evaluate the best PC optimizer results on all types of PCs.
Windows 10, Intel Skylake platforms, SSD, DDR4 RAM

Other test rigs to check optimizer results on older PCs.
Windows 8, 7 and Vista, Intel X38 platforms, HDD, DDR2 RAM

Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Ultrabooks, and Netbook PCs
"Accessing Future Speed Levels with Today's PC Hardware" ™

About Us
The SpeedUpNew Crew

Speed-up PC & Internet: A 20 year long journey

When I started manually tweaking my really slow PC, way back in the 1990's, I always thought there should be software to do all of these adjustments. After a few years, some early optimizing programs made their appearance and they were just terrible. In the late 90's, I had problem after problem using optimization software. In fact, at one point, I got so frustrated, I promised myself to never use them again. And I didn't for years.

Optimize all of your Windows programs, online services, and games

With a good PC optimizer, you can improve everything you do on your system. Ranging from the Internet to everything installed; all will be faster.

About 5 more years passed. It was around 2003, when I was manually setting up my latest PC, that I started to experience tweak-syndrome again. Unfortunately, I just couldn't keep up with all of the changes I was making to my registry and other computer settings. I started to crave a software solution again, so I went to see if anything new had been created that actually worked this time.

Well, in those early years, there were few choices, but one of the first programs that changed my thinking to the possibility that a software optimizer could work was Norton Utilities. By today's standards, it's certainly a bit of a clunky program, but back then it was adequate for my needs. That was almost 15 years ago and things have really changed for the better - especially in the last 5 years.

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and older versions

Will it optimize my Windows computer? Yes, the better PC optimizers have intelligent installations that automatically sense your Windows version. These tailor-made optimization modules provide exceptional performance gains.

Today's optimizers generate blistering fast results compared to those older pioneer tuneup utilities. It's interesting that the other Windows tune-up program I tried along the way, was an early version of System Mechanic. I would install it exclusively to repair my computer, whenever I ran into a problem. But today's edition goes far beyond what that ancient version could do. Now System Mechanic has taken over the top speed results with its' latest optimization modules.

It's almost as if it is mis-named now, because as a great repair tool, System Mechanic sounds fine, but considering it's got the best speed results as well, it should have a more speed-inducing name. Oh well, having a long term publisher who has grown and stood behind their product for that many years is much more important than a sexy name. The differences in the speed results from where we were 15 years ago is amazing.

Tuning up your PC can be complicated if you're into manually adjusting thousands of settings and registry entries. Using a software solution to fully optimize your PC and Internet makes it so simple, anyone can do it. Even a tech expert would never be able to manually adjust all of those hidden and locked settings within your computer. Simply put, perfect optimization is only possible with an advanced PC optimizer.

I had always wished for a super optimizer program with a reliable registry cleaner included, but was disappointed for many years. Now today's optimization utilities truly are super speed generators that provide a genuine boost while keeping your PC in perfect running order. If only I could take the latest version of System Mechanic Pro back in time to 1998, I would probably have much more hair on my head right now. Then again, maybe not, because I would probably have a heck of a time trying to get it to install on Windows 98. ;-)

Why use a quality PC system utilities optimizer?

As can be derived from the performance tuning article on Wikipedia, manual tweaking is not for those without expert knowledge. A software solution allows you to easily get faster overall computer speed with improved internet performance, quicker startups and shutdowns, PLUS every program or game installed on your computer will be much more responsive. Stability will improve with less annoying errors that can cause freezes and sluggish performance. Your PC speed will improve immediately and it won't just be for today, but every day, from this point on, for the remaining years you will be using your current system. Compared to buying games or other software, a system optimizer delivers benefits every single day. Well really, it's effectively working every single second that your computer is turned on.

How do we compare each optimizer?

We dig down deep into the analysis and comparisons of PC optimizer software. Their key components are compared and rated including; PC and Internet speed improvements, startup and shutdown speed, registry cleaning, gaming performance, automatic optimization, repair modules, and the very important ability to maintain stability.

We tried most, if not all of the legitimate optimization software solutions. Unfortunately there are also many rogue programs masked as system utilities, so be careful out there. Rest assured, any software listed on our site has been tested and proven safe.

There are many variables that go into our comparison ratings, but the overwhelmingly most important would be speed gains WHILE still providing system stability. After all, what's the point in massive speed acceleration only to have your computer crash constantly. Happily, our recent PC and Internet optimization leader in all of the speed categories, also perfectly maintained stability.

Choosing and Installing a PC Optimizer

One of the most difficult steps on your path to getting optimized is reading all of the PC optimizer reviews on various web sites to find the best one for you. Having said that, you will want to check out our iolo System Mechanic review for a detailed explanation why it won our best PC optimizer award for 2018. Looking back, Advanced Systemcare Ultimate was the best PC optimizer of 2016, but it has dropped down a little this year with the major improvements to System Mechanic.

One of the most important steps in using your Windows tuneup software, will be to adjust the automatic settings. This will allow your PC to be continually optimized (recommended) and never slowdown again. What causes slowdown you ask? Programs changing system settings to their un-optimized state, or junk files accumulating on your drive, or registry entries becoming bloated or defunct. In other words, just using your computer normally, will slow it down over time.

To speed up PC and Internet performance to the highest velocity possible, you will need system tuneup utilities. Everyone wants their computer and Internet speed to be the best they can be.

System Tuneup Utilities Reviews

There are many optimization variables to consider when we compare system utilities, but the most important would be Windows stability. After all, what's the point in massive speed acceleration only to have your computer crash constantly. Our recent leader in all of the speed categories, also perfectly maintained stability. Of course, there are many other Windows tuneup utilities software solutions out there that are junkware and will corrupt Windows.

We have tested, reviewed, and compared to find the absolute leading PC optimizer that energizes your system with massive speed improvements. It will optimize Windows 10 to the max. It also works with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. Improves PC gaming, work computer efficiency, Facebooking, browsing online, crypto-currency mining effectiveness, or anything else you do on your Windows computer. All users, new and old will appreciate these cleaners and accelerators.

Deciding on Windows tuneup utilities software

If you've decided it's time to buy a Windows tuneup utility, there's a few things you should be aware of before making that purchase.

It's important to decide which type of optimizing program you need. Do you want to speed up your PC, or are you more interested in having a very easy to use and simple optimizer for beginners? Are you mostly interested in the Internet optimization results of the program? Or is your PC giving you annoying errors every time you use it and you want to fix it with a system repair utility? Whether your PC is new or old, the best PC optimization software will absolutely make it much faster and much more stable than before.

Some users are very happy with their PC performance and just need a full Internet optimization to improve online connectivity. In these cases, you'll want a program with the best Internet optimizer included since we have yet to find a good stand-alone Internet optimizing solution. Besides, having your entire PC optimized, also helps to boost the performance of everything that accesses your connection including web browsers, email clients, streaming video services and anything else you use while online.

We tried most, if not all of the legitimate optimization software solutions. Unfortunately there are also many rogue programs masked as system utilities, so be careful out there. Buying Windows optimization software can be difficult if you're a new user or you are just unfamiliar with tuneup programs in general. Rest assured, any software listed on our site has been tested and proven safe.

With almost 20 years experience using Windows tune-up utilities, we are very confident our reviews and best recommendations will help you get the best PC optimizer for your system.

Windows 10 optimization speeds up both your PC and Internet

After using PC optimizer software for nearly 20 years, we found the latest Windows 10 Optimizer to be the best ever. Anyone who thought Windows was no longer going to need optimization was wrong, While the latest Windows is certainly much better than previous iterations, it is certainly bulkier and stuffed with many unnecessary features for most users. It's actually more important than ever to optimize Windows today.

Computer optimization technology

Technology changes fast. That old phrase has never been more true for PC optimizer software. With this years' advancements, we now have optimization programs that work better than at any time in their history. With Windows 10 being a much improved, albeit a bit bulky iteration of Microsoft's latest operating system, optimizer software has never been more beneficial to Windows.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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