The Best PC Performance Software for your computer

The best PC optimizer is Wise Care 365

Using the best PC performance software, we were able to speed up our entire PC system and Internet speeds to faster performance levels than we previously thought possible.

The best PC optimizer of 2020 has great range - it will tune-up your system and even boost online speed as it's also the best Internet optimizer. We have been using a vast array of PC system utilities and optimizers for years. After our most recent tests, we have experienced the best speed results with Wise Care 365 Pro.

How do we compare each Windows optimizer?

We dig down deep into the analysis of Windows tuning and cleaning software. Their key optimizing components are compared and rated including; PC and Internet speed improvements, startup and shutdown speed, registry cleaning, gaming performance, automatic optimization, repair modules, and the very important ability to maintain stability.

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The best optimizer for Windows computers, Wise Care 365 made our PC test systems soar to the fastest speed levels - without any errors or stability issues.

We tried most, if not all of the legitimate optimization software solutions. Unfortunately there are also many rogue programs masked as system utilities, so be careful out there. Rest assured, any software listed on our site has been tested and proven safe.

There are many variables that go into our comparison ratings, but the overwhelmingly most important would be speed gains WHILE still providing system stability. After all, what's the point in massive speed acceleration only to have your computer crash constantly. Happily, our recent leader in all of the speed categories, also perfectly maintained stability. It's eye-opening moments like these when we compare PC performance software, that makes it all worth it - to find that one program to rule them all.

What is the best performance software for you?

Everything you need to know before choosing the best optimization program for your computer.

It's important to decide which type of optimizing program you need. Do you want to speed up your PC, or are you more interested in having a very easy to use and simple optimizer for beginners? Are you mostly interested in the Internet optimization results of the program? Or is your PC giving you annoying errors every time you use it and you want to fix it with a system repair utility?

Once you narrow your focus on which one to buy, you'll find it much easier to make the right choice. Over 90% of our visitors choose a program to increase system speed because most users want the best speed results possible for their Windows computer and Internet connection.

Occasionally, we all run into computer errors that can't be fixed by the tech expert in the family and we need to find software to repair our problems. Considering the better system utilities can scan and repair thousands of areas on your PC, it goes without saying, these solutions are more effective than any human intervention could ever be. Frankly, even the best tech experts use these programs now, and why wouldn't they? It will save them hours upon hours of looking for the actual problem that may be within many of the hidden and locked PC settings.

We all started our computer with very little knowledge of how the computer actually worked. If you're at the beginner stage, but still want to optimize your PC, you may want an automatic and easy to use solution to speed up. Keep in mind though, a simple program will be far less effective than a more advanced system tuner. If you're versed enough in computers to seek and find information, you're probably ready for a more advanced optimization program because they are really not that difficult to understand - especially if you just take a few minutes to read their help files included within the software.

Some users are very happy with their PC performance and just need a full Internet optimization to improve online connectivity. In these cases, you'll want a program with the best Internet optimizer included since we have yet to find a good stand-alone Internet optimizing solution. Besides, having your entire PC optimized, also helps to boost the performance of everything that accesses your connection including web browsers, email clients, streaming video services and anything else you use while online.

There can be many reasons why your Internet is slow or has become slower over time. One of the culprits is mal-adjusted settings from a program you installed. Even formerly installed programs you have already uninstalled can still leave an improperly adjusted setting that can have a detrimental affect on your Internet speed. Yes, it's very important to uninstall software properly from your PC because it can have a big impact on how your computer will behave in the future. Here's a few different guides to help you uninstall some of the more popular optimizers. While it's our current leading choice, you still may need to uninstall System Mechanic if you tried it and it didn't work out for you. We also teach you to uninstall Advanced SystemCare, both the Ultimate and Pro versions. Finally, here's information on how to uninstall BoostSpeed - which has proved difficult for some users.

Also, rogue web sites can inject malicious code into your browser while surfing the net, leaving your browser slow and sluggish. Which is why we recommend Wise Care 365 Pro with its' impressive malicious code scanning, detection, and cleaning - along with leading edge speed improvements and repair functions.

PC optimization vs Tweaking: A 20 year long journey

When I started manually tweaking my really slow PC, way back in the 1990's, I always thought there should be software to do all of these adjustments. After a few years, some early optimizing programs made their appearance and they were just terrible. In the late 90's, I had problem after problem using optimization software. In fact, at one point, I got so frustrated, I promised myself to never use them again. And I didn't for years.

Optimize all of your Windows programs, online services, and games

With a good PC optimizer, you can improve everything you do on your system. Ranging from the Internet to everything installed; all will be faster.

Around 2003, as I was manually setting up my latest PC, I started to experience tweak-syndrome again where I just couldn't keep up with all of the changes I was making to my registry and other computer settings. I started to crave a software solution again, so I went to see if anything new had been created that actually worked this time.

Well, in those early years, there were few choices, but one of the first programs that changed my thinking to the possibility that a software optimizer could work was Norton Utilities. By today's standards, it's certainly a bit of a clunky program, but back then it was adequate for my needs. That was almost 15 years ago and things have really changed for the better - especially in the last 5 years.

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and older versions

Will it optimize my Windows computer? Yes, the best Windows PC optimizer software has intelligent installations that automatically sense your Windows version. These tailor-made optimization modules provide exceptional performance gains.

Today's optimizers generate blistering fast results compared to those older pioneer tuneup utilities. It's interesting that the other Windows tune-up program I tried along the way, was an early version of System Mechanic. I would install it exclusively to repair my computer, whenever I ran into a problem. But today's solutions go far beyond what that ancient version could do. Now Wise Care 365 has taken over the top speed results with its' latest optimization modules.

It's almost as if it is mis-named now, because as a great repair tool, Wise Care 365 sounds fine, but considering it's got the best speed results as well, it should have a more speed-inducing name. Oh well, having a long term publisher who has grown and stood behind their product for that many years is much more important than a sexy name. The differences in the speed results from where we were 15 years ago is amazing.

Tuning up your PC can be complicated if you're into manually adjusting thousands of settings and registry entries. Using a software solution to fully optimize your PC and Internet makes it so simple, anyone can do it. Even a tech expert would never be able to manually adjust all of those hidden and locked settings within your computer. Simply put, perfect optimization is only possible with an advanced PC optimizer.

I had always wished for a super optimizer program with a reliable registry cleaner included, but was disappointed for many years. Now today's optimization utilities truly are super speed generators that provide a genuine boost while keeping your PC in perfect running order. If only I could take the latest version of Wise Care 365 Pro back in time, I would have saved myself a lot of aggravation and frustration from a multitude of Windows problems over the years.

Why use a quality Windows system utilities optimizer?

As can be derived from the performance tuning article on Wikipedia, manual tweaking is not for those without expert knowledge. A software solution allows you to easily get faster overall computer speed with improved internet performance, quicker startups and shutdowns, PLUS every program or game installed on your computer will be much more responsive. Stability will improve with less annoying errors that can cause freezes and sluggish performance. Your PC speed will improve immediately and it won't just be for today, but every day, from this point on, for the remaining years you will be using your current system. Compared to buying games or other software, a system optimizer delivers benefits every single day. Well really, it's effectively working every single second that your computer is turned on.

Are free PC optimization software programs worth it? No, you get what you pay for. They are usually just a tour of the interface with all of the optimizations locked until you pay for the real version. Also, there are some scary free downloads out there packed with malicious code that do nothing to optimize anything. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more PC optimizer scams showing up far too regularly as we run our monthly evaluations on new software.

We always say the best free PC cleaners don't really exist because you have to pay for the real versions to get the best features. Sure there are all kinds of free scans that only scan your PC to show you what needs to be optimized. But you have to pay for the full version to get the optimization benefits. Why bother, we would rather just buy a Windows optimization program right from the get-go to see it at full strength and if it's going to be satisfactory for our needs. If not, just use the refund guarantee and move on. All the software listed on our site comes with either a 30 day or a 60 day money back guarantee. No risk, no free head-games, just the best optimizing programs available.

Choosing and Installing a PC Tuneup Software

One of the most difficult steps on your path to getting optimized is reading all of the PC optimizer reviews on various web sites to find the best one for you. Having said that, you will want to check out our Wise Care 365 review for a detailed explanation why it won our best PC optimizer award for 2019. Looking back, System Mechanic Pro was the best PC optimizer of 2018, but it has dropped down a little this year with the major improvements to Wise Care 365.

After you finally decide which program to buy, it's time to install and set up the optimizer to make it work properly for your particular needs. The installing is just like any other software and doesn't really need any special instructions. However, we have written more detailed guides on installing and setting up some of the more popular system tuning programs. Here's how to install System Mechanic, our current leading tuneup optimizer. We also made a very detailed how to setup System Mechanic guide to help get you started. Another popular program, here's how to install Advanced SystemCare to your PC. Once you have it installed, use our setup guide to Advanced SystemCare.

One of the most important steps in using your Windows tuneup software, will be to adjust the automatic settings. This will allow your PC to be continually optimized (recommended) and never slowdown again. What causes slowdown you ask? Programs changing system settings to their un-optimized state, or junk files accumulating on your drive, or registry entries becoming bloated or defunct. In other words, just using your computer normally, will slow it down over time.

The better developers have been in the game for some time and have mastered their interfaces to make them approachable for all users. I hope we have provided the answers to all of your optimizer questions. Many people ask me, "What is the best PC optimizer?". Now I have this long article with the answers. Whether they're looking for speed improvements, need to repair Windows, want the easiest solution, or are only concerned about optimizing their Internet, it's all here.

PC Performance Tips

We are going to take an in-depth look at how to speed up PC performance. Increasing Windows speed not only requires a quality optimizer but taking advantage of already present utilities such as Task Manager, CPU Priority, and Video Card controls. Organize and improve your human access time by using single-button number pad shortcuts. Plus, we'll look at the importance of driver updating.

Some users prefer to overclock vs using PC optimization software. Before you go ahead, it would be wise to consider the overclocking risks caused by electro migration and interconnect failure of your CPU.

Internet Performance Tips

Learn how to increase your Internet speed. While modern PC and Internet optimizer programs have the ability to safely and automatically increase Internet performance in minutes, there's a few things you can do as a basic primer before using an optimizer solution.

Lag with online videos is a huge annoyance when watching Youtube or Netflix. We get down to the core issue, the buffering pauses that can lead to un-watchable movies. Find out how I fixed my video buffering problem once and for all.

Sometimes your Internet or network connection properties can be poorly configured causing slow Internet speed. Discover the nuances of setting your local area connection properties to improve connectivity.

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