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PC Optimizer Software Testing & How to Optimize Windows

Jan 12 2021

We help you choose the right PC optimization software for your Windows 10, 8, and 7, laptop or desktop PC. We have researched, tested, compared, and reviewed all of the Windows optimizer solutions to help you make an informed decision before you buy.

Showing Wise Care 365 Pro as the best PC optimizer in our testThis year's best PC optimizer, was able to speed up our entire computer system and Internet to faster performance levels than we previously thought possible. We will show you the best PC optimizer to buy for your laptop or PC to get the best results.

Receiving the best test scores in our latest tests, this year's most advanced optimizer improved overall system speed to the fastest level ever. Including gaming performance, optimizing Internet and Network data transmission, and intelligently adjusting RAM and resources on the fly for a perfectly optimized PC.

Some users are very happy with their PC performance and just need full Internet optimization to improve online connectivity. In these cases, you'll want to buy an Internet optimizer. It'll boost the performance of everything that accesses your online or network connection. This includes web browsers, email clients, streaming video services and anything else you use online or over a network.

We have been using a vast array of PC system utilities and optimizers for years. After our most recent tests, we have updated our definitive list to help you choose the best PC optimizer. You can browse our latest comparison tests for the DATA.


Our list of the best PC optimizer software for 2021. We tested 32 optimizers for well over 100 hours to determine the top spots.

Find out about an Internet optimizer that can seriously change the speed of your online connection. Here's a list of the best Internet optimizers currently available for Windows.

The best PC repair software listed for Windows. The easiest and safest way to fix your PC. Save yourself money by letting the software become your go to computer technician.

Read our guides and tutorials on improving the performance of your PC and Internet. We go in-depth to optimize our systems through tweaks and give you some sound advice on maintaining your computer.

Who are we? Find out on our about page. We discuss our love of PC optimization and how we've been tinkering and optimizing PC's for over 20 years.