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About Us

We're here to help you with your Windows computer. New users can have an especially difficult time understanding all of the PC maintenance steps required to keep their system running smoothly.

SpeedupNew: PC Optimization Software Experts

After years of trying to go beyond simple maintenance through various tweaks, we found the best PC optimizer software solutions were easier and much safer to use than haphazardly editing our Windows registry. Using optimization software, you will speed up your PC and you can also boost online connectivity with an Internet optimizer. has helped Windows computer users get the best PC performance possible since 2011.

SpeedupNew: PC Optimization Experts

For those of us who spend over 6 hours per day on our PCs - time is precious.
An optimized PC and Internet allows you to communicate, work and play faster.

Who are we? How do we research each PC optimizer?

"Many of our computer experts have been PC optimization enthusiasts for over 20 years."

Current main research rigs are focused on the average Laptop and Desktop PC today.
Windows 10, Intel and AMD platforms, SSD, 8GB to 32GB RAM

Other research rigs to check optimizer results on older Laptops and Desktop PCs.
Windows 8, 7 and Vista, older Intel and AMD platforms, HDD, DDR2-3 RAM

Each staff member and contributor has at least 10 years experience tweaking their Windows computers. While our founder (who leads the research team and is still an avid PC gamer) has over 20 years experience of what he calls... deep tweaking his computer. Sounds a little weird, but we don't ask ;-)

Of course, with today's more complex operating systems, he no longer spends weeks tweaking because he leaves all of the tweaking to his favorite PC optimizer software solution. Who can blame him? Who wants to spend hundreds of hours manually tweaking at great risk of errors when an optimizer can do it safely and much better in only minutes.

Our favorite is currently WC 365 Pro after our latest research. It was a bit of an underdog coming in, but it sure proved itself through our rigorous researching phase and remains the keeper on all of our systems today. If you want to improve your computer and Internet performance, that is the one to get. I was actually quite surprised at how low the price is, considering the quality of the software.

We love getting the best possible speed out of our computers. It provides a tremendous benefit while gaming, or even simply editing family videos. Every time you use your computer and Internet; everything you do is faster and more responsive.

In the early years, we did a lot of manual tweaking and there were quite a few disasters from human error, etc. As the years went by, we found programmed solutions to do most of the cleaning maintenance. This helped improve speed a little, and it wasn't until about 10 years ago that software tools started bringing advanced optimization modules into the fold. What a difference that made. Today's modern PC optimizers bring exciting speed increases along with the classic cleaning tools. It's a wonderful time for us as optimization enthusiasts. Now we can accelerate to top speed easily in mere minutes compared to the old days of dangerously tweaking for hours and sometimes days. Of course, the advanced optimizing routines within recent software far surpasses anything we could do via tweaking in those old days.

Relaxing with an optimized notebook PC outdoors

If optimizing your computer saves enough time to set it down and relax for just a half-hour per day, it's well worth the few minutes to do the one-time set up.

While there's much debate online about the value and effectiveness of using PC optimizers, we have reduced that risk with our detailed comparison research to help you find the best Windows cleaning and maintenance software available. There will always be legitimate developers that care about their customers and their computers. These are the serious programming teams that create wonderful software products that are well worth looking into if you want an automatic optimization program to keep your PC in tip-top shape.

With the hardware demands of computers increasing every single day, an optimizer can help keep your PC keep in tune with the resource intensive new software and game releases. Optimizing will also prevent unnecessary and expensive computer upgrades. Hang on to your computer for a longer duration and you will be able to get a much more powerful PC in the future. Because every month you delay upgrading, new and improved hardware is released.

Friends and Support

Special thanks to the all the friends and family who encouraged all of us to finally finish this project. Especially those who helped when unfortunate circumstances in our lives drained our forward motion. Thanks, we really mean it.

Relax and Take a Deep Breath

A great amount of time and effort went into building this site. We hope it's helpful to you in your quest to understanding how to optimize your PC. Please remember, even though computers can be frustrating at times, take a deep breath and enjoy each step on your road to solving your PC. As always, it's the journey that is the fun.

All visitors are welcome from all walks of life and nationalities on every continent and country around the world. Thanks for visiting.

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