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We can not legally provide support for products and services for any of the software we review from other websites. Any questions concerning software products or services from other sites should be directed to the vendor's web site or use the "Help" feature within the software interface. Please do NOT send us any personal or order information . This is for your protection, as emailing is not considered a secure form of online data transmission.

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Who are we? How do we research each PC optimizer?

"Many of our computer experts have been PC optimization enthusiasts for over 20 years."

Current main research rigs are focused on the average Laptop and Desktop PC today.
Windows 10, Intel and AMD platforms, SSD, 8GB to 32GB RAM

Other research rigs to check optimizer results on older Laptops and Desktop PCs.
Windows 8, 7 and Vista, older Intel and AMD platforms, HDD, DDR2-3 RAM

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