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Our Authors and Contributors

The tech journalists at Speedupnew have years of experience with personal computers and reviewing software. Some of our contributors have been comparing and reviewing programs all the way back to the late 90's using Windows 98 PC's. Which means, they had to also suffer through the Windows ME (Millennium Edition) days of PC operating system havoc ;-)

Experts You Can Trust

Speedupnew CrewThe SpeedupNew Crew: From our old Pentium CPU's to present days. We have found great pride and pleasure in finding software to get the fastest speed possible without diving into the murky world of overclocking. A software-based PC optimizer has always been our preferred method for improving the responsiveness of our systems. We also have many years of expertise in optimizing our online connection settings with Internet optimization software. After wrestling with the numerous hidden and locked settings in Windows, it becomes perfectly clear. The software solutions we review, are the safest and most effective answers to improving your Internet speed.

Without further ado, here's our team of contributors.

Robert (Author, Editor-in-Chief, and Lead Data Analyst)

The founder of SpeedupNew, Robert has over 20 years optimizing Windows computers and reviewing PC software. He has a strong tech research and writing background, Rob claims his most important educational asset is hands-on experience. He remembers coding programs as a young man well into early morning. You can read his complete author biography for more information.

Evelyn (Author, Programmer, and Data Analyst)

Ever since getting her first laptop in university, Eve has been tweaking settings and personalizing her Windows notebook. Five computers later, she is still finding ways to make performance better.

A proud mother with several degrees in computer sciences and web development, we trust Eve with everything to do with tweaking the Windows registry to adjusting all of our Windows 10 settings for optimal speed and privacy. She also has incredible deal-hunting skills to find the best prices on any software we're interested in.

Likes: A perfectly running laptop. Constantly finding new things to tweak in Windows with every edition and update. Good tweaking software that helps immensely, so she can spend more time with family and friends. Loves playing PC games at high video settings on her laptop with the help of her favorite tuning programs and optimizing software.

Dislikes: Publishing her private information online ;-)

Favorite Software: I love both WiseCare 365 and System Mechanic to boost my laptop's capabilities. I've used both of them over the years and find it hard to choose between the two.

I'm currently using the latest version of WC 365 Pro because it's easier to use and leaves a lighter footprint on my PC compared to the others. It lets me play the latest PC games, where I could not before. But I also have a soft spot for various other utilities I have used and reviewed over the years - Advanced SystemCare and WinOptimizer to name a few.

For web browser software, I love both Firefox and Google Chrome. It is so hard to choose. I've flip-flopped quite often.

Samuel (Author, Researcher, and Data Analyst)

A software reviewer with over a decade of experience, Also, as a self-taught coder, Sam loves to tinker within Windows and constantly writes batch file scripts (Windows cmd files) to help with everything from adjusting volume levels, desktop monitor brightness, and CPU priority before starting a program or game.

A big believer in having the minimum amount of programs start on boot. He has it narrowed down to just his Logitech driver software, fan speed program, and of course the automatic optimization of WC 365 Pro. He recently tweaked his old Windows 7 fan control program to work with his new Windows 10 desktop gaming rig. Took a little longer than he expected, but mission accomplished.

Likes: Writing reviews and comparing software to help other PC users find the best available. Being patient with new users because I remember what it was like when I got my first computer.

Dislikes: "Know it alls" who forgot the first step in learning anything is admitting you don't know it all.

Favorite Software: I was a strong believer in Advanced SystemCare for years, but WiseCare 365 Pro has improved so much over the last few years, it's currently unmatched.

Anjali (Author and Researcher)

Anjali has been a software reviewer and computer technician for 2 decades. She started her tech journey with a pentium computer in the late 1990's. She has worked hard to earn a living in the tech industry and loves to write articles.

Likes: A fair workplace that accepts all cultures and all genders. When not helping others try to make the world a more fair place for all, she also enjoys beach volleyball and fine dining. She loves to try various cuisines from a wide assortment of cultures, because delicious food is worldwide.

Dislikes: Rush hour traffic and over-sharing personal information on social media.

SpeedupNew: PC Optimization Experts

"Many of our computer experts have been PC optimization enthusiasts for over 20 years."

Current main test rigs are focused on the average Laptop and Desktop PC today.
Windows 10, Intel and AMD platforms, SSD, 8GB to 32GB RAM

Other test rigs to check optimizer results on older Laptops and Desktop PCs.
Windows 8, 7 and Vista, older Intel and AMD platforms, HDD, DDR2-3 RAM

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Best PC Optimizer 2021

WiseCare 365: Download Options

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