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Best PC Optimizer 2021

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Robert: Editor-in-Chief and Lead Analyst

The founder of SpeedupNew, Robert has over 20 years optimizing Windows computers and reviewing PC software. He has a strong tech research and writing background, Rob claims his most important educational asset is hands-on experience. He remembers coding programs as a young man well into early morning. He is truly focused on PC optimization and finding ways to safely improve speed.

A diligent researcher and software reviewer, Robert is also very skilled in Machine Language coding, C#, and Unity. Using his highly trained programmer's perspective to analyze a program's code for effectiveness and safety, he has compared and reviewed software since 1998.

One of the first products he reviewed was Norton Utilities. He was so impressed with how easy it was to tweak his system, he quickly started seeking out even more advanced solutions.

When he's not being obsessed over testing and reviewing optimizers, he enjoys; spending time with family, and building his own and his friends' gaming rigs. Has an extreme passion for PC games, and helping others with their tech problems.

He recently built a monster gaming rig complete with water-cooling. The he completed a very difficult hardware mod to lower the water pump noise in his GPU. Combined with his favorite optimizer, his rig has some of the highest frame-rates ever recorded for a PC. Now he's looking forward to the latest high-end Nvidia video card, along with optimizing the whole new system, to create the ultimate 4K desktop gaming PC.

Likes: Water cooling, and soft white LED's in his gaming PC and behind his ultra wide monitor. Getting his computer to operate at high performance while still maintaining a quiet environment - and if you've ever tried that, it's difficult to balance computer speed vs noise.

Dislikes: You guessed it, computer fan noise.

Favorite Software: WiseCare 365 Pro because it keeps every thing running smoothly at high speed without building up heat like overclocking does. I can turn my system fans way down to the quietest setting while still maintaining fast performance.

Best PC Optimizer 2021

WiseCare 365: Download Options

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