Best Game Optimizer Software of 2021-2022

The best game optimizer in our PC gaming performance tests delivered the best frame rate improvements for all of our laptop and desktop computers. If you're a serious gamer wanting extreme performance, our winning game booster below was the best by far to greatly improve FPS, online gaming, and overall responsiveness.


Top Game Optimizer of July 2021

Today's game optimizer software (aka game boosters) safely improves gaming on all Windows PC's automatically. In our recent test to find the Best PC Optimizer of 2021, we tested all of the game optimizers using the most popular and demanding single-player and online games.

Here's the results of that test:
(We posted the chart with frame rate improvements further below)

Best Game Optimizer of 2021

WiseCare 365 Professional

Works with all laptops, notebooks, and desktop PC's.

Buy and Download Wise Care 365 Pro The best game optimizer period.
We tested 10 of the most popular game boosters that claim to optimize Windows 10 for a better gaming experience.

Only Wise Care 365 with its' built-in game booster was able to achieve impressive results for us, with an average increase of 20.6 frames per second in all of the games we tested. That was the best improvement by far.

Of course, your results may be even better compared to ours - depending on how slow your PC is right now and how much room for improvement there is.

Regardless, after the quick and automatic setup, your gaming PC will be fully optimized and ready to improve every single game you have installed or will install in the future.

WiseCare 365 with Game Booster "WC 365 Pro proved itself in every PC / Internet, and gaming speed test we threw at it."

"The end result - We were able to game at very high to ultra settings, compared to settling for mostly medium settings before."

"Now we had even faster frame rates, but more importantly, with beautiful realistic graphics that only the higher in-game video settings can provide."

Runner-Up Game Optimizers

Here's a few more that were also fairly effective. The others we tested were not worth the time to download or list here. Honestly, once you found the best performer, all the others fall quickly to the wayside. Depending on your particular system, you "may" have slightly better results with one of these, but every laptop and desktop we tried, WC 365 Pro was easily the best for us in every configuration and Windows versions..

Game Fire

A slick looking interface that gives adequate functionality. We had decent results but nothing groundbreaking.

Game Booster

As a standalone game optimizer, it does OK, but to get the ultimate results, get WC 365 Pro, a full PC and Internet optimization suite with the game booster built-in.

Razer Cortex

We expected more from all of the hype for the Razer Cortex game booster. Unfortunately, it gave us disappointing results. It's a cool looking program, but results are what we're looking for in the end.


Another in the long line of game optimization utilities that struggle to give any noticeable results. While it seems to have all the necessary bells and whistles, it did not perform well for us.

What's the best PC game booster? (Final Results of our latest 2021 test)

Best Game Optimizer Boosters to Optimize Windows for Gaming

What is the best game optimizer for Windows? We tested 10 of the most recommended game optimizers online and only Wise Care 365 Pro delivered the most impressive results. Your experience may differ depending on your hardware configuration, Windows edition, and condition of your computer's operating system.

However, with every notebook and desktop computer we tested in this year's PC optimizer round-up, the leader was always Wise Care 365 for all the important speed categories and it even had best Internet optimization. So when you combine that kind of power with its' newly built-in Game Booster, there's none better in our opinion, and we highly recommend it.

Here's the top three results from our gaming test which pitted the top game boosters against some of the most demanding PC games over the last while. Yeah, the Witcher 3 is getting older, but it still demands extreme performance to run in its' true glory - and it sure looks beautiful today on a properly optimized Windows gaming rig.

IMPORTANT: These results are from a higher-end gaming PC, if you have a mid-range or lower end machine, you will probably have much better results.

Top Game Optimizer
July 2021 Test
WiseCare 365 with
Game Booster

Average of all other Game Optimizers Vanilla Settings (Unoptimized)
Average Frame Rate Boost:
We tested 5 of the most demanding PC games currently available to find the most effective game optimizer.
PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds:
While the online lag can be crippling at times in this game, the Internet optimization of WC 365 improved lag and latency considerably. Add in the frame rate boost and you have a much more enjoyable experience in PUBG.
118 fps

96 fps

95 fps

Grand Theft Auto 5: (Offline)
In the heart of the city with automobiles, pedestrians and other details everywhere, this game becomes a freeze-fest on occasion. After optimizing my PC with WC and also using the included Game Booster, those freezes disappeared completely and the entire game was more responsive and smooth. Less stressful.
136 fps

111 fps

112 fps

Rainbow Six Siege:
The important thing about this shooter, or any other, is the ability to push confidently. That became much easier and I had much more success, and fun, knowing those former spikes in performance were not going to hinder an aggressive push.
144 fps

126 fps

115 fps

Monster Hunter World:
Back at the main hub, my PC's fans worked overtime before optimizing Windows. After WC 365 did its' magic, the frame rate increased while my system was not as stressed and the fans quieted considerably. Now I can enjoy this games beautiful graphics and even installed the HD texture pack without issues.
78 fps

72 fps

67 fps

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt:
When Geralt of Rivia is surrounded by enemies, the faster frame rate makes the swordplay and beast movements easier to distinguish. Running up to castle walls and moats looks more beautiful than ever with smooth camera movements to showcase the vast detail.
140 fps

131 fps

124 fps

Average Frame Rate Boost: +20.6 +8.6 --
Top Game Optimizer
July 2021 Test
WiseCare 365 with Game Booster
Average of all other Game Optimizers Vanilla Settings (Unoptimized)

Tested at 1080p resolution. Results will vary depending on your hardware configuration, Windows version, and condition of your PC (maintenance and any tweaks or AV software used)

I used my favorite in-game settings for each game which varied between Medium and Ultra..
Our gaming test computer was chosen because it currently represents mid to high range PC's
OS: Windows 10 | CPU: i7-6700K 4.00GHz | RAM: 16.0 GB | GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Lower spec machines can expect greater results (not guaranteed though)
as lower-end systems, especially notebooks, can benefit greatly from optimization..

Automatically Optimize Windows for Gaming

Thankfully, there's an alternative to spending hundreds of hours haphazardly tweaking your PC - usually leading to crashes, freezes, and a new install of Windows. For less than most games you buy today, you can get a game optimizer that will improve performance on every game you have. Plus every new game you get in the future will run right out of the gate at the best possible frame rate. Especially important for hastily released games with memory leaks, etc.

What is a game optimizer?

A game optimizer (also known as game boosters) will allocate more of your Windows system resources to focus on gaming. It will also temporarily disable unnecessary services and resources that are wasting precious CPU cycles during gaming. Also, many will fully optimize your computer and Internet settings for much faster default speed when not gaming. Since your Internet settings are also optimized, this leads to much improved lag and latency during online gaming or faster web page delivery when casually web-surfing.

In summary, the best game optimizers safely optimize hundreds of Windows settings and registry values. They will also adjust your computer's resources to create the perfect gaming environment to boost frame rates and improve responsiveness.


Are game optimizers worth considering for all gamers? While some may scoff at paying $40 for an optimizer, the results are what counts. Compared to buying a new game at $70, this is a purchase that will give you years of added enjoyment to your gaming PC and it will improve EVERY single game you own.

I was thrilled to go back into my game library and start playing some old favorites that previously performed poorly. They improved so much, I actually finished games that I had given up on. Now they're just so much more fun to play for hours without getting eye-strain or frustrated from poor frame rates. As a result, I recently finished all of the latest Tomb Raider games, Thief, and the GTA 5 single-player campaign - since that was one of the games I used to test and it improved significantly, boosting frame-rate by an average of 24 fps. A very noticeable difference.

When I played GTA5 before, it gave me headaches after only 20 minutes. Now I can play for hours without problems. I'm not proud of it, but I did get so into it that I played through the night and finished up a 7 am. I went to bed and my wife woke and said, "Oh it's 7 o'clock, time to get up", and I said, "I need to sleep a few more hours." ;-)

I am excited to play New World when it's released on my newly optimized Windows gaming rig. Even though I own a PS4 and Xbox One, my true love is my gaming PC - especially now that it blows those consoles out of the water. From now on, I will only use the consoles for exclusive titles - as they will never be able to compete with my PC.

Before I optimized, I played too much on my consoles and always longed for my keyboard and mouse. Now I'm confident my gaming PC will be better than the new generation of consoles - but I'm not upgrading to them for a while anyway's. I got burned last time when I grabbed the PS4 on launch day only to discover no YouTube app or ability to play 3D movies - it was like a step backwards. Never again.

Last year I bought 10 new game releases totaling over $700. I have no reservations about spending less than $40 to optimize every one of them, and all I get in the future. WC 365 Pro is the most cost-effective upgrade you will ever make to your computer. More importantly, I spend all of my free time gaming now instead of taking hours to try out complicated registry tweaks and other hacks to improve performance.

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