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Internet Optimizer Downloads: Best of 2018-2019

Aug 20 2018

Many ask, What is the BEST Internet optimizer? Our answer is easy... to completely and thoroughly optimize connection speed, you need an Internet accelerator that optimizes the hidden and locked network settings within Windows. It needs to act as an Internet stabilizer for improved online and network connectivity.

Plus it also needs to optimize the programs installed on your computer that connect to the Internet. This includes your web browser, PC games, email client, streaming devices, YouTube®, Netflix®, and anything else that uses your Internet or network.

Best Internet Optimizer of August 2018

Best Internet Optimizer

OUR MISSION: Find the Fastest Internet Speed Optimizer Results

Why do I need an Internet Optimizer? Every PC will eventually experience corrupted or wrongful data values from many of the programs (legit and rogue) that access and change the very sensitive Internet settings within Windows and the registry.

Many of these online settings are locked to the user. You will need a PC optimization program with a built-in Internet optimizer to access and adjust them to get the best Internet stability and speed possible.

The accumulation of speed gains from both your PC and online access being fully optimized can never be matched by a simplistic net tuning application that only muddles around the very basic web settings.

Here's the best internet optimizer after our early August 2018 tests. This accelerator and network optimizer was easily the best for speed and stabilization to both our wired and wireless online connections and local networks.

Internet Optimizer (Best Overall)

NetBooster (System Mechanic Pro)

"The leading Internet optimizer in all of our tests is the NetBooster module that's included as part of the System Mechanic Pro optimization program. Recently improved, the 2018 edition improves PC, Internet, and Network speed - all automatically or by manually setting them yourself if you wish."

Internet Optimizer - NetBoosterThe best Internet optimizer of 2018 is the NetBooster module - it's part of the comprehensive PC optimization software, System Mechanic Pro. It will completely optimize every Internet and network setting within Windows AND every program that uses your online connection.

The advanced optimization works in real-time to continually and safely free memory (very important for HD video and large file downloads), adjust services and optimize all of your installed programs, including your frequently used web browser. It's the best Internet and Network optimizer available that improves speed up to 300%, while acting as a stabilizer, for consistent connections.

Go for the PRO version of System Mechanic and you'll get a much faster response rate along with super fast real-time protection to keep your online access at peak performance. From the day you install it, to the day your PC is replaced - hopefully years from now.

"Got slow Internet or Network problems? Use System Mechanic PRO to help optimize any web connection or network and send your online speed soaring."

Optimize Internet Settings with NetBoosterBoost Internet and Network (LAN): System Mechanic Pro's built-in NetBooster module wins our Internet speed, repair, cleaning, and connection stabilizer categories. Today, we rely on our web access and local area networks like they're data drives. Whether it's updating Windows, downloading games, or watching streaming movies, you need to have the fastest possible speed. Great for both Internet and Network performance and works with all wired (ethernet cable) or wireless (2.4Ghz, 5G etc.) connections.

Recommended for:
Anyone using the Internet on a daily basis who wants to improve the speed and stability of their online connection. Improve ping rates for online gaming, watch web videos stutter-free, download large files much faster, update social sites quicker, and send chat comments or emails in a flash.

If you're a web site developer, like me, you'll even be able to FTP your web pages and image files faster without those annoying delays. Also improves latency to put an end to hesitations and greatly reduces errors that cause extensive recalls of data - which delays on-screen information from being displayed.

NetBooster Optimizing MTU

Start accelerating your Internet by considering one of the System Mechanic download options - we recommend the all-encompassing PRO version for the additional optimization, protection, and speed it provides.

The best part of all - you'll enjoy faster Internet today, tomorrow, and for all of the remaining years, you own your computer.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Ultrabooks, Netbooks, Laptops, Notebooks, and Tablets running... Microsoft Windows® 10. 8, 7, Vista, or XP.

Any Internet and Network Connection (Wired ethernet and all wireless)
Excellent results with Cable Internet, DSL, Dial-up, Satellite, and Fibre.

Download Size: 37.7 MB

Internet Stabilizer for PC - Quick Error Fix

WiseCleaner Wise Care

"Wise care 365 simply focuses on fixing stubborn PC problems caused by corruption to your web browser and online access values."

WiseCleaner Internet StabilizerWho should download WiseCleaner Wise Care? I would only consider WiseCleaner's Wise Care if you have limited storage space on your drives and you need a quick fix.

It repairs and stabilizes corrupted web browser data but does not provide the better speed gains.

Wise Care 365 also deep cleans Windows to eliminate any errors and defunct entries to your registry settings that may have been corrupted over time from installing and uninstalling software. In fact, this also will help to speed up your PC a little bit, but not as much as System Mechanic Pro's full PC and Internet optimization.

Yes, you may fix a broken Internet connection with Wise Care 365, but if you want superior speed results with a much more thorough repair functionality, choose our top rated download (NetBooster module within System Mechanic) above.

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
Download Size: 8.31 MB

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

Network Optimizer (LAN and Internet)

ASC Internet Boost

"While not as impressive as System Mechanic Pro above, ASC does an impressive job of repairing a LAN connection. It's a network optimizer that also gives a fair boost to your online access."

Network and Internet problems are caused by mis-configured or improper default settings, poorly programmed software, system corruption during hard drive writing, and a plethora of other things. This can lead to slow Internet and LAN performance, or a completely non-functioning connection. ASC's Internet Boost will check your system completely and repair any errors and corruption that may have transpired over time. It will also provide real-time protection to keep your setup stable.

Network Optimizer - Internet BoostSlightly improves your Internet and network connection speed. While not as robust and effective as the other downloads we tried, it does a good job of continually optimizing your web and net access to alleviate many (but not all) of the annoying slowdowns and disconnects.

Recommended for:
Every PC is susceptible to errors causing slow stuttering performance among other problems. If you want a good solution at a low cost, ASC's Internet Boost is a fine choice. However, if only the best Internet and Network optimizer will do, definitely look to the top of our list.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, & Tablets.
Any Internet Connection: Including Cable, DSL, Dial-up, Satellite, and ISDN.

Operating System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

Download Size: 28.3 Mb

Compare "Internet Speed Optimizer" Results

Download the top optimization program to get the best Internet speed.

We carefully used 30 variables to determine the best Internet speed optimizer (and network optimizer). We also considered many stability and repair functionality tasks. Our goal was to weed out the plethora of junkware to get the top programs the recognition they deserve. With up to 300% speed improvement, the winner was able to keep sustaining its' performance gains over the long term without any slowdown.

Best Internet Speed Optimizers
Internet Optimizer Download Netbooster Internet Tuner Internet Boost
Included in which software System Mechanic Pro WinOptimizer
or Ultimate
Recommended for...
Best in these classes
Internet & Network
Fastest Speed
Repair & Cleaning
Junk File
Internet Speed, Repair, and Cleaning 99 92 89
Online Protection: 99 N/A 91
Clean Registry: 98 91 92
Improve PC Gaming: 99 88 91
Improve Videos: 99 87 92
Connection Stability: 99 93 96
Ease of Use: 98 96 92
23 Other Variables: 98 93 85

These category scores may differ from same PC category scores
See our full PC Optimizer Software Comparison

Top Internet Boosters for PC

Rankings and ratings for the best Internet boosters currently available. We tested and experienced first-hand all of the downloads available, and narrowed it down to the top 10 Internet boosters for PC. Unfortunately only half of them were effective enough to recommend, as reflected in our list below.

Here's the important features we looked for:

  1. Must include advanced optimization of your locked / hidden Internet and Network related settings within Windows.
  2. Provide superior speed results with a perfectly consistent Internet and Network (LAN) connection - no drop outs or pauses.
  3. Intelligently optimizes wired and wireless access; plus all works with all types including Dial-up, Cable, Fiber, DSL, and Satellite.
  4. Needs to also optimize your overall system settings to improve connectivity for every program, game, resource, and service that uses online access or your Network. Full computer system and program optimization.

We tested 21 highly acclaimed Internet optimizers to determine the best one for speed improvements - while maintaining a consistent connection without issues.

There was a clear winner, but you may be interested in the other programs for their primary focus on a particular problem. For instance, if you suffer from an intermittent connection that drops out constantly, you may just need a quick repair to your settings with Wise Care 365. Although the top program, System Mechanic Pro, will also repair that, plus do a complete optimization to prevent the problem from ever returning. Personally, I would only consider other options, if you have a very old computer that doesn't have the install room for either version of System Mechanic.

The following are the results from the "Optimize Internet" category within our broader compare optimizers results. Shown here, are Internet optimization focused scores. While they maintain some consistency with our PC optimizer scores, they may differ slightly, because the other list uses the total overall system results, versus the Internet optimization focused results shown here.

System Mechanic's NetBooster1. NetBooster (System Mechanic Pro)

99% Best Internet optimizer for Windows 10, and for older Windows 7 and 8 users. Our recommended pick works great with all types of connections; including Cable Internet, DSL, Dial-up, Satellite, and even already blazing fast Fiber service.

Whether you need to accelerate your Internet connection to super speeds for downloading files, movie watching, and streaming; or you just want to access web sites quickly and instantly. System Mechanic Pro's NetBooster module will deliver the best speed results.

Also does a major scan and repair for all of your locked Internet and Network settings to eliminate any current problems, fix connection issues, and prevent any future slowdowns with its' built in continuous error control.

Available in both editions of System mechanic, NetBooster is more effective within the Pro version because of the included malware scanning and online protection. It will intelligently sense any malicious programs hogging your bandwidth that slow down your connection.

(UPDATE: The PRO version is on sale today at the lowest price we've seen)

The full scale system optimization will also help to speed up all programs you have installed, including the important ones that access the Internet such as your web browser, video and movie app's, or anything else with online access. PC gaming will receive a boost in frame rates and network response time while gaming online. The Netbooster Internet optimizer gets our highest recommendation.

Internet Tuner2. Internet Tuner (WinOptimizer)

92% Primarily focusing on dial-up Internet, you can set your MTU, RWIN, and other values to help improve speed marginally. Of course, dial-up users can appreciate any boost in speed, even if it's just a minor one.

Built into the WinOptimizer optimization software, Internet Tuner comes with a warning to all users, "This tool is designed for experienced users - please use with caution!"

Internet Boost3. Internet Boost (Advanced SystemCare)

89% Advanced SystemCare Pro's Internet Boost module will repair and give a small improvement to your Internet speed. Overall, it's a fine PC tuning suite, but the Internet optimization results were not as impressive as others further up our list.

The Ultimate version contains a built-in Anti-Virus solution that may be a consideration for those who suspect a virus has slowed their Internet. However, if that's what you're looking for, the better System Mechanic Pro also scans, repairs, and removes malicious code that prevents proper Internet connectivity.

WiseCleaner4. WiseCleaner (Wise Care 365)

87% Fix your connection with WiseCleaner's Wise Care 365, which acts as an Internet stabilizer; after running its' full system scanning and repair routines. This small and light download can stabilize a broken Internet connection. WiseCleaner has a very small footprint and one of the fastest scan speeds we have seen.

Get WiseCleaner's Wise Care 365 if you have connectivity problems AND you have limited drive space. Otherwise, strongly consider System Mechanic Pro for its' full out Internet optimization and perfect repairs, which far exceed this program's capabilities.

Max Internet Optimizer5. Max Internet Optimizer

84%The Max Internet Optimizer speeds up web browsing with the unusual method of removing images and other data heavy code from web sites.

A well designed little utility that lacks the speed results of the others we tried. Does not contain the more advanced Internet tuning features included within the full PC optimization suites. Also, we're not a fan of a program taking away something from the user experience, in this case, removing images from web pages to increase speed, just seems like an awkward solution. The other Internet optimization programs at the top, use advanced methods to boost both your Internet and overall PC speed - which are preferred to this solution.

6 to 10     Other Internet Booster Downloads (Average Score)

81% We tested a variety of PC optimization suites. While not all were very effective at boosting online speed, many were still good PC utilities. It should be noted that even with just a computer optimization only program, without changing any web values, you will still gain some online performance. Since the core OS and all installed programs are optimized to interact much faster with your connection to the web and your Network. Of course, when the PC optimization software adds in an Internet optimization module - that's when speed gains really start to soar..

DyFuCa Spyware Warning

Spyware WarningFirst, I want to point out that all of the programs listed on our site are safe and do not contain any spyware or any other malicious foolishness.

A few years ago, malicious spyware known as the DyFuCa Internet Optimizer was created.

As explained on Wikipedia, it redirected your web browser to advertiser pages or undesirable web sites whenever you clicked on a link that led to a 404 page or other error page. It also prevented users from accessing password protected sites and had the ability to download other programs to your computer - nasty stuff. This BHO (Browser Helper Object) infected the popular web browser's, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

If you suspect your browser is infected with DyFuCa, you can visit 2-SpyWare and use their very comprehensive uninstall guide . It explains how the virus writes files inside your Windows folder and gives various removal options.

Just needed to give this spyware warning because some people still confuse the legitimate network tuning downloads with this old malware program. Since DyFuCa also used the alternative name, "Internet Optimizer".

Internet Accelerator for Internet Explorer and Firefox

"Ashampoo's Internet Accelerator is for casual users who want a simple program that accelerates their web browser. Be warned though, it only works with Internet Explorer and Firefox - which seems redundant since Google Chrome is by far the most popular and in our opinion, fastest browser available."

Internet Accelerator for Web BrowsersThis web acceleration tool has been available for years and it's starting to show its' age. While it does help speed up your browser (if your using IE or Firefox) it only seems to bring them up to the same speed level as other more popular and faster browsers.

Available for download at aShampoo's web site , Internet Accelerator also configures a few other system settings. This includes your QoS (Quality of Service) setting which can be disabled to stop Windows from filtering errors and corrupt data. This can improve performance, but decrease consistency of your connection. Not worth it in our opinion, because there's nothing worse than dropouts and complete disconnects when visiting web sites or watching movies online.

Recommended for casual users who want a simple and easy to use first crack at optimizing their connection. Unfortunately, after using the Internet Accelerator, you may wish for a more serious solution for online speed gains. And once you get that optimization bug, you'll eventually have to consider a full PC optimization suite that works cohesively to speed up your entire system, online and offline.

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

Internet Optimizer (For Older PCs)

Auslogics Internet Optimizer 2.0.6

UPDATE: As pointed out at Techworld , Auslogics Internet Optimizer has not been updated in a while, so it may have compatibility issues with Windows computers that have been patched recently.

The old classic tweaking utility, Auslogics Internet Optimizer can adjust your Windows Vista or XP network settings to provide a faster connection speed.

Auslogics Internet OptimizerAfter analyzing Windows, the Auslogics tool will evaluate potential improvements that can be made to your overall network configuration.

Like many network optimization tools, Internet Optimizer 2.0.6 will tune up TCP, IP, DNS, and WinSock variables on your PC. Unfortunately, the more advanced boosting settings are hidden within Windows and can only be accessed by a more powerful network optimizing utility such as the newer programs above.

Recommended for:
Windows Vista and XP users who want an easy to use network utility to adjust the online settings on their older Windows PCs may want to consider downloading Auslogics Internet Optimizer.

Operating System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows Vista, and Windows XP

Download TCP Optimizer (Basic Internet Tweak)

SG TCP Optimizer

TCP OptimizerIf you suspect a program or malware has damaged your basic Internet settings within Windows, the TCP optimizer may help you recover. The TCP is one of many values that affect how data is sent through your connection. You will notice very little, if any speed gain from this - unless your system was changed from its' proper values. While it seems to be a simplistic setting, it's not without its' complexities as described in this excellent Transmission Control Protocol article on Wikipedia.

If you decide to try the TCP Optimizer, be forewarned of its' difficulty level for casual users. While it does change the basic settings, you can still create many hard to solve problems by inputting the wrong values. It's available on the CNet download site, where they agree with our assessment, "it needs an experienced operator."

However, if your net performance is just slower than you would like, you're probably not going to gain much here with just a simple tweaking of the TCP/IP parameters. For a full on optimization of your Internet, you'll need a much more robust program.

Recommended for:
When a minor Internet fix is required, downloading the SG TCP Optimizer is a good starting point. Although for more complex problems, you'll need a good error and malicious code scanner that also does a full default reset to your system before fully optimizing the basic AND more advanced settings. So far, only System Mechanic Pro provided all of that for us, in a single program - all automatically.

Operating System Requirements:
Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2012 Server, etc.

Our unbiased reviews and how we test

We use a variety of test computers to evaluate each program, along with our 20 years of insight using these programs. We filter out all of the (mostly free) junkware that actually harms performance and stability. All of the data is formulated every month into our final unbiased review scores.

Since the programs have all been updated to new versions recently, we don't expect any more changes to the scores and results in the near future - but we'll update this page if there's any changes coming.

Of course, these results are our opinion only, and the final decision on which program to download will always be yours to make. We're just offering 2 decades of experience using optimization software to help people stay out of trouble by downloading some of the nasty junkware out there.

Our systems range from a fast Windows 10 gaming desktop, to older Windows 7 notebooks. By using a variety of systems, we can experience any anomalies that crop up on different operating systems or hardware configurations. We're content to state that all Windows computers can gain significant performance from the top optimization program in our roundup.

While some of the programs had minor differences in effectiveness with different versions of Windows. It was really not enough of a difference to garner its' own category. So operating system adaptability was demoted into the other variables division within the evaluation formula.


If you want the fastest possible speed, or your online service is simply slow, or you're struggling with disconnects, then it's time to consider getting an Internet optimizer. The one we chose as the best was the NetBooster optimization module built into System Mechanic Pro. It does an excellent job of optimizing ALL of your online, Network, and PC settings to fine-tune them for speed and stabilization. It also scans and adjusts web connecting programs such as your browser for optimal connectivity.

Do Internet optimizers work and do I need one?
Many of your data values are locked to the user and you will need an Internet optimizer to access and optimize them to get the best stability and speed possible.

You only need optimization if you wish to have the best speed your PC and Internet service are capable of. Every system will eventually experience corrupted or wrongful data values from many of the programs (legit and rogue) that access and change the very sensitive settings within Windows and the registry.

There are many factors that can slow a connection, but the most common problems are based right from your computer's settings. Internet optimizer software such as NetBooster - only available through System Mechanic, will solve all of the connection and data throughput errors, resulting in a much smoother, more consistent, and faster response time. Thanks for reading all of this - I don't usually find many people way down here ;-).

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