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The Best PC Cleaner Pro Software 2018-2019

The truth about cleaning programs is they're most effective on well-used PCs. If you only use your PC for a few minutes per day, a system cleaner will not find many issues. However, a well-used PC will build junk and eventually slow down. A good cleaning will bring sluggish performance back to snappy PC speed again.

Time goes by quickly after getting a new computer. In the beginning, your desktop or laptop is fast and all of your programs load almost instantly. Then after a few weeks, you wonder what happened? Your slow computer needs a PC cleaning app.

Clean Registry & Speedup Windows

Laptop PC in need of cleaning

The #1 cleaner in our tests will safely clean junk and defunct data in any desktop or laptop PC running Windows 10, 8, and 7. Plus, the winner does even more than the best cleaning. It optimizes your PC and Internet to boost speed, faster than before, and also prevents future slowdown - all automatically. Highly recommended.

1. System Mechanic Pro

Overall best PC cleaner with advanced optimization for fastest PC & Internet speed.

While the interface looks a little bland, the powerful cleaning and optimization routines are easily accessed. There's a mountain of manual settings to play with for anyone who wants to dig deep into the program. the rest of us will be content simply clicking the "All-in-one" tools to automatically perform the most comprehensive PC registry cleaning and optimization currently available.

System Mechanic Pro - Advanced PC CleaningIt gets better for those of us who want things easy and automatic. Once you've done the initial cleaning and optimizing, you can set System Mechanic Pro to keep your PC in perfect running order. The Pro versions slowdown and security protection keeps problems from developing. If you want the best PC cleaner for a perfectly running computer from now until the day your PC is retired, System mechanic Pro is easily the best choice for you. Click here to find out how to get it.

"Best PC cleaning for less than many other bloated cleaners that are horribly ineffective. Also boosts your PC & internet to extreme speeds with perfect stability."

The slowdown protection will eliminate bottlenecks, viruses, and anything else that will interfere with your system's responsiveness. System Mechanic Pro is far more than a junk file cleaner, it's an all-in-one solution to keep your system speedy, responsive, clean, and secure. Next to Windows itself, this is the best software you will install on your beloved desktop, notebook, tablet, or whatever Windows computer you're rocking.

Also has the best registry cleaner of all of the programs we tested. That's important because you don't want an amateur program messing with your core registry settings. Cleans defunct data entries and defrags the registry file size for optimum stability and speed.

System Mechanic Pro's PC cleanup and other All-in-one tools

Recommended for: All Windows 10, 8, and 7 computer users who want the best performance possible and a perfectly clean system. If you want your PC to be clean, optimized, and in perfect working order for years to come, get System Mechanic Pro.

2. Glary Utilities Pro

System utility tool for cleaning junk files and performing maintenance on your PC.

Glary Utilities has a more hands-on approach compared to many of the other cleaning downloads we tried. It throws a fairly complicated opening screen at you that takes a little time to digest.

Once you take the time to see what it offers, you soon realize, this program expects more out of you than many others. You'll have to approach every change you make with caution and I would suggest only using this cleaner if you have serious PC problems that need repair. Otherwise, you may want to choose a more user-friendly cleaning app on our list.

Glary Utilities deeps cleans and erases privacy tracks

Recommended for: Since it lacks many optimization functions of the above cleaners, I would only consider Glary utilities if you want an in-depth repair tool for a problem-filled PC. Otherwise, take the speed gains and perfect cleaning from either of the top two programs in our list.

3. WinOptimizer

Easy and casual cleaning program for beginner computer users.

if you're new to using PC software, you may want to clean your junk data and Internet temp files with an easy to use solution. WinOptimizer is a strong program with a very intuitive interface.

With its' easy to use layout, it will be a breeze to eliminate and remove clutter from your computer. However, if you want the best system and registry cleaning possible, you'll need to look up our list.

WinOptimizer cleaning junk data

Recommended for: New computer users who don't want to take the time to learn a a more complicated program. But honestly, none of these are that difficult to master. It only takes a few minutes to understand them - and most of them have automatic settings and fail-safe's (undo functions) built in.

4. CCleaner Professional

An older cleaning app with a focus on file deletion without much optimization.

As a file remover, CCleaner is great. However the optimization benefits are very weak compared to a full PC optimization and cleaning solution. Will clean your registry with a basic pass, but does not go very deep.

Years ago, I continued using CCleaner on an old laptop, because the better optimizer software I bought for my gaming desktop would only allow a single use on one PC. However, now most software offers at least 3 licenses and both System Mechanics offer unlimited installations on all of your computers. So my usage for CCleaner has faded over time. i much prefer the advanced optimization included with the others.

CCleaner Pro's PC cleaning on startup settings

Recommended for: Those who want a basic junk file and registry cleaning. It's a good app, but don't expect the deeper and more advanced features of the more robust software.

5. AVG PC Tuneup

Tunes up and cleans your slow PC. Includes minor speed optimization.

As we make our way further down our list, AVG PC Tuneup will find and remove crud and junk from your system. It's an easy program to use and also features a few other non-cleaning features such as program sleep.

AVG PC Tuneup is more of a system problem solver than a cleaner. There are better cleaners that find and remove more junk data with optimization to boot.

AVG Tuneup cleans and also puts programs to sleep

Recommended for: If you're looking for a good tuneup utility, this might be a consideration for you. If you want the best cleaning of your PC for improved speed and zippiness, you will need to move up much higher on our list.

6. WiseCare 365 Pro

Finds and removes problems and errors from Windows. Cleans junk and clutter.

One of the fastest scan speeds we encountered. It performs the repairs quickly but we were left wondering if the small install size of WiseCare 365 is an indication of a less powerful application.

Well, it does an excellent job of finding errors and Windows issues, but the optimizing for speed benefits are a little lackluster. Clears your browser history and various computer traces and junk that can be used to break your privacy. Like many of the others in this list, it found an enormous amount of useless files to clean.

WiseCare 365 removes useless files and invalid registry entries

Recommended for: If you're looking for a quick repair and a good general cleaning, WiseCare may be a consideration. However, once again, we are getting late into this list and you may be missing key optimization features for improved speed by settling for these lower-ranked cleaning programs.

7. Advanced SystemCare

Clean the junk files and registry data that clutters your system and slows it down.

IObit's Advanced SystemCare was one of our favorites a few years ago, but lately it has been passed by more advanced programs. it still does a decent job of cleaning, but the program seems to need an overhaul to keep up.

Clean and optimize your system with ASC's junk file cleaning, system and disk optimization, privacy sweep, and registry clean. It has more options, but nothing on the level of the higher-rated cleaners up at the top of our list.

Advanced SystemCare's junk file clean, privacy sweep, and more

Recommended for: Those who have used Advanced SystemCare in the past, may want to hold on to their allegiance because they're familiar with the program. However, you will be missing out on the more advanced features of the much better PC cleaner software released this year.

8. Advanced System Optimizer

Cleans out duplicate files from your computer. Also includes disk cleaning.

Advanced System Optimizer has a wide array of cleaning functions, but none are the best in each category. The optimization benefits are limited with a regular maintenance utility included. No Internet optimizer included.

The surprising lack of an Internet optimization module was sorely missed considering everything we do today relies on our Internet connection in one way or another.

Advanced System Optimizer's duplicate files remover and PC fixer

Recommended for: We're way down the list of best PC cleaners, while still a fair optimizing program, you can do a lot better at a lower cost higher up our list.

9. Comodo PC Tuneup

A quick clean to your PC. Finds and removes duplicate files.

Comodo PC Tuneup has a force delete function to get rid of hard to delete files. While that's a nice feature, it still doesn't make up for the lack of cleaning and optimization of this tool.

More of a Windows problem solver than an optimizer, this program can clean your system of clutter, just not as comprehensively as the others in our list.

Comodo PC Tuneup's duplicate finder and force delete

Recommended for: If you want a simple utility program to help fix and find problems, it does a good job. I just wouldn't count on it for a full cleaning or making my PC much faster.

10. WinUtilities

A bit of an unknown software title, WinUtilities does a decent job of cleaning your PC.

WinUtilities is a very simple computer cleaner that can get rid of useless and unnecessary files on your disk. Besides a good disk cleaner, it also has a decent registry cleaner. Obviously, at this position in our ranks, you can do much better with a full PC optimization suite up at the top of our list.

WinUtilities history, registry, and disk cleaners

Recommended for: Not really recommended, unless you're an avid user of this software and are accustomed to the intricacies of it. Go to the top for the best PC cleaner software of this year.

Clean your Junk Files and Optimize to Boost PC Speed

Most cleaning utilities merely remove all the unnecessary junk files on your drive. The more in-depth ones will also clean the Windows registry. The best PC cleaning software will do the aforementioned plus run a full optimization on all of your inaccessible system settings to improve speed significantly. Besides the major speed boost to your PC and Internet, your system's stability will also be improved.

All of the cleaner downloads in our list above, clean all junk files, perform a safe and deep registry cleaning, and optimize every setting and installed program to boost PC speed and even accelerate your Internet connection.

What is the best way to clean my PC junk files?

You could spend hours upon hours manually going through all of your data and files - but you will never be able to do it in your lifetime. There are thousands of junk files put on every PC from the original installation and the only way to clear out all of that junk is using a software solution.

Add in all of the installs and uninstalls you have performed since getting your PC and the junk build-up grows significantly. of course, your Internet files also build into a mass of data that can slow your Internet speed after just a few months.

After looking at all of the junk files found on my latest Windows 10 system, I was shocked at the difference in system speed after cleaning with System Mechanic Pro. And that was only the cleaning, after the full optimization, the speed really took off. The difference between a regular run of the mill PC cleaner and the full optimization and deep cleaning of System Mechanic Pro is like night and day. It was well worth the small cost for a perfect running PC with the best speed results in all of our tests.

Our Research

Unbiased Reviews, Comparisons, and How We Tested

First, a little about me. Almost 20 years ago, I downloaded my first computer cleaning tool, the old Norton's Utilities. it was a good program but complicated to use. Today's PC cleaners are much more advanced to do a lot more than just clean the junk and crud from your system.

Over the years, I have tried, tested, and researched all of the optimizing and cleaning programs available to improve my PC and Internet performance. There have been some tough times with junkware, amateur programming code, and ransomware.

The reward I get from reviewing PC cleaners is showcasing the real programs that work as advertised - plus I get to warn people of any scams currently circulating. We take great pride in providing you with unbiased reviews as we compare the true strengths of each program while pointing out any weaknesses.

We use a multitude of computers (desktops and notebooks) to research, test, and evaluate each software we review. From an already fast Windows 10 gaming PC to my old Windows 7 work computer, we have boosted speed in both of these systems through optimization and cleaning software. Of course, our current favorite is System Mechanic Pro, as it does both of these at the highest level, in one easy to use software suite.


You rely on your Windows computer to perform flawlessly, otherwise your computing time can be frustrating. By cleaning and optimizing your PC to be the best it can be, you will experience a much faster and more responsive system. You'll have faster bootups and improved responsiveness as every program starts and closes quicker.

Since all computers are online continuously, it's important to have the fastest and most resilient connection possible. However, not many PC cleaners will optimize your Internet settings. Luckily, our to pick, will give you the best Internet optimization available. Faster web surfing, emailing, video streaming, and anything else you do online will be quick and more responsive.

We hope you enjoyed our heavily researched article on cleaning your PC through a software solution. It took more than a few days to put this all together, and I hope it helps you find the best PC cleaner software for your computer. Thanks for reading.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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