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The Best PC Tune-up Software | Speed, Stability, and Repair Results

Find the best PC tune-up software to fix a PC problem or improve speed. A slow performing Windows computer will continue to get worse over time. Get a top tuning tool to fully optimize your PC and bring back your computer speed.

Tune up your PC with Software

After researching all of the Windows tune up software, we created this list to showcase the finest options to fix your PC, improve speed, and increase overall stability. They all work flawlessly to repair errors and prevent any future ones.

Best PC Tune-up Software 2018

System Mechanic Pro    (Fastest speed, perfect stability, and full repair)

"A massive collection of utilities and tools to help fix PC problems and prevent them from returning. Full PC and Internet optimization increases performance."

The latest advanced versions of System Mechanic are easily the best optimizer solutions for pure speed. However, do not underestimate SM's fix and repair abilities. In fact, it is an excellent system tune-up utility. System Mechanic Pro uses a very complex repair module to go deep within your system settings and make repairs. The complete tuneup will result in a trouble-free PC with much better overall speed.

The optimization engine works within the Windows OS to clear problems and find any potential future ones, Safe and fairly easy to use, but some inexperienced users may find it a little too complicated, but if you take your time, and simply use the automatic functions at the beginning, you should have no problems at all. In fact, most every repair and optimization tuning can be achieved with just a few clicks, but more intricate and complicated settings are there in case you need to dig a little deeper to fix a problem.

System Mechanic Pro"An incredible PC tune-up program, System Mechanic Pro delivers extremely comprehensive error fixing capabilities. Plus it also provided the best speed results."

It's speed and repair perfectly combined in a PC tune-up program. While the performance benefits of System Mechanic Pro were thrilling, the complete repair module included will keep your PC in a perfectly stable state. It tunes up your system after the optimization scan looks for any Windows errors, corrupt files, or conflicts. Will fix a broken and slow computer. But the best part, it will fully optimize an already perfectly working computer to higher speeds while delivering rock-solid stability, each and every time you start up. The continual optimization works tenaciously, and silently, to boost your PC and Internet to the highest speed levels possible without breaking stability.

The new 2018 edition of System Mechanic PRO is the most advanced optimization and tuneup utility to date. Fixes errors, solves system problems, and optimizes for speed gains. Even if your PC is currently running smooth, it will simply set your PC up for a lifetime of perfect system stability - with a serious speed boost on top.

Repair results: System Mechanic Pro won every repair test with threw at it - even resuscitating our old formerly non-functioning PC laying dormant in storage. Plus it also led in every important speed optimization category to take the best overall PC optimizer crown.

Speed results: Easily the leader in PC optimization, System Mechanic PRO will continually optimize your system each and every day until you get a new or different computer - and then you simply install it on that PC to stabilize and speed it up. This means any system you own now or in the future, will never slow down again. For more information on how well it affected performance, take a look at our monthly PC optimizer results

Recommended for:
If you need a repair or you just want that extra speed boost to your PC and/or Internet, System Mechanic Pro is certainly the recommended choice. While others strive to compete with this old stalwart, no tune-up software has come close in the last few years.

Sometimes the Pro version goes on sale, easily making it the best deal in PC tuneup software.

Works with: All old or new PC Desktops, Ultrabooks, Netbooks, Laptops, Notebooks, and Tablets running... Microsoft Windows® 10. 8, 7, Vista, or XP.
Download Size: 37.7 MB

Should I tune-up my PC with software or manual tweaks?

You only need to read this performance tuning article on Wikipedia , to realize manual tweaking is not for those without expert knowledge. PC tune-up software solutions allow you to easily repair your computer system. PLUS every program or game installed on your computer will be much more responsive.

You'll also get faster overall computer speed, improved internet performance, and much quicker startups and shutdowns. Stability will become rock-solid with the complete elimination of annoying errors that cause freeze-ups and sluggish performance.

Your PC speed will improve immediately and it won't just be for today, but every day, from this point on, for the remaining years you're using your current system. Performance tuning software effectively works every single second that your computer is turned on - automatically adjusting your computer to a perfectly optimized state.

Other PC Tune-up Software Solutions

Wise Care 365 Pro    (Best for a fast scan and quick repair)

"When you need an extensive repair to fix your PC, use WiseCleaner's easy check up to find errors and clean all of the trouble spots on your sluggish system. One of the most comprehensive tuneup and repair tools currently available to fix a PC."

A daunting problem for a PC user is an error-filled system that just doesn't respond properly. With WiseCare 365, you will be able to bring back your PC to a like-new state and rid yourself of those problematic and lingering errors. Of all the PC optimizers we tried and tested, System Mechanic delivered full repair every time. WiseCare was close behind but was slightly faster at scanning and fixing. They both do an incredible job of finding errors within the Windows operating system.

While the speed optimizations are not as effective as System Mechanic Pro (above), it does a decent enough job considering its' primary aim is to fix your computer. WiseCare does solve stubborn PC problems that many other optimization programs overlook. That is its' true strength, a quick repair of your PC.

Wise Care 365 Screenshot

Let me explain how many PC problems manifest. Annoying errors are sometimes caused by weak uninstalls by shoddily programmed software. The leftover remnants in the Windows registry can cause corruption affecting your system speed and stability. By running the comprehensive WiseCare 365 repair scan, the registry cleaner will find every leftover registry entry, the full PC scan will also check every hidden folder including anything left over in the hidden ProgramData and AppData folders for defunct or corrupt files that may be causing problems.

Once fully repaired, you'll have a faster and certainly much more stable computer to get back to doing what you like most about computing. Use your PC like when it was new, without having to worry about those nasty crashes, delays, freezes, and other problems that are the bane of every user.

Recommended for:
Those who got a few Windows problems that crop up at the worst times. While, it may be a better solution to pick our top PC tuneup utility, System Mechanic Pro above, there's still a place for the much smaller Wise Care 365.

If you believe your system has run into the unstable zone because you never run any type of Windows maintenance on it, the light and very fast scan of Wise Care may be for you. It will do a comprehensive Windows clean and full repair in just a few minutes. While not as optimization focused as System Mechanic, it will still improve speed to Windows boot-up. But if you want the safest and deepest possible repair with full out optimization, you're better off moving to System Mechanic Pro.

Advanced SystemCare Pro    (Easy PC Tuneup and repair for beginners)

"Another good system tune up tool. Fix your PC, then optimize it to full speed with the advanced optimization engine for repair and improved speed gains."

Advanced SystemCare is a good system tuneup utility. It can deliver a very thorough fix for most troubled Windows' computer.

After it fixes your PC, you'll be able to go full out with the included advanced performance optimization to give you slightly better speed and improved stability.

There's a fine selection of tools included. Many need to be downloaded as separate installs due to the focused nature of the repair or tuneup module. The advanced uninstaller helps solve many problems. Also does a fair job of repairing Internet connectivity problems with the Internet optimizer module. Using these network optimizations, your connectivity may be fixed of any connection issues and, if successful, actually boost your overall Internet speed.

Recommended for:
Whether you have system errors or connection drop-outs, ASC Pro or Ultimate can help to fix your PC problem. We prefer the Ultimate version because it includes an excellent malicious code scan which can help repair and protect against serious security issues caused by malware.

Main reasons to get a PC tune-up

Tuning up your PC is vital because all of your installed software, driver installations, updates, and patches, continually causemany defunct older entries in the registry and file system.

This forces Windows to seek through all of the useless gibberish as it addresses each process and service. This looping can lead to various emergency Windows subroutines kicking in to repair corruption on the fly.

While Windows is doing this, it is wasting CPU cycles unnecessarily to keep things running, but it slows your system considerably. Plus there's always a high risk of crashes and freezes.

"System Mechanic PRO is great for a troubled system BUT it's also a solid option if you just want to keep your system in perfect working order throughout its' lifetime"

Recently, System Mechanic PRO has been completely overhauled to adapt to the changes incorporated with Windows 10. It still works great with older Windows, such as Windows 7, 8, etc. It is the only tuneup utility of all we tested, that has shown an effective adaptability to intelligently sense your particular operating system and adjust the repair and optimizations accordingly.

My PC crashes all the time... Don't give up

I tuned up my broken PC and now it works perfect

Last year, I had given up on one of my old Windows 7 PCs and put it in my office storage. When the new System Mechanic PRO came out this year, I wanted to give it another chance at life.

That old PC broke down during testing when a thunder and lightning storm was rolling through our area and there was a power loss. Unfortunately, I didn't have the older PCs hooked up to a backup power supply. Since I was installing software to test, I assumed the hard drive scrambled data during the hard power failure and it corrupted "something" within the system. I had flashes of success getting it to work again after hours of tweaking, scanning, and checking numerous system files - albeit it was all just a temporary joy, as it continued to crash and freeze consistently enough to find a permanent home in the closet.

This year's advanced PC tuneup utilities impressed me so much, I just had to give it another shot. So after blowing the dust off and hooking it up to my new monitor, I tried to start it up again. Had a few problems from the get-go because it had trouble synching with my new ultra wide monitor, but eventually I am at the desktop and ready to try and tune up my nemesis - who cost me several nights of sleep last year.

Since this system had slowed to a crawl, I believed System Mechanic PRO would be the best option to try first - especially since I had already done massive amounts of work on Windows to try and recover. If I had suspected a simpler internal Windows issue, I probably would have started with the lighter tuneup utility, Wise Care 365 (below) which has a slightly faster scanner.

After installing System mechanic PRO, it was time to let it do its' magic. So I crossed my fingers that the PC would not freeze or crash during the scan and I proceeded to start the repair and optimization process. Then I went for a coffee to repair and optimize my brain... or damage it... depending on which study you believe.

When I came back, I spilled a little of my coffee on the floor while looking at the screen. There were over 30 errors listed that had never been picked up by any other utilities before. I checked each and every one of them within Windows configuration files. I could have never found them myself - like a needle in a haystack.

After letting System Mechanic do its' repair and full optimization, I restarted the PC and was excited to try my old Chess game that had not loaded ever since the power out fiasco. The chess game started without problem, but I still lost the chess match to the computer - so it never fixed that. Even my old video editor that used to freeze constantly, now works perfectly smooth. So the final result was, full repair with a real boost to overall system speed, and most importantly, perfect stability.

Final Word on PC Utilities and Repair Tools

It can be frustrating trying to solve Windows problems, corrupt data, and conflicts within the core system settings. Instead of wading through thousands of potential broken areas of your PC, it's much easier, and less risky, to use a software solution.

These advanced maintenance programs, usually in a software suite, are designed specifically to repair and clean Windows. Of course, Windows has its' own utilities, but these 3rd party tools will cover many more areas to optimize and repair. The more advanced programs have additional optimization features which may help to improve Windows performance.

Personally, I wouldn't run a new computer or an old one without a good optimizing program installed. It cures so many problems to Windows and my system before I even notice anything is wrong. Plus this years edition, has the best repair and speed improvements I have ever experience in almost 20 years of doing this. There's nothing wrong with using Windows built-in tools, but they're lightweight compared to the much more advanced utilities and optimization of System Mechanic Pro.

To sum it up, I want a continually optimized PC system that never lets me down. I want blazing fast speeds for gaming and video streaming. I want all of my PC and internet settings to be fully optimized to the maximum. I want a very responsive computer, fast web page loads, and the assurance that my PC and Internet are not going to gradually slow down over time like an unoptimized system will do. System Mechanic Pro is the only way I can achieve all of those things.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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