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Best PC Optimizer 2021

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Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Read our PC performance blog articles to help you optimize Windows. Using a computer can be difficult. We all need help to get the most out of our systems. Start your journey to optimize your Windows 10 computer.

List of Blog Articles

PC Performance

Here's a few articles showing how I got faster PC performance. They will teach you to become adept at controlling the advanced settings within Windows to achieve a faster PC. These manual tweaks and tips for Windows are a bit time consuming, and may help you to speed up your overall PC performance.

Recent Articles

February 16, 2021

Find out why your Windows 10 computer has slowed down. Keep reading for a full explanation on computer slowdown and what you can do to permanently fix it.

February 5, 2021

How to fix video buffering problems when watching movies in your browser. Here's some very easy steps to take to try and get back to smooth playing videos without any buffering.

Other Articles

Find out how clearing RAM can improve computer performance. It's a RAM optimization guide worth reading..

Cleanup drives to clear out some of the bloat that can slow performance. Here's a quick guide to help you optimize your SSD and HDD computer drives.

How to check your drives for errors with the built in Windows Check Disk. Read our easy tutorial and find out how this can be done in minutes.

A tutorial on how to defrag your computer drive. Whether it's an SSD or a HDD, you'll be able to fully optimize your data drives quickly and easily.

A comprehensive guide to step up your PC speed. You'll learn the steps you need to take to get full PC optimization. One of our more popular tutorials.

A tutorial showing you how to optimize your PC and Internet speed using optimizer software. You'll learn which one to download and how to install and setup.

A warning about changing your registry in any way can have a serious impact on the performance of your PC. Learn how a registry cleaner can repair the damage.

A quick and easy tweak to help Windows shut down faster without hanging. We also discuss why shutdown can become slow on a PC.

Learn to clear cache to improve your Internet performance. The browser cache accumulates data as you browser the web. Works for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Find out about how web accelerators can make a difference in your Internet performance. We discuss Internet accelerators built into the popular browsers and the impact of Internet optimizer software on your speed.

A guide to setting up your local connection properties. It can be confusing to know which properties to enable and disable. Here's a clear answer to help you..

Learn to speed up Internet in Windows with our Internet Speed Guide. We'll show you how to diagnose, repair, and troubleshoot for problems that may be slowing down your online speed.

Find a way to improve your modem speed with a few tweaks. We walk you through how to tweak a cable modem for improved Internet performance.

Got web browser problems that just won't go away. It's probable a corrupt user profile. Discover how a clean install is the best option while saving your user profile so you don't lose any of your saved bookmarks and passwords.

Find out what slows down your Internet speed. There are 3 key factors that can destroy your Internet connection. Do you know what they are?

Learn a simple registry tweak that can improve video streaming in your web browser. You'll get smoother video streaming with less buffering.

Best PC Optimizer 2021

WiseCare 365: Download Options

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