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Welcome to our PC tips blog. Our goal here is to help you get better performance out of your computer and Internet through various guides and tweaks. When I got my first PC over 20 years ago, I spent many nights and early morning tweaking my PC into a perfectly optimized state. I loved it and was obsessed with getting every speed improvement I could muster to my computer and Internet.

While I still tweak to learn all of the new methods for improving speed in Windows 10, I am currently running an optimizer program that does all of the work for me and much more than I could ever do. It adjusts hundreds of settings, many of them locked and inaccessible to the user, to improve speed far beyond what simple tweaking can do.

A good PC optimizer is absolutely the best method to improve PC speed. It works in less than ten minutes - compared to manually tweaking numerous Windows settings over hours, days, or even weeks. PC optimizing software is certainly the better method simply because it eliminates human error which can lead to disastrous computer errors and registry corruption. If you proceed with the manual tweak method, be careful and don't forget to set a system restore point.

Here's a few guides and tweaks. They will teach you to become adept at controlling the advanced settings within Windows to achieve a faster PC. These manual tweaks and tips for Windows are a bit time consuming, but they will help you to speed up your overall PC performance.

How to Speed Up My Computer - Older and New PCs

We take a look at how to use existing Windows utilities and features to improve your PC speed. The Windows Task Manager holds the key to see what services and running programs are draining away your PC performance.

Adjusting the CPU priority within Task Manager can also help to promote a program's priority, so your computer processor gives a program of your choosing more resources.

Nothing has more affect on PC gaming speed than adjusting your video card. We make sure you understand the ins and outs of your video card settings to fine tune graphics performance. We also discuss the effect of updating drivers.

The Dangers of Overclocking and Over-Heating CPUs

Next, we study the benefits of optimizing your computer system versus the perilous task of aggressive overclocking your CPU.

Is overclocking your processor worth it while heating up your computer components and entire PC case for the sake of a few extra clock cycles? Or will downloading an optimizer program provide the same, less, or more benefit? We answer all of these questions and dive into much more detail.

How to Check your PC for Errors with a Windows Tool

Sometimes, the key tools required to do an important job are located within Windows itself. A slow PC can be caused by various hard drive errors that greatly hamper performance.

Learn how you can easily check and repair errors with the Windows error-checking tool. It will also allow you to look for corrupt sectors on your hard drive even within the free space area.

How to Fully Cleanup Your Hard Disk Drive of Clutter

We show you the intricacies of the Windows Disk Cleanup tool which is used to streamline your hard drives for improved performance. You'll learn how to select any drive on your PC to cleanup any data that has become redundant.

While it's certainly a basic cleanup, it's better than leaving data on your PC that may be hindering performance. If you want a much more thorough cleaning, see our top optimizer reviews as they seem to find every piece of needless bloat on your PC.

Defrag your SSD & HDD with Windows Defragmenter

Everyone assumes with the Windows defragmenter you just set it and forget it. We'll teach you advanced defragmentation methods to get the absolute maximum boost from a disk defrag.

Of all the easy to use tools included in Windows, the disk defragmenter is probably the best PC speed boost you'll get without going to system accelerator software.

Are Registry Tweaks using RegEdit Dangerous? Yes!

Performing manual tweaks within Windows registry can be a hazardous endeavor. We strongly believe it should be left to a software solution. But if you're determined to dive into your registry, we give you ample warning on why that may not be such a great idea.

Windows Hangs on Shutdown - Faster PC Shutdown

We discuss the many possibilities that can lead to your Windows PC hanging or stalling while shutting down. We've also included a registry tweak that may help you stop the shutdown lag from ever occurring again.

Why it's Not Possible to do a Clear RAM Batch File

While many of today's modern PCs have lots of RAM (over 16GB) there are still RAM intensive programs that can fill even 64GB RAM machines. So is it possible to clear our RAM at certain times during our computer session to regain performance? No, and we explain why it's not possible.

Tips to Improve your Internet, Network, and Browser

Our Internet tweaks and tips can help you get things normal again while your online. Of course, if you're not up to manually tweaking for hours, we highly recommend an Internet optimizer that will do the most comprehensive Internet optimization possible. It will speedup your Internet beyond anything that can be gained by tweaking. Plus you can roll-back changes and even fine-tune manually.

How to Improve Your Internet Connection Speed

Find out how to troubleshoot and repair Internet problems that may be preventing you from having the fastest Internet speed. We also discuss how to get faster Internet browsing by removing the unnecessary add-ons and extensions that build onto your computer (sometimes secretly) over time.

Modem Tweaks for Cable and Dial-up Internet Connections

Your Internet modem is the hardware that drives your online connection. Try to tweak it to perfection with these modem tweaks. We offer tweaks for high-speed cable modems as well as the older and much slower, by today's standards, dial-up.

How to Easily Fix Video Buffering Problems

Solve web video buffering and stuttering. With today's high definition videos, it's becoming more and more difficult to play videos without stutter. Continual video pauses can be reduced significantly with the right settings or by optimizing your PC and Internet.

Tweak to Improve Video Streaming in your Browser

This is a registry tweak for the old Internet Explorer browser by Microsoft - which has recently been replaced by the new Microsoft Edge browser. however, studying it may also help you find a fix to video streaming problems within your current browser.

How to Set Local Area Connection Properties

Tweaking networking items (enable or disable) within your Local Area Connection Properties can have a significant impact on your Internet performance. We'll describe each connection property item in complete detail so you can disable or uninstall the networking items that are causing slow Internet speed.

Clear your Web Browser Cache to Optimize Speed

Your browser cache simply refers to the files (html, graphics, etc.) from web sites that are saved on your computer. These saved files allow for faster access in follow up visits to that particular web site. We'll teach you how to clear and tweak your web browser cache for optimal performance.

Web Accelerator Software, Add-ons, and Extensions

Many Web Browsers have advanced web accelerator add-ons and built-in routines to help Web users increase productivity while online. You'll learn how to use these accelerator tweaks for all of the major web browsers.

How to Repair your Web Browser with a Clean Install

Sometimes, out of no where, your web browser will start slowing down for no reason that you can think of. Well, something may have gotten corrupted - especially in your browser profile folder. We'll give you tips on how to proceed with clearing up most browser problems with a clean install while maintaining most of your personal settings such as bookmarks and add-ons.

Final Word

Whether you are using Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or the old ancient XP, we'll help you take better control of your PC and you'll be on your way to being a PC expert in no time.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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