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Clear RAM on your PC when it Slows Down - Automatically

Last Updated: February 5, 2021

Clearing RAM on your PC can improve slow sluggish performance. The best solution is a RAM optimizer built into PC optimization software.

There are many PC users looking for a Clear RAM shortcut option within Windows. Unfortunately, we have not found any effective shortcut or batch file to clear RAM without a third party program.

Besides, even if you could clear your RAM with a simple batch file, you risk removing important data loaded in your RAM that may corrupt programs you're using either on-screen or in the background.

How to Clear RAM Automatically

Today's high-tech PC optimization suites, are very effective. Certainly worth the few minutes to download and setup, especially considering it will improve your overall PC and Internet performance as well as automatically clearing your RAM.

You can automatically increase the RAM available by optimizing your PC with software. RAM clearing is built into PC optimization software. It will intelligently clear RAM data that is no longer being used by the operating system or any running programs.

Clear your RAM without an Optimizer

Unfortunately, there's no other way to automatically clear RAM with an open program - except with PC optimizer software. Here's an explanation.

The only way to FULLY clear your RAM without a software solution is to shut off your PC, unplug it, press the power button (while it's still unplugged), and then start your PC up again. This will clear all of the electrical charge and residual data in the RAM.

To clear RAM from a memory intensive program like a photo-editor or a PC game, you need to shut down that program (save your work or game first) and then restart the program. Windows usually does a good job of clearing the memory of programs that are shut down.

Besides using a PC optimizer, the fastest method to mostly clear your RAM is to Log off your Windows user (save your work first) and then Log in again. This will reset the RAM and unlike a Restart, you won't have to wait for all of the drivers and Windows services to load in.


Clearing the RAM in your PC is impossible while running programs unless you use a PC optimizer with a built in RAM optimizer. It will automatically monitor and safely clear RAM as needed for the best performance. The only other option is to restart a program, or log off / on your PC, or simply reboot it.

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Best PC Optimizer 2021

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