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Modem Tweaks for Cable and Dial-up Internet Connections

Your Internet speed is consistently slower than you would prefer. Maybe it's time to try a few modem tweaks to improve your online connectivity. First we'll start with a few cable modem tweaks. Then we'll help those who are using a 56k telephone connection by showing you some dial-up modem tweaks further below.


The only way I was able to restore my Internet to top performance was through Internet optimizer software. It works extremely well with all connections, including Cable, DSL, Dial-up, and Satellite. Of course, it is also much faster, safer, and more effective, than punching values into your registry.

System Mechanic's NetBooster Tweaks Internet SettingsBy adjusting many of the locked and hidden settings within Windows, it will fine-tune and optimize your Internet connection, modem, and all programs with online access, including your web browser. The entire optimization was finished in a few minutes. Compared to my many hours of manual tweaking which get reset every time Windows updates, this program was a blessing. It locks all optimizations in, and every thing online runs perfectly now. Really happy all of my slow video buffering problems are gone completely now.

How to Tweak a Cable Modem

Due to its' popularity, high speed cable Internet is becoming congested in many neighborhoods. Of course, the Cable ISP's are constantly upgrading their networks trying to improve performance. However, you can learn a few cable modem tips and tweaks which may help you to speed up your cable Internet, at least a little bit.


Cable Splitters Destroy Internet Speed

Another installation problem is the dreaded splitter. From your main cable box outside, you should have a direct cable line to your cable modem. If your line is split to a TV anywhere along the way, you will have reduced Internet performance. If this is the case, try to disconnect the splitter and use another line (split off another TV run perhaps) for the disconnected TV. If there's no other line available, contact your ISP and ask for a direct line to the modem, and if they agree - it should be free, but there are no guarantees.


Cable Installers Usually Take The Long Road

If your cable installer runs the wire through an unnecessary long path to your cable modem - you may be getting an interference laden connection - especially if it runs alongside power cords, near electrical wires, or passes by a static-causing device such as an amplifier. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you may want to get the shortest quality cable wire for the job and re-route it through the basement or another shorter route. Whether or not your cable company will approve of this is left for you to ponder.


Check Your Cable Modem Configuration in Your Browser

Visit the following URL in your web browser to check your Cable Modem settings.

Please keep in mind that different cable modem models vary and the levels may be slightly different for your particular modem. Here is a general rule of thumb for the best levels for a cable modem.

Downstream SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) should be in the 33 to 39 dB range.
Downstream power level should be in the -6.0 to -7.0 dBmV range.
Upstream power level should be in the 45.0 to 53.0 dBmV range.

Always consider upgrading your modem if you have an older one. I recently changed to a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem from an older DOCSIS 2.0 and it has made a magical difference in my Internet connectivity. I used to get annoying stutters every few minutes on Netflix, but now it plays smooth as silk with my new DOC 3 modem with a built in router. That's another thing... having the cable modem and router together as one unit, subtracts that extra speed zapping cable from your modem to your router.


Soft Reset of Your Modem or IP by Unplugging Overnight

Sometimes your cable modem configuration can become corrupted. Removing the power from it will cause a soft reset. Usually unplugging for 1 minute will cause the cable modem to do a soft reset.

However, if you unplug your modem overnight, you may get the added benefit of being assigned a new IP address by your ISP - which may help to alleviate any previous problems you had with the IP you were previously using.


Hard Reset of Your Modem

WARNING - Doing a hard reset of your modem will reset your username, password, and other configurations - such as your wireless settings. You will need to set every thing up again. Even the modem's access password will be set to default - so if you don't know what I'm talking about here, either do more research on your particular modem or simply do NOT proceed.

Did you read the warning above? To do a hard reset of your modem, you will need to push in the hidden reset button with a pin or sharp pencil. On most modems, it's located in the back within a tiny hole. Remember, all of your personalised settings will be erased and every thing will be reset to the modem's default settings - so write all settings down first or make a profilie backup if possible.

How to Tweak a Dial-up Modem

Dial-up modems come in various speeds including 28, 33, and 56K. Here's a few dial-up modem tweaks to help you get better speed rates out of your Internet connection.


Device Manager Dial-up Modem Tweak

In the Windows Control Panel, open the Device Manager. Open the Modem entry, and double-click on your dial-up modem model. Once the Properties opens, select the Modem tab in the Properties window. most 56K modems will be set at 57,600 bits per second. You can try to set your Maximum Speed (Port Speed) to 115,200. You should experience a slightly better Internet connection speed with the new 115,200 bps value. You may have to restart your PC for the change to take effect within Windows.


All Dial-up ISP's Have Different Connection Speeds

Do your research on all of your local service providers to get the best connection speed possible out of your dial-up modem. Ask friends or if a dial-up service offers a free trial period, give it a go and see if it's better than your existing service. Be careful though, some free trials require a credit card and they will automatically bill you, if you don't cancel after the free period.


Change Your Dial-up Modem Access Number

Most areas will receive a few local numbers they can use to connect to their dial-up providers. Try all of them and test to see if one performs better than others. Be weary of numbers that will cause long distance charges to appear on your phone bill.


Further Improve Your Cable and Dial-up Speed

The secret to downloading files faster with cable Internet or any connection for that matter, is to schedule your large downloads for overnight retrieval. This is an obvious solution that constantly gets overlooked. The Internet is extremely congested during the day and early evenings. Use the twilight hours and you will find the download speed to be optimal.

There are many more tweaks that require some knowledge of your registry. It is far beyond the scope of this simple modem tweak page to dig into the inner workings of the registry. All of these very sensitive registry settings are very important for optimization. However, due to the great potential for disaster, we highly recommend you do not try to edit your registry. Just changing one value incorrectly within the registry, can cause your computer to behave miserably. In some cases, the PC will no longer reboot. A much better option is an Internet optimizer for Windows to automatically perform connection tweaking among its long list of optimizing routines.

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