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How to Repair Slow Internet Speed with Easy Tips in 2021

Last Updated: February 5, 2021

How did I repair my slow Internet? These are the simple steps I used to reclaim my lost Internet connection speed. Of course the most obvious results will be gained from adjusting your Internet settings. If you spend a significant amount of time online, and most of us do today, it makes sense to get the maximum speed from your Internet. And why not? None of us want to stare at blank loading screens between web pages, waiting for what seems like forever for our favorite web sites to finally appear.

Internet GlobeRepair your Slow Internet Speed

There are many reasons for Internet slowdown that are easy to overlook. Sometimes the obvious can be staring right at us and we do not see it due to old habits taking their full force control of us.

Let’s just get right to the list of common problems and user interaction issues that cause slow and intermittent


Improper Internet and Network Settings

To truly boost Internet performance, it is imperative that you have the absolute perfect settings within your network configuration. Anything other than optimal values can cause your Internet connection to stutter, freeze, and even disconnect. Due to the vast array of PC hardware configurations, it is simply too much to ask of the default settings to be of the proper alignment for every single PC.

Unfortunately, manually adjusting network settings is not an easy task. The Windows' registry is very sensitive to change and going in and experimenting is certainly not recommended. Besides, for full PC and Internet optimization tasks, it's much easier for a program to change locked system files that simply can not be accessed by users while Windows is running, under normal circumstances.

The easiest and certainly safest way to optimize your network and browser settings is through a trustworthy Internet optimizer program.


Your Reliance on Search Engines

Many Internet users rely too much on their favorite Search Engine. How many times have you returned to repeat the same search again or you actually type in an URL within the Search Engine box instead of creating a bookmark?

Take the time to make a great compendium of resources within your bookmark list. Either save your favorites within your browser's bookmarking feature or use one of the many online services such as Google Bookmarks or Delicious. Organizing into categorical folders will make it easy to find the site you're looking for in seconds. So stop re-searching and start making your own personal ultimate resource. If you use your web browser's bookmarking function to make a great list of super web sites that you love, remember to backup your bookmarks once in a while.


Wasteful Downloading and ISP Throttling

You have downloaded too many perfectly legal game demos and online movies – from a paid service of course. As a result, your ISP has throttled your Internet connection. Unlimited Internet bandwidth is a myth, and if you’re bringing down the overall neighborhood response rate, you will be offered a pacifier. This is also known as just enough bandwidth to keep you fairly content, so you don’t cancel your ISP account. This is just a hypothetical example and a possible explanation for your speed woes, especially considering different ISP’s will handle this situation in their own unique way.

Stop downloading things you'll never play, watch, or use in any way. Sometimes we want things just because they have massive hype going for them. How many times has a new PC game or movie come out that makes you feel like you can't live without it, then it is a major disappointment. It's all an illusion provided by marketers. Look through the hype to see the truth. This coming from an avid gamer who thought a recently released PC game (too embarrassed to provide the actual title) was going to be incredible. It was just ordinary and remains uninstalled. If you have used up most of your bandwidth, it should reset itself next month, or you can contact your ISP about moving up to their next tier of Internet service.


Let's face the truth, many times in life we need to take some of the blame. By using fully optimized Internet settings, and adjusting your online habits to make better use of your time and bandwidth, you will be speeding along the Internet highway. Hopefully, you'll gain a faster and more enjoyable Internet experience. It's certainly worth getting the maximum Internet speed output, since we rely on the Web for just about everything today. Since you're here, you probably agree. Thanks for reading.

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