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How does an Internet Accelerator Boost your Online Speed?

Last Updated: February 5, 2021

An Internet accelerator will optimize all web browsers and all of the Internet settings within Windows. After optimization, it will boost your online speed significantly, in fact, it's the best improvements you will get besides upgrading your ISP plan.

Below we discuss some of the accelerators, and other useful features available for some of the more popular web browsers. Further below, we'll discuss how to fully maximize the Internet using Windows software utilities with a built-in Web optimizer that really is the only way to seriously boost your online speed.

Internet Accelerators

Today's accelerator software is much more refined and complex than the ineffective tweak programs of yesteryear. Thankfully, the much improved solutions are a great help to all connection types including dial-up, cable, satellite, fiber, DSL, and ISDN.

Over the last few years alone, we have seen major strides in development resulting in very effective web accelerator programs. While there are only a handful of effective choices, there are many more troubled programs with ancient programming code that perform poorly or can actually make matters worse. So be careful where you download them and be aware of free, they're ineffective and laced with spyware and malicious code in our experience.

Built-in Web Accelerators for the Popular Browsers

WARNING: There is some risk to installing web browser extensions and add-ons as they can be uploaded by anyone. Carefully read the comments and opinions of each extension or add-on before considering installation. Also note that an over-abundance of extensions or add-ons can actually slow your web browser's loading speed and your overall Internet speed considerable.

Below we discuss some of the accelerators, and other useful features available for some of the more popular web browsers.

Microsoft Edge - Built directly into the much improved new versions of IE is the very useful "Accelerators" feature. To find them, click on "Tools", then select "Manage Add-ons", then choose "Accelerators" on the left side menu. In the bottom left, there is a link available to help you "Find More Accelerators". It's also well worth the time to read the help file by clicking the "Learn more about Accelerators" link.

IE has many web accelerators to help you Search, Blog, Email, Map, Translate, and many more available online.

Mozilla Firefox - Click the search icon along the top of Firefox. Next, select "Manage Search Engines" and you will be offered a choice of which engine you prefer for accelerated searches from any web page. you can also click the "Get more search engines..." link to browse a vast selection of search accelerators and browser extensions available. Hint: pressing "Ctrl" and "K" together will ready the search box for text input.

Just a quick check at the Firefox add-on page reveals numerous gadgets to accelerate your surfing speed. The more popular ones include; FireDownload to speed up downloading. BabelFish instant translation. Peers instant search, and many more.

Google Chrome - A wide range of search helpers and other useful extensions are available for Google Chrome. Click the "Wrench" icon, then select "Extensions", then simply click "Get more extensions" to browse the current gallery.

Another speedy feature of Google Chrome is the "Omnibox". It allows you instant access to a very robust search field. You can type in both searches and web site URL's. Your suggestions will be provided automatically as you type.

Visit the Chrome Web Store to add extensions to help you with just about every facet of web surfing. If you don't use extensions to improve your Chrome experience, you get the message, Boo... No extensions installed :-( when you click on Extensions in the Tools menu. Some of the more popular extensions include Facebook for Google Chrome, MegaUpload Download Helper, FastestChrome, and many more.

If your browser is not listed, simply visit the web browser's site for instructions on how to use accelerators and/or extensions with a similar function - if available. More information may be found by using your browser's "help" feature.

Internet Accelerator Benefits

Faster Web Surfing: Ever have delays between web pages that give you nothing but a blank white screen to stare at for minutes. A web accelerator can reduce this frustration with faster web page delivery and lower your stress levels at the same time.

Faster Files, Videos, and more: Imagine saving 10, 20, even 30 minutes every time you download a medium to large file such as a game demo or movie. Are you sick of watching video clips online that pause and stutter? A web accelerator may be the solution to your sluggish Internet performance.

Speed up your Internet in minutes. Learn how to optimize PC and Internet speed with an advanced software solution. We show you our favorite Internet optimizer for PC after researching many of them. It was the only one to fully optimize our Internet connection for faster speed, and it also repaired stability issues.

It is important to note that this accelerator solution is professionally programmed by a Certified Microsoft Partner. It's far from the unstable and ineffective amateur programming code that is so prevalent within many other optimizers, registry cleaners, and web accelerators found online. Works with all types of Internet connections including dial-up, cable, fiber, DSL, ISDN, satellite, and even Local and Wireless networks.

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