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Why is my Windows 10 Computer so slow?

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

Find out why your Windows 10 computer has slowed down. Keep reading for a full explanation on computer slowdown and what you can do to permanently fix it.

Computer Slowdown Explained

Let's take a quick look at what causes a computer to slowdown in the first place. Every computer accumulates data from the operating system (in this case Windows 10) and from 3rd party software. As time goes by, this builds up in various data bases and the registry. Accumulated data, corrupt system files, and many more things including a Windows update gone bad, can create a bottleneck to performance.

Top 6 Reasons your Windows 10 Computer is so Slow:

  1. Installing and un-installing software leaves registry remnants
  2. Bloatware and add-on programs are stealing system resources
  3. Corrupt system files from incomplete start-up or shutdown (Power loss)
  4. Downloaded free programs filled with spyware or malware
  5. Mis-configured drivers and Windows settings
  6. Computer settings are not optimized - See our recommendation

Even under the best circumstances, your computer's baseline speed can slow over time. The good news is you can get it back once it slows down. You can also improve it further with the help of PC optimization software. A quick warning though, some of these programs can harm your computer, and there are two types. I discuss them thoroughly below, but for now, check out the image to understand why your computer has slowed down.

An Explanation of why a computer slows down

This image will give you a keener understanding of why a computer slows down from everyday use. Even a brand new PC will need to be optimized eventually.

You can easily and safely optimize your system with high performance software to faster speed levels - even faster than new. For further speed increases, you would need to perform safe-range overclocking as recommended by your CPU or motherboard manufacturer. However, aggressive overclocking can be dangerous and we don't recommend that, as it can lead to electro migration (interconnect failure) within your hardware components in just a few months.

How to fix my slow computer?

If your computer all of a sudden slowed down, it may have been a Windows update, a recent software install/uninstall, or even a loss of power during startup/shutdown. In these cases, you may be able to restore your system to a previous point before the problem started.

Rewind to a Previous System Restore Point: (you may lose recent changes and files)
Use the built into Windows System Restore to rewind your PC to a date before you were having problems. It's in Windows settings under System / About, then choose "System Protection" on right. Then click "System Restore", then "Next", and then check the box "Show more restore points". Then choose a point before your problems and carefully follow the prompts. I hope that fixes your problem. If it didn't work or you have System Restore turned off, keep reading for more options.

Any software or game you install can also change settings within Windows 10 and you may forget to change it back to default after you uninstall the software. I work with a lot of PC optimization software, so I've run into this issue a few times. The solution in these cases is to re-install the software and change the settings to default within the program before uninstalling again.

The Permanent fix for a slow Windows 10 computer

As I briefly mentioned before, computer optimizing software can help significantly to repair a slow computer and even improve performance beyond what you had before. It will also continue to maintain the system to prevent any future slowdowns.

Let's look at the 2 types:

The first type is "free" which by it's very existence screams "I am going to record everything you do and send it to a spyware database!" Those are scams because any program that monitors your computer is already stealing away precious CPU cycles and Internet bandwidth - not to mention the uncomfortable feeling that it's creepily watching everything you do. We'll pass on "free".

The second type of optimizer is paid-for software. Created with the goal of satisfying customers already puts this above the free options. They WANT to sell you an effective product, support it, and continue to improve it as Windows 10 evolves.

These programs were very expensive years ago, as they were mostly targeted at business productivity in offices with a large number of computers. Now they're much more consumer friendly and affordable.

What will a PC optimizer do for your system? You'll get faster boot-ups, program launches, quick web pages, and improved download speeds. An improved responsiveness to everything you do on your computer. This also includes anything you do online. Since your Internet settings and web browser will be optimized to their full capability.


A slow computer can be brought back to full speed with a few of the easy steps discussed above. However, to make sure your PC never slows down again, maintenance is the key. Since most users are not technical experts that can optimize Windows 10, it's better left in the hands of software that can perform hundreds of optimizations in a few minutes. Plus it will continue to maintain and prevent any future errors to keep your Windows 10 computer at maximum speed for its' entire life span. We test regularly to find the best PC optimizing software solutions for slow computer speed.

Our Recommendation

You can see for yourself in our software test results that it's the best solution to get your computer back to normal. Which one should you choose? We use and recommend WiseCare 365 Pro as the perfect choice to fix slow Windows 10 computer speed.

I hope this article helped you better understand why your computer slowed down. Thanks for reading.

Author: SpeedupNew

SpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)

All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

Best PC Optimizer 2021

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