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Advanced SystemCare Pro to Fix and Tuneup PCs

A fairly effective PC and Internet tuneup utility aimed more towards repair and security than extreme PC optimization. ASC had good success in our tests for fixing many of the common problems that plagues PC users today. Such as corrupt installations that uninstall improperly. And of course, it wouldn't be a good repair option if it didn't have a safe and effective registry cleaner. ASC cleans the registry to a better state creating improved stability after the fix.

Although there are many detailed settings within Advanced System Care, a few clicks can get you easily tuned up and repaired. Whether you're new to the exciting world of Windows tuning programs or you're a seasoned Tweak Guru, you will enjoy ASC's tremendous range of repair options.

Advanced SystemCare Optimizes Windows

Advanced SystemCareThe Advanced SystemCare program is one of the easiest and certainly one of the most effective tuneup programs we have ever used. The dedicated developers of Advanced System Care have over 5 million happy users. It's obvious with such a following, they are going to continually update and improve their software.

While it does safely clean your Windows registry more deeply than many others, we are also here for the optimizations. Even though it's a superior repair and tuneup program, it doesn't disappoint on the optimization front. It provides very impressive automatic and intelligent optimization of your PC to continually speed up your PC over time.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Internet optimization module included that will boost your Internet speed, although it was not as effective a System Mechanic Pro's version which boosted up to 300% faster.

Advanced SystemCare (ASC)

Advanced SystemCare is a complete PC and Internet optimizer. Here are just some of the benefits we experienced...

PC Optimization

Internet Boost

Advanced SystemCare Pro
$49.99 USD
Download Advanced SystemCare Pro

The Ultimate version of Advanced SystemCare offers the optimization of the Pro version, PLUS malicious code scanning and protection to improve your PC's stability.


There's an abundance of value here in these system tuning suites. Although, over the last few years, ASC has fallen back in the full PC and internet speed optimization ratings. If you're truly keen on having the absolute best, you may want to move up to an IOLO solution. Especially considering System Mechanic had such dominating speed results this year.


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