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Comodo PC Tuneup is an Auto-Scan System Utility

Comodo PC Tuneup will instantly scan your PC after download. It claims to resolve problems that impede performance. After the scan, you will be given a rating to see how your computer compares to similar systems. The rating ranges from good to very bad.

Tuneup Windows Start and Clean Junk Files

WinUtilities Fixes PC Errors After the automatic scan, Comodo PC Tuneup will present a "Fix All Problems" button for you to click to repair your system.

Once completed, there's not much else to do. You can check out the tools section if you're in the tweaking mood to take your PC to an even better optimized state.

However, the selection of optimization functions are sadly lacking compared to many other optimizers we reviewed. The included duplicate file finder and registry defrag are present in most similar programs. Beyond that, there's not really much here to write about except maybe the force delete feature that can get rid of annoying files that Windows refuses to delete. However, there are many tweaks online that can do that. In the end, we were left wanting more from Comodo PC Tuneup.

Comodo PC Tuneup
$19.99 USD
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Features included:


Comodo PC Tuneup does an adequate job as a PC cleaner. However, it lacks many of the features of the more robust system optimization software. A good choice if you want to stay in the Comodo family if you're already subscribed to their other security solutions. Otherwise, I would consider another more powerful PC optimizer program.

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