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Norton Utilities for a Clutter-free PC

Years ago, I used Norton utilities and loved it. Actually, it was decades ago, that's how long it has been available. It's truly the inspirational grand-daddy of all utility software today.

As my first foray into the world of optimizing my system, Norton utilities provided quick relief of Windows errors and stubborn system problems. Today's offering is just as impressive. Angled to clean your system and remove errors completely to keep your computing running along perfectly.

Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities Claiming to keep your PC running like new, Norton Utilities can certainly achieve that and maybe a little more after it gets rid of the crud and junk that is often installed on our computers when new.

There are many common issues on Windows computers that this program attacks and eliminates. It will find useless duplicate files and any unused apps that are wasting away on your drive. The single click optimization is very effective at ending slowdown and sluggish computer behavior.


It's a wonderful trip down memory lane using Norton Utilities again. After all of these years (decades really) it's still a great program. I recommend it if you're looking for a good cleaning utility with a few side features such as file recovery.

It's a little light on advanced optimization, but it never claims to make any major speed increases. For that, you may want to choose a more optimization focused program. Otherwise, if your heavy into Symantec's excellent security products, you may want to stay aligned with them and get Norton Utilities.

Symantec Norton Utilities
$49.99 USD
Download Norton Utilities

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