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PowerBooster is an Easy PC Optimizer

Want easy-to-use optimization? PowerBooster will make any user happy, but mostly new PC users will be thrilled they can finally optimize PC and Internet speed with the click of a button.

The PowerBooster automatic function can be set to run any time you wish. Optimize your PC, every time it starts, or shuts down. Set it to automatically optimize at lunch when you're away from your keyboard. Or even in the late night hours while you sleep. This automatic optimizer will speed up PC and Internet speed to the maximum without going too far. The stability will be maintained and you'll experience fast and crisp results.

PowerBooster: So Easy to Learn

PowerBooster Scan to Optimize Press the scan button:
You're done. Your PC and Internet are now optimized. You want a little more speed, dig a little deeper into the more advanced features to tinker with your Windows settings a little more.

But the crux of your performance improvements will come from the single button click. It's a wonderful optimizer solution for the newest PC user to the older expert tweakers who are tired of messing around with the Windows registry until they get an unbootable PC.

PowerBooster also includes a great registry cleaner, junk file cleaner, and secures your system from privacy invasions while online.

Download PowerBooster to quickly, easily, and safely optimize your PC and Internet to full speed. While the optimization benefits are not the leader in any of our categories, we can forgive it a little for the tremendous ease of use it provides as an automatic optimization solution. By pressing PowerBooster's big green scan button and open up your PC and Internet performance into the fast lane.

PowerBooster   (Best Automatic PC Optimizer 2018)
$19.95 USD

Great results can be expected with PowerBooster's easy to use 1-click scan. But you can also go into the advanced settings and make even more thorough optimizations. Here's just a few of the benefits you can expect from PowerBooster.

SpeedBooster Automatic Optimizer Conclusion

If your PC is slowing down and you've been afraid to get a PC optimizer because you're not sure if you'll be able to figure it out, SpeedBooster is for you. Anyone can do a serious optimization with this easy to use automatic PC optimizer.

However, there are more advanced modules further into the program, so if you dare to go in there, make sure you read everything carefully and proceed with caution. Backing up your Windows registry and making a system restore point before doing any advanced changes is always a good policy.

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