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Razer Cortex System Booster for Gaming PCs

Razer makes great PC gaming peripherals such as gaming keyboards and mice, but they're also offering the Razer Cortex Gaming Booster program to optimize your system.

While it's a very lightweight program, especially compared against the other more flushed-out optimization software solutions, it's still an interesting little program.

Its goal is to help gamers make their system more gaming friendly by reducing the system services and resource load on the CPU while gaming. Of course, this feature is standard is every good optimizer along with many more advanced optimizations that Razer Cortex Booster just doesn't cover.

Razer Cortex: A System and Game Booster in One

Razer Cortex BoosterThe Game Booster will kill processes and any apps that are running to keep your computer's resources streamlined. In theory, this should provide a better gaming experience, but the reality breaks that dream of power gaming a little.

While there is some improvement, it's not ground-breaking like you would experience from a more stalwart optimizer solution.

Works with: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, and 7
Compatible with all applicable 32 & 64bit versions above.

Razer Cortex Game Booster: Download

A very lightweight program, only 4.8 MB, Razer Cortex will do a little housecleaning on your system, while optimizing many of the gaming platforms you have installed. It works with Steam, Battle.net, and even Origin.

Razer Cortex Game and System Booster
Download Razer Cortex


It's a small app that does its best to optimize what it can. In the end, if you want serious optimization for extreme speed gains, you will want to look at another PC optimizer for a serious boost to your gaming system.

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