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System Mechanic offers fair value and has the ability to repair your PC completely. With so much of the competition updating their programs for 2019 and improving them greatly, SM fell behind a little on the speed optimization side of things but still leads as the best system repair option out there.

If you're having trouble with Windows errors or sluggish behavior from a suspected malware infection, there's still none better than System Mechanic Pro. If you're looking for the best speed increases to your PC and Internet, see our final conclusion below for alternatives.

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System Mechanic Pro proved average in speeding up our PC versus all of the other top contenders. However, its' true strength is the comprehensive repair utilities to solve every PC and Windows problem under the sun. So if your computer is spitting out errors, get the ultimate fix, get System mechanic Pro.

Safe DownloadsSystem Mechanic Pro offers repair and optimization for Windows computers and may improve your Internet connection if you're having problems.

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System Mechanic is a utility program developed to help Windows users maintain and repair their computers.

  • Scans for errors and problems within the registry.
  • Cleans useless files and data that may be clogging up your drive..
  • Will attempt to fix an Internet connection that is losing connectivity.
  • Monitors your system for any problems and presents available solutions.
  • Real-time PC and Internet protection - very light on resources compared to other security only products, but not as secure
  • Protection from viruses, spyware, hackers, phishing, botnets, and more.


System Mechanic is getting long in the tooth and needs a major upgrade to compete with the lighter and more effective speed optimizers being created today. Formerly a favorite of ours, it's no longer the speed champion but still packs a powerful punch as a great system repair with the most comprehensive set of tools to fix any and all problems you may be having.

If you're looking for the fastest PC and Internet speed possible, I say check out the best PC optimizer here. But if you're in need of a serious repair, try System Mechanic pro as the first step in your road to recovery - and then get our top recommended optimizer to speed up and stabilize your PC from future problems. Please remember to never have more than one optimization program installed at the same time.

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