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Download Advanced System Optimizer: Boost your PC

Advanced System Optimizer is a fairly feature-rich program. It has a few modules for PC optimization that perform adequately. While a few are simplistic in nature, there are also manual tweaks to dive a little deeper. With a major caveat being the lack of a thorough Internet optimizer. Considering every thing we do on our computers today, that is a major missing component.

The Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer Download SizeASO delivers a few optimizer features programmed into a remarkably small file size. But you'll miss out on many benefits of other optimizers by choosing ASO. There are other larger PC optimizers that deliver a much more robust performance boost. In short, we feel ASO struggles to compete against the leading PC optimization programs.

ASO does provide easy automatic settings and also has the ability to create a private virtual desktop for PC gaming. If you're a gamer that prefers single player campaigns, ASP is may be worth a look. However, if you want serious speed increases, or you're deep into online multi-player games, you may want to consider other PC optimizers. They'll give you a full suite of speed optimization modules including a great built-in Internet optimizer.

Safe DownloadsBefore considering ASO, please be aware that it does not contain a decent Internet optimizer and will not fully optimize your PC speed like many others we have researched. You may want to choose a better PC optimizer with an excellent Internet optimization function along with a full suite of pure PC optimizations. They'll speed up your Internet and give you maximum PC speed compared to Advanced System optimizer.

Advanced System Optimizer Feature List...

  • Use the easy "Smart PC Care" option to optimize your PC performance. Novice users will will appreciate the single-click option.
  • PC Improvements - The small footprint of ASO allows it to operate safely in the background (optional) while using minimal resources.
  • Registry Cleaner and Optimizer will repair any problems and fully defrag the registry to reduce the file size to improve stability.
  • The System Cleaner will remove the useless junk files (I had over 120 - and my PC is routinely optimized) that waste valuable resources. Includes a defrag disk feature for those who want a different defragmenter - though the included one in Windows is just as good.
  • PC Game Optimizer - Like many other PC optimizers, provides the standard disturbance-free environment (private virtual desktop) to reduce all unnecessary services and background programs that may interfere with gaming performance. Simply add any game to the list, select it, and click Start Optimized.
  • Driver Updater - Outdated drivers can cause slowdowns, crashes, and system hesitation. This tool will search for outdated drivers on your rig and try to download updated ones. I prefer to do this myself to be sure everything is done right. After all, some updated drivers cause problems and I will wait for the next update.
  • Automatic Memory Optimization - Simply click the Optimize Now button every time you want to free up memory. Or use the auto feature to optimize RAM when it falls below a free memory threshold that you designate.
  • Other Features Include - System Protector, Privacy Protector, Secure Delete, Secure Encryptor, Undelete, Backup Manager, System Files Backup, PC Fixer, System Security Advisor, Duplicate Files Remover, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, and a very detailed Help section to easily understand every thing included.

Please note: Each of the above optimization modules can be accessed individually and they each contain manual settings. Or you can simply use the Smart PC Care option to quickly initiate the system scan.

You can buy and download Advanced System Optimizer from SysTweak, but before doing so, it would be a good idea to compare PC optimizers for a better choice.

Advanced System Optimizer
$49.95 USD

Works with ALL Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, and Tablets running...
Windows® 8, 7, Vista, and XP
(Including all applicable 32 & 64bit versions of Windows)

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