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CCleaner Pros: Does it Remove All Temp Junk Files?

More of a PC cleaner than an optimizer, CCleaner can certainly help to find junk files and defunct data hiding on your computer. If you noticed your PC has slowed since you first got it, it may just be that many files written to your disk or SSD drive have accumulated over time.

These useless files cause havoc as Windows has to index and keep track of all of this junk which can lead to sluggish performance.

CCleaner will clean, but will it optimize?

WinUtilities Fixes PC Errors First off, if you're looking for top of the line PC and Internet optimization, you're not going to find it in CCleaner. This PC cleaner will find and remove junk files and also includes a good, but basic, registry cleaner.

What does CCleaner do? Well as the name implies, it will clean your PC of junk. It also erases browser cookies and search history. The basic registry does a good job of removing some of the old and defunct entries, but it's certainly not as powerful as many of the registry cleaning functionality built into the more robust optimization suites. I enjoyed the ease of use of CCleaner, but remain skeptical of the true speed gains as the program's main optimization tasks.

Just cleaning out your unnecessary files and adjusting a few startup entries is not my idea of a good optimizer. So I'm going to suggest CCleaner is exactly what it's good at - cleaning your system of clutter. The PC optimization benefits are negligible and Internet optimization is no where to be found.

If you want full PC optimization with a deep and complete registry cleaning, you'll need to consider one of the many other programs available. Many of the top PC optimizers also include full internet optimization to improve your online connection.

So who needs CCleaner? Well, if you're looking for a good PC cleaner, it may be a consideration. But if you want the fastest speed gains through optimizing your computer, look elsewhere.

CCleaner Professional

I wanted more optimization from CCleaner, but I am content with it as a system cleaning tool. That being said, it's heralded by some as a full PC optimization app - I disagree and believe you should really expect a good cleaning with very minor speed gains.

  • Includes a schedule to automatically clean your PC.
  • Has some privacy protection features but you won't hide from expert surveillance with it .
  • Real time monitoring of your computer system.
  • Updates automatically, but you can switch it off to update manually.


To say CCleaner is a PC cleaner is stating the obvious. Unfortunately, many loyal users try to make it sound like it's also the world's greatest optimizing software. Sorry, after almost 2 decades of using cleaners, optimizers, and system tuneup utilities, I have to say, it's simply a good cleaning tool with a very small side order of optimization. You can get better cleaning and a full serving of PC and Internet optimization in many other leading edge PC optimizers available today.

CCleaner Pro
$39.95 USD

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