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Program Summary: Cloud System Booster uses an online database from other users to help choose the best optimization settings for your particular computer configuration. Unfortunately, to get the full benefit of this, you need to be signed in with their service and agree to their privacy policy.

Update - As posted on their site, it states, "Last updated on AprĀ  2, 2014" - it's certainly looking like they may no longer be supporting Cloud System Booster.

Download File Specifications

Software Title Cloud System Booster
Developer AnviSoft
Website www.anvisoft.com
A cloud based solution to optimize your computer, fix registry errors, repair your browser and monitor your PC for problems. Also includes a RAM and Windows startup booster.
Release Version 3.6
File Size 16.9 MB

System Requirements

Where to Buy and Download

Cloud System Booster
Retail: $32.98 USD

Buy and Download at www.anvisoft.com

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