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Program Summary: Symantec Norton Utilities will perform a full maintenance sweep of your Windows computer to achieve an error-free and stable computing environment. One of the first programs created to repair Windows, it has been around for decades. These system utilities and tools make a strong software regime to keep your PC system in perfect working order.

Download File Specifications

Software Title Norton Utilities
Developer Symantec
Website us.norton.com/norton-utilities
Can help to make your PC run like new again. All PCs lose speed and perform worse after installing and uninstalling many programs or just by browsing the web and accumulating junk files. Norton utilities will clean up the crud and get your computer back to a new-like state.
Release Version 5.1.8
File Size 9.41 MB

System Requirements

Where to Buy and Download

Norton Utilities
Retail: $49.99 USD

Buy and Download at us.norton.com/norton-utilities

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