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Use PowerSuite for Easy Optimization

The new version of PowerSuite is an easy to use PC optimizer software suite. From the makers of the smaller scaled SpeedUpMyPC, PowerSuite gives you more features but IMO far too few optimization opportunities.

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Does PowerSuite give you enough results worthy of the high price tag? It struggles to close the deal with just basic optimization and a good-looking but seemingly troubled interface that I found a bit confusing.

The New Updated Version of PowerSuite

The PowerSuite Download Shortcut Deciding on your options:
The free lite version, as its' name suggests, is light on features, and will not nearly give you the full capabilities of the full versioned PowerSuite. The main optimization routines are only included within the upgraded pro version.

Always take the term, free PC optimizers, with a grain of salt. It usually means they will scan your system, tell you what performance improvements you can expect; but only IF you buy the full version. There's really no need to download a "free optimizer scan", since many of the full versions offer money back guarantees anyway's.

PowerSuite PC Optimization Conclusion

Unfortunately, I really think PowerSuite's price is extraordinarily high and even if it goes on sale for half-price, there are still better and cheaper optimizers out there that surpass it.

I wanted to like PowerSuite. After all, I did enjoy it's PC optimization brethren SpeedUpMyPC for a little while, more than a few years ago. But it seems these programs have turned a little stale, and I can't help but feeling a sense of nostalgia using them. They need more advanced features to compete against the other guys currently leading the optimization software field.

While PowerSuite will optimize your PC and Internet with a few simple clicks, in the end, the final performance is not what I would hope for out of a modern PC optimizer. After all, this is the year of the optimizer with all of the great advancements many other of the top PC optimizers have made.

Update: No Longer Available

Works with ALL Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, and Tablets running...
Windows® 8, 7, Vista, and XP
(Including all applicable 32 & 64bit versions of Windows)

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