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SlimCleaner: Cleans Windows - but does it Speed Up?

Slimware Utilities has created SlimCleaner, to clean your Windows PC to help make it run smoothly - But does it do enough to speed up your computer system? Let's find out.

The engine of the software is powered by a community-based information that is used to help you and other users compare system configurations and make adjustment accordingly.

SlimWare SlimCleaner: Finds and Removes Useless Data

SlimCleaner Plus ProThe included tune up tools of SlimCleaner Pro will boost your PC just mildly in our experience. You can choose to manually clean or run a one-click scan with the premium edition of SlimCleaner.

A power management tool is available to help you choose the appropriate power state for whatever task you are doing.

Like most of these utility tools, there is a startup optimizer to aid in the speedy loading of all of your installed apps.

While SlimCleaner Pro does what is sets out to do, we have had much better results with more advanced optimizers such as WiseCare 365 Pro. If you like the idea of a community helping each other optimise their systems, maybe you'll enjoy this program. Just be aware, you will be leaving better working solutions behind by doing so.

Works with: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, & XP
Compatible with all applicable 32 & 64bit versions

Slimware SlimCleaner Plus: Download

Tune up your computer with SlimCleaner. A lightweight install file of under 1 MB will connect to the Slimware database and begin the installation process. Please be aware, the program uses an online database to record your system configuration and this information is used to help other users with similar systems.

SlimCleaner Pro
$59.97 USD


This is not as deep as more advanced optimization programs. You only have to spend a few minutes with the program before you begin to realize its' shortcomings. For a more powerful and in-depth optimizing of your PC, you'll want to choose another solution.

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