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A game optimizer for all PCs, WiseCare (WC) offers incredible value, and more importantly, deliver on their gaming performance promises. After the quick download and setup, your laptop or desktop will be fully optimized, all automatically from this point on - each and every day, you use your computer.

UPDATE (March 2020)
Before you read about the differences in the WC versions below, please read the following important message concerning deceptive junkware game optimizers.

Please be very careful about downloading so-called "free" game optimizers online - you get what you pay for. We've also run into game optimizers which actually cost money, yet they also contain spyware and malicious code - Quite incredibly, even if you pay for software, it can still be malicious junkware.

We have personally tried and tested all of the top PC game optimizers available and screened out all of the junkware. If any game optimizer contains any type of malicious code or any of that other foolishness, it will never make it to our web site. After our most recent tests in early March 2020, our current top PC game optimizers are WC Pro and Regular. They are listed below and are highly recommended.

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Downloading WiseCare 365Deciding on your options:
While the Regular version is an outstanding optimization suite, the PRO version is even better. It may cost a little more to own, but the additional real-time optimization and slowdown protection it brings to your PC is well worth the slightly higher price. (EDIT - actually PRO is more affordable now with new sale price.)

WiseCare Pro proved far superior versus all of the other top contenders and deservedly won our "Best Game Optimizer", awarded in early March. It's a professionally engineered game booster by a dedicated developer with a long history of high customer satisfaction.

Safe to Download

Both of these versions of WC (Regular and Pro) offer complete optimization for a massive boost to your overall PC gaming speed, all installed programs, and your Internet.

Download WC Regular Version Exterior Link (Score = 95%)
$69.95         EDIT: The Pro version (Score = 99%) is on sale - see update below.

WiseCare is a complete PC gaming booster and Internet optimizer. Here are just some of the benefits we experienced...

NOTE: All of these features and more are in the PRO version - shown below.

Speed Up PC Gaming:

  • Much more responsive performance for your PC while actually maintaining improving stability. You'll be gaming uninterrupted without ever having to waste time fixing computer issues.
  • Every game or program you have installed will respond faster and run smoother. Reduces frustration for you and prevents problems for your PC.
  • Real-Time Optimization - All games and running programs are fully optimized on the fly as system services and RAM are constantly being monitored and safely adjusted to improve performance.
  • Improves Windows boot speed, and your PC will also shutdown faster. Cures "hanging" errors on game startup and shutdown..
  • Faster game loading. All data drives, both HDD and SSD, will have performance increased to accelerate data read and write times.
  • Cleans registry to remove registry bloat and boost overall Windows speed.
  • Streamline CPU processes and Windows services for a more responsive PC. Greatly improves gaming performance with a virtual gaming mode.
  • Effective ram optimization to manage and prevent errors that plague today's complex game programming. Eliminates Memory leaks and "Out of memory" errors that plague many new releases before their first patch.
  • Better PC gaming frame rates, benchmarks scores, and a more responsive overall game-playing environment.
  • Improves photo editing, even shortens the time to render video, and will help any other high resource program run smoother, faster, and stutter-free.
  • Set the automatic option to continually keep your PC and Internet in a perfectly optimized state. Your computer will always be fine-tuned and ready to game.

Speed Up Online Gaming:

  • Less lag for online gaming performance to improve MMO reaction time. The improved ping rates and reduced latency will allow for more responsive online gaming sessions.
  • Up to 300% more Internet speed, plus full optimization of all the popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Boosts all types of Internet connections including Cable, DSL, and Dialup.
  • Every web site will display faster with improved web page delivery times. No more staring at those boring blank white loading screens between pages.
  • Improves Internet connectivity for better ping rates and data transmission. Also boosts local networks to share or stream large files faster.
  • Faster downloading and retrieval of game files, patches, and updates. Improves videos & movie playback - cures video buffering problems, and fixes streaming errors.
  • For even more speed with slowdown protection - consider the WC PRO version below. Yes, PRO contains everything listed here and more.

Download WC PRO Version Exterior Link (Score = 99%)
$89.85  Today Only $39.95 (See Editor's update below)

The Pro version of WiseCare offers the same complete optimization of the regular version, PLUS real-time code and slowdown protection producing rock-solid stability for even more PC gaming and Internet performance improvements. Also, the very light and fast security component of the Pro version is compatible with any other security software you may have currently installed.

  • Includes ALL PC gaming and Internet optimization features of the regular version above PLUS...
  • Advanced real-time PC and Internet protection for 100% stability and exceptional performance - extremely light on resources compared to other security products.
  • Protection from viruses, spyware, hackers, phishing, botnets, and more. The security code has been fully optimized to prevent any system slowdown.
  • Blocks malicious code threats - all while improving download speeds.

Please note: WiseCare PRO had absolutely no problems running with every anti-virus program I tried. Certainly a testament to the professionally engineered programming code. Unlike many other game optimizers in the wild that contain amateur or outdated code that can corrupt the Windows registry and crash your PC to an unbootable state.

Which brings us to one of the most overlooked factors when looking for a game optimizer... WiseCare has a stellar record of quick updates to coincide with changes to Windows. Recently showcased with the prompt and perfect Windows 10 compatibility, while still delivering the same great optimization benefits to Windows 8, 7, and Vista - also works with XP, but are there really any XP users still out there? While other game optimizers were crashing computers, WiseCare was, as usual, performing its' super fast optimizations flawlessly.


If I was told that I could only install one program on my PC this year, it would be WC Pro. After nearly 20 years of using and reviewing PC gaming optimization software, this is the one program that really does make a huge difference.

Having something like this come along, made me brimming with excitement again, like the old days when I got my first new PC. And that's what WC Pro does - actually it gives you a faster than new PC because the original default settings are not optimized for the huge variance of hardware components. Best of all, the optimization effect is continual, so your PC will always be working towards faster gaming performance each and every time you boot up your computer.

WC Pro is easily the best solution for PC gaming enthusiasts, or anyone really, who demand substantial speed improvements and perfect repairs when needed - all while maintaining actually improving stability.

While it's true, you can't go wrong with the regular version. After considering all of the extra performance and continual slowdown prevention you get with the Pro version, we give WiseCare Pro the "Best Game Optimizer" award. With stellar speed results and 100% stability, it's absolutely getting our highest recommendation.

Editor's Update:
Good news, or bad news, if like many of us, you already own WC 365 Pro ;-(

There's a 55% OFF sale for the New 2020 WC Pro version Exterior Link today only.
Plus, you can use it on up to 3 PCs. You'll get much more with the Pro version over the Regular version, so at today's sale price, it's an easy decision to recommend the Pro version. Actually, even at tomorrow's full retail price, I would still recommend the all-encompassing Pro version.

WiseCare 365 Pro Sale
Important: Sorry, my legal representative says I must bore you with the following - I can not guarantee this offer is still active. You can check it here Exterior Link.

WiseCare (WC) can safely accelerate a wide range of new or old PCs including desktops, notebooks, and laptops. It's fully compatible and customized to intelligently sense and fully optimize whichever version of Windows you're running - from Windows 10, 8 (+8.1), 7, Vista, and XP including any 32 and 64 bit version.

If you have upgraded to Windows 10, or when you do, WC works perfectly. It will also help to stabilize the latest Windows' OS from its' quirks and growing pains while improving performance.

Considering Windows 10 is, shall we say a little on the bulky side - but then again, so am I, the optimization effects are certainly going to be more pronounced. I would even venture to say, you get better results using it with Windows 10 (Update: even better now, WC includes a new Windows 10 specific optimization module). However, older versions of Windows will still receive a massive boost in performance. In fact, older and slower PCs will jump back to life again through continual Windows optimization.

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