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How to Install Advanced SystemCare | Is the Installer Safe?

Last Updated: February 19, 2021

An excellent choice for all computer users, Advanced SystemCare will automatically optimize your PC and Internet in a very thorough fashion. The Advanced SystemCare installer was safe for us and we had absolutely no problems installing it.

Advanced SystemCare Installer

The Advanced SystemCare FileIf you haven't already acquired the program, please choose one of the Advanced SystemCare download versions first and then return here to install. We chose the Ultimate version, but if you choose the PRO version, it should be a very similar installation process, if not identical.

(Update: I just installed the PRO version to see if there are any differences in the install process and have updated where necessary.) While the program may change over time, the basic procedure should be very similar. Just please be aware our information may not accurately describe the current version revision.

Follow these steps to install Advanced SystemCare:

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Install File1 - Open the Advanced System Care setup file on your desktop or in your designated download folder. It will either be the PRO or Ultimate file - depending on the version option you chose.

2 - After you open the file, a Security Warning box may appear asking if you wish to Run this file. Simply click the Run button to proceed to the next step.

3 - The Setup box will appear. You will be advised to close any other programs you may have running. Simply click on the Next button to continue.

4 - The standard software License Agreement box (EULA) will appear. Scroll down to read it. Then, if you agree to the terms, click the "Accept" button.

For the PRO version - I was asked to install a Web App which provides easy access to the developer's web site. It's your choice, but I prefer to keep my web browser clean and efficient, so I chose "Decline".

5 - The Select Destination Location option will appear. Unless you have a good reason to change the default location, leave it as is, and click Next to proceed.

6 - The Select Additional Tasks box will appear. Simply choose if you want the Advanced SystemCare icons on your Desktop and/or in your Quick Launch area of the task bar at the bottom of your desktop near the Windows Start button. You may also select or de-select the option to add a bookmark in your web browser to the developer's web site. Then click Next to proceed.

7 - The Installing message and box will appear. Wait for it to complete. Then click the "Finish" button when it appears.

Ultimate Version:

After clicking "Finish", a quick tutorial will open showing you how to use the program. Please read each page and click Next to continue through each page. Then, click "Start Now" on the last page to begin using your new program.

PRO Version:

There will be 2 boxes you can check. "View update history" to see the latest improvements to the program in a text file. "View user manual" to read the program help guide that opens in your web browser, but the pages are read from within the SystemCare folder on your computer. Also, a quick tutorial similar to the Ultimate version (described above) will display.

How to Safely Remove Advanced SystemCare

You can uninstall Advanced SystemCare easily from your computer. It includes a very safe and thorough uninstall utility. Please see our Advanced SystemCare uninstall guide to learn how to remove the optimizer from your computer.

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