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How to Uninstall System Mechanic to Remove it Completely

Last Updated: February 19, 2021

You can completely remove System Mechanic Pro from your PC with our easy uninstall guide below. Before proceeding, you should consider using the System Mechanic SafetyNet feature to undo any changes it made to your PC. Once uninstalled, the ability to undo any of those changes may be lost.

Remove System Mechanic Completely

Find the System Mechanic Uninstall

1.0 - Go to the Windows Start (bottom left of desktop) and click on Control Panel. If you can't find it, simply type Control Panel in the Windows Search box.

1.1 - Open the "Programs and Features" and find the "iolo technologies' System Mechanic" listing.

1.2 - After you click on "iolo technologies' System Mechanic" to highlight it, simply click the Uninstall button, near the top to proceed - or double-click on the listing.

Uninstalling System Mechanic

2.0 - After activating the System Mechanic Pro uninstall process in the step above, a box will appear asking... Are you sure you want to completely remove System Mechanic and all of its components? Click Yes if you want to proceed with the uninstallation.

2.1 - If you are uninstalling the Pro version, you MAY be asked, if you want to delete the items that were moved to Quarantine - Answer "Yes" if you want to permanently remove any item(s) permanently, or "No" if you may install System Mechanic in the future and want to keep your item(s) saved.

2.2 - The "System Mechanic Uninstall" box will appear and the uninstallation will begin. After it completes, a message will display asking you, "Would you like to restart now?" Click Yes or No. Remember, System Mechanic will only completely uninstall after restarting your PC.

Still not uninstalling? For an even more thorough and aggressive uninstall, see the section below.

Aggressive options to Uninstall System Mechanic

Still can't uninstall System mechanic? Use the free Norton tool that helps uninstall unwanted programs and malware.

Norton Power Eraser

Another option is Windows System Restore to dial your PC back to a time before you installed System Mechanic. However, if that was long ago, you may not have a Restore Point back that far.

How to rewind to a previous System Restore Point:
WARNING: You may lose recent changes and files.

It's in Windows settings under System / About, then choose "System Protection" on right. Then click "System Restore", then "Next", and then check the box "Show more restore points". Then choose a point before your problems and carefully follow the prompts.

How to Choose a Safe and Effective PC Optimizer

Sorry if System Mechanic didn't work out for you, we tried it and found it to be excellent, but not the best. If you want to safely and effectively optimize your PC, it's imperative to use an optimizer program with advanced defrag routines and thorough, yet safe, registry cleaning. Try the top PC optimizer listed for the best speed and stability. It's safe, and provides continual optimization and system maintenance for your PC.

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