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How to Install and Setup a PC Optimizer

The main thing to watch out for when using PC optimization software, would be making sure you only have one installed at a time. Conflicts between the programming routines may lead to problems and may make it difficult to undo any changes made to your system.

Also be wary of downloading any optimizer online that you have not thoroughly researched. There were more than a few we have encountered while creating our safe list to help you get the best PC optimizer - many of the losers that never made it passed our first preliminary check for malicious code or intent were nothing more than scams with fake results. Some even corrupted our Windows install with outdated and ancient programming code.

Please note: The following install and setup tips are provided to just give novice users a general idea of what to expect when installing a PC optimizer. After you download your program, you should visit your software's web site for complete instructions. The web address will usually be provided in the email you receive after purchasing the optimizer.

Also, don't forget to restart your PC after installing an optimizer, as that will allow any optimization changes to be made during boot-up before Windows locks hidden files.

Install Tips for Popular PC Optimizers

For specific instructions on installing the most popular optimization software, please see these detailed guides...

How to install System Mechanic - The latest winner of our best optimizer award for repair, System Mechanic Pro proved far superior to all of the others in our recent comparison results. After installation, see our quick System Mechanic setup guide to help you get up and fully optimized in minutes.

How to install Advanced SystemCare - A top optimization program for a few years, it was recently passed by the aforementioned System Mechanic. But Advanced SystemCare is still a leading PC repair utility that gives it an edge for those with annoying Windows problems. Use our Advanced SystemCare setup instructions to optimize your PC and fix your Windows problems.

General Install Tips for Other PC Optimizers

Here are some general guidelines to get you up and optimized in just a few minutes with most other optimizers available.

The optimizer you are using may install differently than the following steps. But the general procedure should be very similar. Please visit your optimizer's web site for complete help and support.

1 - Find the optimizer setup file on your desktop or in your download folder. Open the file.

2 - After you open the file, a Security Warning box may appear asking if you wish to Run this file. Simply click the Run button to proceed to the next step.

3 - The Setup box will appear. You will be advised to close any other programs you may have running. Simply click on the Next button to continue.

4 - At this point, you will usually be presented with a License Agreement box. Read it. Then, if you agree to the terms, click the "I accept the agreement" on the lower-left. Then click on the Next button to proceed.

5 - Usually, a Select Destination Location option will appear. Unless you have a good reason to change the default location, leave it as is, and click Next to proceed.

6 - Next up, you may see a Select Additional Tasks box. Usually it concerns adding shortcut icons to your desktop or within your Windows start menu. you may also be presented with an option to start the optimizer every time Windows starts, so it can optimize your PC at boot..

7 - After all of your install parameters are set, and you click the install button. you'll usually see an Installing message. Wait for it to finish and you're finished.

General Setup Tips for PC Optimizers

After installing your new optimizer, it may be tempting to quickly dive in. We strongly recommend getting accustomed with the program first. It's well worth it to take a few moments to read any details offered for each of the optimization or repair modules.

However, it's safe to say that most will use the automatic or simple one-click button scans to optimize quickly and safely. If you do want to make manual changes, proceed with caution and become educated before trying any of the complicated stuff. Just use common sense.

IMPORTANT: All PC optimizers have unique differences. This is just a general guideline on how to setup an optimizer. It's recommended you visit your optimizer's web site for the most complete help and details on using it.

1 - Fast Optimization
Many PC optimizers will present you with an obvious Scan or Optimize button. Clicking this button will usually quickly clean and optimize your PC with the basic default settings of the optimizer.

2 - Advanced Optimization
Later on, after you have become accustomed to the program, you can check out all of the tabs and read about what each optimization module does. Then as you become more comfortable, start using the advanced settings to try and achieve full speed. Remember, most optimizer offer a rescue area where you can dial back any of your changes.

3 - Automatic Settings
Want to continually optimize your PC and Internet speed? Most optimizers will allow you to setup scheduled optimization at certain times, like every time you start your PC. This can lead to the most extreme and consistent speed gains as your PC will never slow down from redundant file build-up and system corruption causing sluggish performance.

4 - Other Utilities and Tools
Many optimizers will also include a special section containing various useful tools to help you in specific situations. Such as a system file restore utility, an outdated driver checker, and a system health monitoring module. Just select the desired tool and read the details on how to proceed.

Need to Uninstall Your PC Optimizer?

Please read our uninstall guide to learn the basic procedure to uninstall a PC optimizer from Windows.

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