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How to Properly Install BoostSpeed

Once you finish the easy installation of BoostSpeed, you'll be able to start using the optimization features immediately. Please be patient and try to get to know the program a little bit before diving in to quickly.

How to Properly Install BoostSpeed

The BoostSpeed FileIt's important to make sure your version of Windows is supported by checking the BoostSpeed details. If you have a fairly new PC - within the last 5 years, you should have no problems. While the program may change over time, the basic procedure should be very similar. Just please be aware our information may not accurately describe the current version revision.

Read our Disclaimer before proceedingFollow these steps to install BoostSpeed:

BoostSpeed Install File1 - Find the BoostSpeed setup file on your desktop or in your designated download folder. Open the file by double-clicking on it.

2 - After you open the file, a Security Warning box may appear asking if you wish to Run this file. Simply click the Run button to proceed to the next step.

3 - The Setup box will appear. You will be advised to close any other programs you may have running. Simply click on the Next button to continue.

4 - The standard software License Agreement box (EULA) will appear. Scroll down to read it. Then, if you agree to the terms, click the "I accept the agreement" on the lower-left. Then click on the Next button to proceed.

5 - The Select Destination Location option will appear. Unless you have a good reason to change the default location, leave it as is, and click Next to proceed.

6 - The Select Additional Tasks box will appear. Simply choose if you want BoostSpeed icons on your Desktop and/or in your Quick Launch area of the task bar at the bottom of your desktop near the Windows Start button. Make sure the following is checked, "Run the program when I log on to Windows" which will help BoostSpeed continually optimize your PC and prevent it from ever becoming a slow sluggish mess over time. Then click Next to proceed.

7 - The Installing message and box will appear. Wait for it to finish (very fast) and you're finished. BoostSpeed will start up, and is ready to optimize your PC as outlined in the next section. Now it's time to propel your PC and Internet safely into the high speed zone. Next, read our important BoostSpeed setup tips to get the most out of this high-end optimizer.

Removing BoostSpeed safely

BoostSpeed UninstalledUninstalling BoostSpeed from your PC is a quick and safe process. It has a complete uninstall process that leaves no broken remnants or other residual baddies - unlike many of the lesser (ill-programmed) optimizers available online. If you ever need to remove BoostSpeed, please see our BoostSpeed uninstall guide which shows you how to remove BoostSpeed completely and safely from your computer system.

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