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How to Install PowerSuite

In just a few minutes, you will be able to have PowerSuite properly installed and ready to automatically optimize your computer.

As always, if you experience any problems during the install process, please visit the developers web site for help and support.

While we strive to keep our guides up to date, software is constantly evolving with numerous updates over time. As such, we can not possibly guarantee this procedure is still the same as when we installed PowerSuite.

How to Properly Install PowerSuite

PowerSuite Install File Shortcut1 - Find the PowerSuite setup file on your desktop or in your download folder. Simply open the file by double-clicking on it.

2 - After you open the file, a Security Warning box may appear asking if you wish to Run this file. Simply click the Run button to proceed to the next step.

3 - The Setup box will appear. You can customize your installation location by clicking on "Installer Options", and you can read the "User License Agreement" also by clicking on it. Simply click on the "Agree & Install" button to continue.

4 - Next, the installation process will begin and it will complete in a few seconds.

5 - After the installation has finished, PowerSuite will open with the message, "Congratulations on installing PowerSuite". You can get started right away by reading our important PowerSuite setup tips.

Removing PowerSuite Safely

UninstallUninstalling PowerSuite:
Having the ability to remove an optimizer completely from your system is one of the key parameters we insist upon for an optimizer to be featured on our site.

We have little patience for programs that leave the system registry in a mess when uninstalled - causing potential instability. PowerSuite will remove itself safely and completely from your computer.

Please see our PowerSuite uninstall guide for complete details.

NEXT: Learn how to setup PowerSuite.

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