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Optimize Windows 10 with Tweaks or Automatically

Windows 10 is easily the best operating system Microsoft has ever released. It is so much more stable than previous iterations and it has more features than ever before. However, you may still need to optimize Windows 10 with a PC accelerator and system cleaner utility to get the fastest speed and best gaming performance.

Optimize Windows 10 Computers

Improving Windows 10 with PC Tweaks vs Software

How can I optimize my computer? We have listed a few tweaks further below to help you accelerate Windows 10. However, for more brisk performance, I highly recommend considering one of this year's newly advanced PC optimization solutions to produce blistering fast speed with perfect stability. Plus it will keep your system from ever slowing down again. It works in minutes, instead of the hours upon hours that manual tweaking entails.

I prefer to control what happens on my PC and always disable startup intruders after installing software. Unless it's something important like my PC cleaner program that keeps my PC continually accelerated. All cleaning software needs to run at every startup to do its' magic. I also leave on the Logitech Gaming Framework for my mouse and keyboard, Plus i also run a custom script on startup for some modifications such as controlling screen brightness, setting the audio to a low volume, and running SpeedFan to control cooling. That's it, everything else is off. Be careful though, every computer is different, don't turn off something important.

Can I tweak Windows 10 myself? Yes, the steps below will help you adjust on Windows 10 for better performance. Don't expect massive speed gains like you would experience with a full PC accelerator software solution.

Will an automatic accelerator be better? Frankly, yes. It will automatically optimize Windows 10 for faster startups and CPU speed - plus safely scan and adjust all of the locked and hidden settings within Windows 10. These are not accessible to the average user. Even those of us that have the know-how to access those settings, always prefer using the 100% reliability of a software acceleration.

Because mistakes can and do happen which leads to devastating results. The best software we have used, will safely accelerate automatically. With a Windows accelerator program, the chances of making any errors is literally zero and the swift results are powerful compared to the mild performance gains you will get by simple manual tweaks.

Important areas to fully optimize Windows 10 performance

Warning: While these tweaks will work to optimize Windows 10, you should not expect massive speed gains. Giant leaps in Windows performance will only be possible through the use of a full-fledged PC acceleration program that will apply high velocity performance to both your PC and Internet speed. Manually optimizing your Windows 10 computer may have negative effects, Proceed at your own risk.

Please write down any existing setting that you are about to change, so you can use the information to troubleshoot and return to a previous state if any problems occur.


Remove Splash Screen for fast Windows 10 startup

The Windows 10 splash screen delays the boot process a few needless seconds. If you don't care about the pretty animations on startup, then save yourself some time and gain a startup boost by disabling it.


Stop launch delays for Windows 10 programs

Some programs need to start when Windows 10 boots. You can optimize these startup programs to load immediately so you don't have that annoying hesitation when you start your PC and your programs aren't ready. the delay is the default setting within Windows 10 to help avoid a slowdown with too many programs starting at once.

But if you're like me and you trim your startup programs for performance (as described further below in Step 3), you don't want that delay for the few you do have. If you want a much faster Windows 10 boot-up, try the following:


Reduce startup apps to optimize Windows 10 speed

Having programs running constantly in the background can cause your PC to become slow and sluggish. Many startup entries are placed there by software you install so they can run their updates in the background. Sometimes Windows 10 comes with additional software installed from many of the popular PC manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and others. Many install 30 day software trials that run at startup so they can nag you to buy the full version before the trial runs out. While you can disable startup of those aggressive programs, I simply uninstall them if I don't plan on ever buying the full version.

In older versions of Windows, the startup items were controlled through the MSconfig or System Configuration program, but in Windows 10, it has been moved to the Task Manager.


How I Optimized Windows 10 with a PC Accelerator

PC accelerator software will boost Windows 10 to the fastest speeds possible. It will boost overall speed for both Windows and all of the programs you have installed. Everything will run with more responsiveness, opening and closing faster, accessing memory and all drive data (hard disk and SSD) lightning quick so as to not have any more sluggish lag when doing system straining tasks such as video editing or during PC gaming.

After researching how game developers optimize their programming code, such as explained in "What 'optimization' really means in games" over at PCgamer , I realized the vast differences in optimizing a game (or any program) versus optimizing a complex operating system. If you're looking to speed up gaming performance for better frame-rates, there are a few things to consider. The settings within the actual game can be adjusted a multitude of ways to achieve the perfect state for your particular PC. If you don't want to sacrifice the quality of your gaming experience, optimizing your entire Windows environment will allow you more headroom to up the game towards Ultra settings.

Compared against performing thousands of risky manual tweaks over hundreds of hours, using accelerator software, you'll be able to safely optimize Windows 10. There are many advanced optimizations that even professional computer experts can not possibly do - which is why so many of us, optimize Windows using the System Mechanic software. It's simple to use for any one and it is extremely safe.

Optimizing your Windows 10 computer can be a very satisfying experience. There's always going to be risk when manually adjusting anything on your PC. You can mitigate that risk substantially, in fact, bringing it to zero-risk by speeding up your Windows 10 system with a software solution. When I started tinkering with computers almost 20 years ago, I was an ardent Windows tweaker.

However, once I stumbled across my first system utility program. I never returned to dangerous tweaking. Today's advanced PC optimizer software solutions have grown from the simple utilities of yesteryear. It's certainly the most cost-effective upgrade you can make to your PC - especially compared to expensive hardware components.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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