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Frequently Asked Questions for PC and Internet Optimization Software

After reading our FAQ, it will be easier to find the best PC tuning utility to optimize your Windows 10 computer system. Before downloading an optimization program, there are many important things to consider. Here are the most frequently asked questions that we have received concerning optimization software.

Optimization FAQs

1: Are Optimization Suites better than Individual Optimizers?
2: Will an optimizer work with my computer?
3: Do I have to be a technical wizard to use this?
4: Will my computer boot faster?
5: What kind of software will run faster after optimization?
6: Will my computer memory (RAM) work more efficiently?
7: How can my Internet connection be faster with an optimizer?
8: Will an optimizer improve PC Gaming performance?
9: Does a PC optimizer work with OLD and NEW computers?
10: Is an Optimizer a better option than a Windows reinstall?
11: Besides increased speed, are there any other benefits?
12: If I buy a new PC later, will the software still be useful?

1) Are Optimization Suites better than Individual Optimizers?

Many individual optimizers exist to boost PC speed, accelerate Internet, optimize RAM, repair/defrag your registry, and improve PC boot times. However, since improving your overall PC speed is determined by most of these items working together, you get far better value in purchasing a full optimization suite. With this in mind, we have made a list of the best PC optimizer software currently available.

A full optimization suite delivers all of the important optimizing features in one integrated suite. With another benefit being they are all programmed by the same developer with each optimizer routine designed to work together to provide improved speed and stability. If you get each individual optimizer module from different developers, there may be incompatibility issues that may cause crashes and even reduce the effectiveness - not to mention you will be paying much more.

2) Will an optimizer work with my computer?

Recent advancements to modern optimizing routines have made them extremely effective with Windows 10, 8 (and 8.1), 7, Vista, and XP. If you have a PC running any of these modern versions of Windows, including all 32 bit and 64 bit, you will easily be able to optimize your computer to maximum speed while increasing stability. All optimizers listed on our site are absolutely safe with no spyware or malicious code of any sort.

The newly advanced optimizers we have listed will work with any desktop, laptop, notebook, and tablet running Windows. Works effectively to speed up older PCs and will also provide a serious boost to newer PCs. Either way, using an advanced optimizer, you will be able to boost your computer speed to the fastest levels ever while vastly improving the stability of your OS and any software you run on it.

Some older editions of Windows such as Windows 98 and ME are no longer being updated by Microsoft. If you're using one of these older editions of Windows, we would strongly recommend an OS upgrade (if your hardware supports it) over optimization software. Currently, the optimizers do not work with Apple MAC computers.

3) Do I have to be a technical wizard to use this?

Automatic optimization is the true strength of modern optimizers. Anyone can use the new optimizers to safely improve the performance of their computer. During installation, your operating system (Windows 10, 8, 7, VISTA, or XP) will be detected, and the program will configure itself, to fully optimize your PC, based on your particular configuration.

Modern PC optimizers will actually customize their optimization routines for your specific computer using advanced AI (artificial intelligence) programming. All you have to do is simply click a button and enjoy the speed and stability benefits of optimization.

4) Will my computer boot faster?

One of the most annoying things about Windows is the start-up (boot) time. Reducing the bloatware, services, and other initially draining resources that load on start-up is the first step in optimizing your computer. A high quality optimizer will vastly improve boot time, digging into many hidden and inaccessible settings to reduce your boot time to a few seconds. As a result, your RAM and page file (cache) will not be overloaded and bogged down after Windows loads. You'll have ample resources and CPU cycles at the ready, to make what ever you do on your PC, extremely responsive and quick..

Yes, your PC will be ready for action after it is cleaned of needless resource-intensive programs that steal away precious CPU cycles. An optimizer will give you the ultimate control of your start-up programs with the easiest and most effective method we have seen to date. Plus you get ALL of its' main optimizing benefits with automatic maximized settings and optimizing routines that will dramatically boost your overall computer speed. It will also increase stability far beyond your PC's previous levels.

5) What kind of software will run faster after optimization?

Every piece of software installed on your computer will run faster since the optimization takes effect at the core OS (operating system) level. Due to the enormous variety of sub-routines your OS must handle in order to run software, any speed increases will greatly boost every program you run.

Since every software application or game is restricted to using the existing platform provided by the OS - only by optimizing the OS settings and routines can you truly experience dramatic speed improvements to your computer. To look at it another way, if you were to simply optimize a single piece of installed software, the optimizing benefits would be strictly to that software. Today's modern advanced optimizers will speedup everything you do on your PC.

6) Will my computer memory (RAM) work more efficiently?

Computer optimization software will actually clear out your RAM as you close and load in new applications, games, and other programs. This makes your computer's memory routines behave in the same manner as if you physically had more RAM.

Since most programmers develop software for the average PC configuration, the software you install will not take advantage of huge amounts of RAM anyway's. The only exceptions may be extreme photo manipulation software, and some high-end PC games that have poorly written code (memory leaks) for their 3D graphics routines (usually repaired in a patch after release anyway's).

As an optimizer continually and safely clears out your RAM, the chances of getting "Out of Memory" errors while playing modern PC games is greatly reduced. The added stability an optimizer provides will lead to smoother game play with no frustrating crashes or slowdowns.

We strongly feel that RAM upgrades are far too expensive for the VERY minor speed increase they now provide. RAM upgrades were a good idea when you were upgrading from 64 MB to 512 MB. Today, the reality is 16 GB of RAM provides near identical performance to 32 GB with the exception being a video streamer/creator that needs the extra push for those memory intensive duties.

However, a software optimizer is much more effective and a less expensive solution to optimize your current RAM. Add to that the other non-RAM optimizing routines and you will achieve an enormous boost in overall computer performance.

7) How can my Internet connection be faster with an optimizer?

Your Internet surfing and downloading speeds depend on many variables. The programs used with your operating system (such as your web browser) to connect to the Internet can create a major bottleneck which will slow your Internet speed.

Also, the default Internet/Network settings within Windows 10, 8, 7, VISTA, and XP are un-optimized to allow compatibility with the wide array of computer configurations. Other variables include differing cable, DSL, or dial-up modems, Network Interface Card's, and/or varying built-in motherboard hardware used to communicate online.

The newer advanced optimizers that contain a built-in Internet optimization module will greatly improve the communication settings between your PC's OS and your Internet connection. This will permit a faster transfer of data, allowing your web browser or file downloading client to relay the information at a much faster speed.

It should be noted that these optimization routines do NOT compromise the security of your Internet connection - everything will be as safe as before, just much more responsive and faster.

8) Will an optimizer improve PC Gaming performance?

Since modern PC Gaming uses the very limits of your CPU and Graphics processing capabilities, an optimizer will have an extreme effect on gaming performance. Improved stability is another positive result that helps put an end to frustrating freezes, memory leaks, and crashes that plague PC gamers far too often.

Online Gaming will also improve with less connection degradation, less stuttering, and no more drop-outs. As your PC becomes optimized, it will facilitate a faster response rate from the Internet to your PC - this allows for a boost in online gaming connection levels which in turn will improve your game play and overall fun factor.

Compared to the cost of a single PC game, the optimizer is a great value considering it will effect all of the PC software and games that you have installed or will install in the future.

9) Does a PC optimizer work with OLD and NEW computers?

Whether you have a new PC with the newest multiple Core CPU or a reliable relic from the past such as an Intel Pentium 3 400MHz, an optimizer will boost your computer performance immensely. Of course, as stated earlier, you must be running Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, VISTA, or XP (any 32-bit or 64-bit) as your operating system.

Many older PCs running XP or VISTA will struggle with the enormous strain these OS place on the slower hardware components. An optimizer will improve processing power, RAM Memory management, and data flow to boost any older PC into modern times.

10) Is an Optimizer a better option than a Windows Reinstall?

By removing unnecessary and redundant routines within an OS, an optimizer will significantly and safely improve your PC speed. Unlike a Windows re-install, there's no hassle of backing up data and re-installing all of your applications and games.

Plus an optimizer will continue keeping your PC at peak efficiency, while a Windows re-install will start to degrade immediately and your PC will once again be on the road to sluggish performance. I would only recommend re-installing Windows if the PC is full of corrupt registry and system files, but even so, many optimization suites contain effective registry cleaners that will successfully repair these broken down systems.

It's certainly worth a try if you don't want to go through the painstakingly long re-install process of setting all of your programs back up. Even if it doesn't repair your system, you will be able to use the optimizer on your new Windows install to continually keep it running at high speed with perfect stability.

11) Besides increased speed, are there any other benefits?

Besides the dramatic speed improvements, the optimization effect will add stability to a slow, sluggish computer and Internet connection. Everything you do on your PC and online will be faster - considering many of us spend an enormous amount of our time on our PCs, an optimizer allows us to achieve more in less time... leaving time for the more important things in life, like spending time with friends and family.

Another major benefit, using an optimizer will prevent or delay a new PC purchase. PC manufacturers stall development of faster PC hardware and components to maximize profit for each small incremental upgrade. Don't believe the hype that a new PC promises.

Using proven and effective advanced optimizers will boost your computer performance to the maximum level at a minimum price. Then when you do acquire a faster PC in the future, you will still be able to use the optimization software to make it even faster.

12) If I buy a new PC later, will the software still be useful?

Considering the optimization routines will customize themselves for your new PC configuration, you will still enjoy increased speed and stability when you install your optimizer on a new PC.

Optimization software is important for any PC, new or old, to receive the maximum benefit out of your computer. We've had many cases where older optimized PCs were far faster than newer un-optimized PCs with supposedly faster components. Of course once the new PCs were optimized, they surpassed the older ones.

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