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Optimizer Research Data from our PC Benchmark Test

Why does my Windows computer need to be optimized? You would think new computers, especially running Windows 10, would not need optimization. The same thought crossed my mind years ago when Windows 7 was introduced. That was quickly proven wrong when I doubled my Windows 7 computer speed with our favorite PC optimizer.

As I upgraded to Windows 10, the speed gains continued, even surpassed the previous results because of the added unnecessary bloat included with the latest Microsoft operating system. The latest and more advanced Windows 10 optimizers are programmed to automatically and intelligently sense which OS you have.

Our own research data derived from our test computers

After spending thousands of hours and benchmarking optimization programs over the years, it was really thrilling to see the improvements made to this years batch of optimizers. As we tested over 30 variables to determine the most effective, one thing became clear. Many software developers are getting into this space and the competition is growing - especially after the release of the somewhat bulky and unoptimized Windows 10.

If you've been waiting for these products to improve enough to be worthwhile, that time has arrived. Right now is the best time to get into optimizing your computer. It will add to your enjoyment of your PC each and every day you boot it up.

Optimize New or Old PCs

All of the optimization software on our web site works with all PCs. From the old dinosaurs of Windows XP days, to Vista, to Windows 7,8, and 10. Of course, they do not work with Windows 9, and I would hope you know why.Windows Computer Optimizer Research with Graphs

Optimization for your Desktop, Notebook, and Tablet Personal Computers

The truth is, all computers, new or old, will always have a threshold of maximum performance that can only be reached by using a good PC optimizer program. It's the only way to achieve maximum speeds to your overall PC and Internet performance without risking overheating, component degradation, or breaking your PC warranty.

An optimized computer will have faster Internet

Yes, just about every good PC tuneup utility has a built-in Internet optimizer to speed up and stabilize your network. It properly adjusts all of the hidden Ethernet and networking settings on your PC to boost Internet speed up to 300% - depending on your type of connection. They work with Cable, Dialup, DSL, Satellite and more.

Plus, a full scale PC optimizer boosts all of your installed apps and games, to help accelerate the performance of your web browser, email clients, and online gaming. In our benchmark tests, even my download speeds improved to the point where I no longer sigh out loud when confronted with a large patch from Windows Update or any game.

UPDATE: Latest Optimization Ratings

We recently adjusted our PC Optimization Software results to reflect the new research we gained from our test results on this year's new advanced versions.

There have been major improvements in how the programs interact and safely stabilize with Windows 10 and older editions, such as Windows 7. The speed gains have significantly improved with the latest versions. All of the latest results and recommendations can be found in our comprehensive PC optimization software ratings list. We test, rank, and score each program based on a stringent set of criteria consisting of over 30 important optimizing variables.

Are there any negatives to Windows optimization software?

There's an overabundance of junkware available for free download. That's where you will run into problems with various optimizer scams including ransomware and spyware. We only recommend professionally programmed solutions created by respected developers who's main goal is to satisfy their customer. That's something you will never get with a free download.

Besides avoiding freeware like the plague, there are a few pros and cons to consider before optimizing. The biggest pro I can think of is the obvious computer and Internet speed gains. The only negative thought I have had since optimizing is simply the fact that I never optimized earlier.

Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Before getting a PC optimizer, you should ask yourself, how do I get the best optimization for my PC? What type of optimizer do I need? Or am I new to all of this computer stuff and need an easy to use and simple optimization program?


How do I get the best PC speed booster?

You'll be confronted with many options when looking for a good app to boost your system speed. We found it very important to speed up both our overall PC speed and our Internet performance. Especially, since our computers are practically tethered to the Internet.

After trying most (if not all) of the most popular optimizers available, only System Mechanic Pro optimized everything we wanted. It had the best speed results, perfect stability, and the ability to repair any future problems.


Do I get a PC Optimizer, Internet Optimizer, or a Registry Cleaner?

You can get each of these separately, but you'll pay as much for one as you would for a full optimization suite that does all of those things plus more. Not only that, but if you get a variety of differing optimizing programs, they may conflict with each other.

It's a much better idea to get a full PC optimizer like System Mechanic Pro. it has specific modules that work perfectly together to optimize everything without conflict.


Can a new PC user figure out these optimization programs?

Yes, absolutely. When I first got into this 20 years ago, the programs of that era were kind of convoluted and confusing. But today, they have easy interfaces and practically run automatically by clicking a single button to perform thousands of safe optimizations. In fact, they're now easy to setup to run automatically, to continually optimize your PC and preventing any type of slowdown in the future.

Of course, there are a few that are rather spartan in nature and difficult to use, but none of those were effective enough to make our top list anyway's, so you don't need to worry about them.

Other PC Optimization Questions to Consider

For a more thorough run down of all the important questions you have, see our FAQ's section. After reading those, you should be in a better position to decide if PC optimization is something you would want to consider.

Best Solution

After the benchmark tests, which optimizer should I get?

We wrote all of the reviews after studying our own research; looking at the results from our benchmarking testing, and just plain old trying all of the PC optimizers in regular everyday use. You may want to check our optimizer comparison results to see the methodology behind our choices.

Setting Up Your Optimizer Program

An optimizer will install easily just like any other software program. If you've installed programs over the years, it will be simple. However, if you're a new user, simply follow the on-screen prompts after clicking on the install file that you downloaded.

After installation, most optimizer will open to the front interface and show you a scan button or link to click. After clicking, it will scan your system in thousands of areas to determine what needs to be optimized. After showing the results, you will have the opportunity to perform a deep optimization which will safely optimize many settings, and structure your system data for optimal high speed performance.

The best speed results we achieved was through this System mechanic Pro setup that helped our PC and Internet reach the absolute fastest levels we have ever experienced. While your results may vary, we're confident, you will be very pleased with your gains. We have created an optimizer buyer's guide to help you stay in the safe lane when optimizing your computer.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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