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Alternatives to Optimizer Pro for the Best Results

The Optimizer Pro software is easy to download and install, but it can be somewhat difficult to uninstall, especially for computer novices. We recommend another PC optimizer as our first choice.

PC Optimizer ProOptimizer Pro's features include a "File Shredder" to permanently remove files. A "Universal Fixer" to clean up junk files and the Windows registry.

It's minimal optimizing features are overshadowed by, controversial sale tactics.

If you were disappointed or completely frustrated with PC Optimizer Pro, don't let that dissuade you from all the good PC optimizer software available. We have included 5 very effective and safe alternatives.

There are great optimization programs out there. There's also a multitude of rogue downloads (especially free) that include hidden malicious code built specifically to mine the data on your computer, or try to cajole you into buying a fix for your PC that is not even broken. The irony is, those rogue programs actually slow down your system, sometimes intentionally, just to get you to buy the full version "fix".

These excellent optimization programs below, are for those who wanted the speed and stability advertised by PC Optimizer Pro, but it just did not work out, to put it mildly. The alternatives listed below, have been fully scanned and proven safe. Just as important, they gave the best speed results with perfect stability during our latest comparison.

The following PC optimizers are completely safe and do NOT contain any hidden malicious code, spyware, viruses, or any of that other foolishness.


System Mechanic Professional

The leader in every important optimization category, System Mechanic Pro is simply the most effective optimizer currently available. Generates speed boosts to your PC and Internet, while also improving stability - rather than weaken it like many others.

Alternative PC Optimizer System MechanicIf your PC is having problems or you have a perfectly running computer, System Mechanic Pro will improve it. Of course, the slower and more sluggish your PC has become, the more System Mechanic will help. But even a brand new PC can benefit with improved stability and slowdown protection.

Imagine never having to worry about Windows problems or slowing down again. And all PCs slow down over time from installing and uninstalling software, collecting massive amounts of web files while surfing the net, and the corruption caused by hard power resets from electrical blackouts.

Next to Windows itself, System Mechanic Pro is the most important program you will install on your PC. When you're feeling comfortable, there are also many advanced optimizations that can be performed past the simple to use automatic optimization section, deeper into the program. Excellent speed gains, comprehensive repair, and all with rock-solid stability, System mechanic is the top PC optimization program currently available.


WinOptimizer Pro

With excellent Windows 10 performance, WinOptimizer is a great choice for those who are fairly new to the world of tweaking their computers.

WinOptimizer ProA simple and easy to use PC optimizer that removes junk files and other clutter. Cleans the registry and has a built-in Internet tuner to bring a slow connection back to top speed.

I have used a number of Ashampoo's software selections over the years and every time I was left satisfied. Their programming skills are apparent with the flowing interface and the quickness of the program while starting up or scanning your PC.

Updated regularly, WinOptimizer is in its' 16th iteration and has come a long way since the original edition rolled out. Works perfectly with Windows 10 and even older editions such as Windows 7 and 8.


WiseCare 365 Pro

If you want a good PC optimization program that focuses on scanning and repairing corrupt system files or registry errors, then Wise Care 365 is a great choice.

WiseCare 365While Windows 10 is certainly one of the most stable operating systems that Microsoft has released, if you run into trouble, this program will solve most problems.

A multitude of repairs and cleanings will keep your PC running smoothly while boosting speed with a few essential optimizations to coax a little more speed out of Windows.

I always recommend Wise Care 365 to all of my friends who say they're having hard to diagnose errors and flaky PC behavior. It's worth having just for its' repair strength alone, even in tandem with the far more optimization and speed focused System Mechanic Pro.


Glary Utilities Pro

If you like complicated interfaces and challenges, then Glary Utilities may be for you. It's more of a large manual tweak organizer that helps you easily perform PC optimizations. While not as in-depth as other more slick and fully featured tools, Glary's does what is expected, clean and tweak your computer to a better performance level.

Glary UtilitiesWhile the interface will not excite you, it does the job. There are various cleaning routines to eliminate junk files.

While lacking the deep optimization of other optimizers rated higher on our list, this one still was able to improve speed substantially. A testament to the thoroughness of the developers to churn out impressive performance from what only appears to be simple tweak program.

An underdog PC utility that delivers fair speed while improving stability by getting rid of the nonsense junk data that is far too often filling up our drives and cache folders.


Advanced SystemCare Pro

Alt PC Optimizer Advanced SystemCareCasual users may want to consider the more light-weight PC optimization of Advanced SystemCare because it's a little more easy to use. Although, you're trading away the higher speed gains and more comprehensive repair functionality of System Mechanic Pro by doing so.

Advanced SystemCare performs many cleaning and optimization functions. Like most good optimizers, it also automatically clears RAM of unused programs and processes. This helps to keep your PC at full speed throughout the session.

All PC optimizers will improve startup by removing unnecessary entries, and Advanced SystemCare is no exception. While System Mechanic Pro (above) delivered better results, ASC is able to improve boot times by up to 200%. If you're a novice computer user, you may like ASC's simple interface. But if you have any experience using software at all, I would go for the better performing System Mechanic Pro.

Final Word

Optimizer PRO has a few too many marks against it with so many complaints online of rogue marketing tactics and uninstall difficulties for us to consider recommending it. Here's a guide to remove Optimizer Pro if you're having any of those problems.

The alternatives we have provided have not had any of those issues and have worked very well for us. Especially System Mechanic Pro for blazing fast speed, excellent repair, and solid stability.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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