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How to Remove Optimizer Pro - Advanced Uninstall

Is PC Optimizer Pro a virus? How did it get on my system? Designed as a very attractive-looking registry cleaner and optimization program, PC Optimizer Pro looks very enticing to download. Sometimes programs like these appear on your system and you don't remember downloading them - because they are surreptitiously bundled in other applications you may have downloaded.

If you're looking for a good replacement, there are many PC optimizer downloads available that are clean programs and more importantly, they're very effective at speeding up and repairing Windows' computers.

What is Optimizer Pro v3.2 on my computer?

PC Optimizer ProPC Optimizer Pro may be considered Ransomware, Scareware, or Adware that aggressively try's to make you purchase the software through, what many believe to be, unscrupulous tactics. Also Optimizer Pro v3.2 makes it more difficult than expected to remove the program from your system.

Many call PC Optimizer Pro a virus, as it's been determined by some respected anti-virus definitions to be a PuP - which means Potentially Unwanted Program.

Once installed, these type of programs will immediately scan your PC (usually without asking you) and will find numerous errors. The program will display the problems with a very alarming looking message to "scare" users into immediately buying the full version to fix the problems. This controversial "business model" is also referred to as RansomWare.

PC Optimizer Pro Uninstall Instructions

Important Note: If this simple 5 step uninstall does not work successfully, you will need to use the Advanced Options further below.

How do I get rid of Optimizer Pro?

If PC Optimizer Pro did not uninstall completely, or it keeps re-installing itself out of nowhere, you may need to be more aggressive.

Advanced Option 1:
Use the Windows' System Restore to go back before you installed PC Optimizer Pro. This is why we noted the date in Step 2 above. To access System Restore, simply type System Restore in Windows search or make a new shortcut with this address. C:\Windows\
Important: if you proceed, you may delete your saved data such as bookmarked web sites, saved game files, etc, created after the date of the restore point.
Click the System Restore button. Select a restore point before the PC Optimizer Pro installation.

Advanced Option 2:
There are numerous 3rd party programs available that can repair the damage caused by ransom-ware programs and remove them completely.

Malwarebytes for Windows
Specializing in ransomware protection, Malwarebytes can eliminate PC Optimizer Pro from your system and stop tricky programs from ever being installed again.

Norton Power Eraser
Another good anti-malware program is Norton's Power Eraser tool..


While PC Optimizer Pro is a bit disappointing with all of the reported issues online, we had absolutely no problems with the other PC optimization software in our comparisons. Browse our PC optimizer recommendations for more in depth information.

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