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PC Optimizer Reviews 2018

It's been a busy few months reviewing and rating the best PC optimizers for 2018. We tried and tested a large number of popular and not so popular optimizers to see which are the most effective in various categories.

Getting a real optimizer from a software developer that has its' primary focus on making the best possible software to please the customer is the only way you'll get true optimization that improves your speed dramatically.

What is the Best PC Optimizer?

After testing and reviewing optimization software for over a decade, we realize many users need a computer optimizer for different situations. In our best PC optimizer list, we showcase the top optimizer for each important category. That list includes the best for speed, which is the most popular. The second most popular type of optimizer is for repairing a problem-filled PC. Finally, the third category showcases the best optimizer for beginners that's very easy to use.

Our Reviews of the Best PC Optimizers for 2018

iolo System Mechanic (Full Review and Details)

System Mechanic ProWinner of our "Best PC Speed-up Optimizer" for the last while. System Mechanic comes in 2 flavors. Whether you choose the Regular or Pro edition, you'll achieve faster PC and Internet speed than you ever thought possible. We prefer the SM Pro version due to the extra features such as a very robust, yet lightweight Internet security component. Our opinion - this is the top PC optimizer period.
System Mechanic details | Install | Setup | Uninstall

WiseCleaner WiseCare 365 (Quick Review and Details)

WiseCare 365Winner of our "Best System Repair Utility", WiseCare 365 will fix just about any PC problem you will ever encounter. Never have we seen such a comprehensive and effective repair optimizer. It goes beyond a full and complete fix, by preventing any further problems down the road. If you have PC problems or just want to make sure you never do, get WiseCare 365. Also does a detailed optimization.
WiseCare 365 details | Uninstall

IOBIT Advanced SystemCare (Full Review and Details)

Advanced SystemCare UltimateOur choice for "Best Value PC Optimizer" unless our leader System Mechanic is on sale. ASC comes in 2 flavors. Whether you choose the Pro or Ultimate edition, you'll achieve faster PC and Internet speed than you ever thought possible. We prefer ASC Ultimate due to the extra features such as a very robust, yet lightweight Internet security component. Our opinion - this is a great optimizer at a reasonable cost.
Advanced SystemCare details | Install | Setup | Uninstall

AmigaBit PowerBooster (Quick Review and Details)

PowerBoosterWinner of the "Best Automatic PC Optimizer". Combines ease-of-use with all of the pure power of a more complicated optimizer. PowerBooster is the choice for those who want quick results but don't need or want to dig into manual settings for more detailed optimizations. A perfect PC optimizer for new users, but experienced users will also enjoy its' simple road to powerful optimization.
PowerBooster details | Uninstall

Glarysoft Glary Utilities (Quick Review and Details)

Glary UtilitiesYears ago, I heard a few people discussing Glarys Utilities but I always thought it was a small time product. I was wrong. This is an decent PC optimization suite that deserves serious consideration if you want to manually tinker with your computer. Although, if you want extreme speed increases, there are better optimizers out there. With a very organized layout, the program is easy to understand and produces decent results.
Glary Utilities details | Uninstall

Ashampoo WinOptimizer (Quick Review and Details)

WinOptimizerSteady performance is the mantra for WinOptimizer. This Windows' optimizer will stabilize your PC and prevent errors and problems from proliferating in the future. With it you'll perform deep tuneups to make your system speedy and more efficient. While it doesn't have the same power as others in our list, it still does the job of optimizing your Windows' install, safely and adequately.
WinOptimizer details | Uninstall


WinutilitiesA comprehensive selection of Windows utilities to help fix your PC of any problems, even optimize, and speed up your system. Includes a full regiment of tools to clean the registry, temp files, erase apps, web history and cache. You will also be able to schedule maintenance at a time of your choosing. After working with WinUtilities for a few minutes, you'll have a more stable and faster PC.
WinUtilities details | Uninstall

Uniblue PowerSuite (Full Review and Details)

PowerSuiteDelivers an almost automatic PC optimization in an extremely safe and fairly effective manner. While it lacks some of the more advanced features of our other top selections, it will be a great choice for anyone who doesn't want (or have the time) to adjust numerous settings. Under the colorful design is a software solution that should appeal to most PC users, new or experienced.
PowerSuite review | Uninstall

Auslogics BoostSpeed (Full Review and Details)

BoostSpeed Optimization and ease-of-use go hand in hand with the BoostSpeed optimizer. Will also clean out junk files from your data drives and helps to alleviate many (but not all) problems within Windows. Has an excellent interface that is beautifully designed, but unfortunately, the overall performance of the software is a bit lacking compared to others we tested.
BoostSpeed review | Uninstall

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer (Full Review and Details)

Advanced System OptimizerThe Advanced System Optimizer aims at being a single-click optimizer. Includes an easy to set scheduling option to prep your machine for continual optimization. For more advanced users or the more daring, there's a few tools and utilities. As always though, proceed with caution, as the manual settings can be a bit tricky. Did not perform well enough in the speed optimization category for us.
ASO details | Uninstall

Pointstone System Cleaner (Full Review and Details)

System CleanerMore of a junk file cleaner than an optimizer. Unfortunately, many better and more advanced optimizers do this and a lot, lot more than what System Cleaner offers. Computer novices may find the program easy to navigate, but the reality will always be there, other advanced optimizers give extreme speed optimization at a similar price point. Also includes a basic registry cleaner that can safely reduce the size of your registry.
Pointstone System Cleaner review | Uninstall

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