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It's been a busy few months reviewing and rating all of the latest Windows system tools software for 2018-2019.

Review Windows 10 Optimizer SoftwareWe tried and tested the best Windows system utilities tuneup programs available to see which are the most effective in various categories.

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Hours upon hours have gone into the results you see here today. Every month we re-evaluate the scores and make adjustments as necessary. By choosing any of the PC optimizer software listed in our reviews, you will get an optimization program that is safe and effective.

Of course, the higher up you go in our list, the better Windows optimization you will experience. Based on the curve of reduced performance, I would recommend staying within the top 3 programs, but all of these are excellent solutions to consider. They all include some form of Internet optimizer to help boost online speed.

Windows System Tools Reviews

The best PC utility software downloads for Windows 7, 8, and 10

iolo System Mechanic Review

System Mechanic Pro for Windows 10Our best PC optimizer award winner. Accelerated speeds are easy to achieve with System Mechanic's Pro version. Also maintained 100% stability.

Whether you choose the Regular or Pro edition, you'll achieve faster PC and Internet speed. The Pro version really helped a lot with video buffering issues while watching movies online.

We prefer the SM Pro version due to the extra features such as a very robust, yet lightweight Internet security component. Our opinion - this is the top Windows and internet optimizer period.

Conclusion: This is the most advanced and stable PC optimizer we used. Incredible speed results for both your computer system and Internet.

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WiseCleaner Wise Care 365 Review

WiseCare 365 for Windows 10Winner of our "Best Windows 10 Repair Utility", Wise Care 365 will fix just about any PC problem you will ever encounter.

If you have Windows problems or just want to make sure you never do, get Wise Care 365. Also does a detailed optimization.

Conclusion: Will deliver state of the art Windows repair functionality but you also get that with System Mechanic Pro plus much better optimization.

Download Wise Care 365

Glarysoft Glary Utilities Review

Glary Utilities for Windows 10Years ago, I heard a few people discussing Glarys Utilities but I always thought it was a small time product. I was wrong.

This is an decent PC optimization suite that deserves serious consideration if you want to manually tinker with your Windows 10 computer.

Although, if you want extreme speed increases, there are better Windows optimizers out there. With a very organized layout, the program is easy to understand and produces decent results.

Conclusion: I'm a tweaker by nature, so the multitude of adjustments included in Glary Utilities thrilled me at first glance. Unfortunately, the results and the overly complex menu soon left me wanting a more advanced and automatic solution.

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer Review

WinOptimizer for Windows 10Steady performance is the mantra for WinOptimizer. This Windows 10 optimizer will stabilize your PC and prevent errors and problems from proliferating in the future.

With it you'll perform deep tuneups to make your system speedy and more efficient.

While it doesn't have the same power as others in our list, it still does the job of optimizing your Windows 10 install, safely and adequately.

Conclusion: A good Windows optimization program but it misses out on many of the additional and key advanced features of some of the better choices.

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AmigaBit PowerBooster Review

AmigaBit PowerBoosterOne of the best automatic optimizers for Windows. the only thing holding it back in our eyes is it's more geared towards ease-of-use than optimization power.

AmigaBit utilities have been around a long time. Over a decade ago, they were the go to programs for many users. While many other developers have since passed then with more advanced products, they're still a great choice, especially if you're comfortable with their simple, easy interfaces.

Conclusion: If you're new to the Windows computing world, you may want a soft introduction to optimization with PowerBooster - but before long you may crave the power of a better option. And really, none of these are that difficult to use.

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Symantec Norton Utilities Review

Norton UtilitiesThis utilities and tools program has been around for a long time. It was one of the first I used decades ago.

The good news is it's still an effective cleaning solution for your Windows' computer, but it lacks some of the advanced optimization functionality of the more heavily featured optimizers.

Conclusion: If it was 20 years ago, I would say this is the best tool to install on your PC to keep it running perfectly. However, times have changed and while this is still a great system cleaner, if you're looking for extreme optimization, Norton Utilities comes up a little short.

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IOBIT Advanced SystemCare Review

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate for Windows 10Our choice for "Best Value Windows Optimizer" unless our leader System Mechanic is on sale.

The Ultimate version has extra features such as a very robust, yet lightweight Internet security component. Our opinion - this is a great optimizer at a reasonable cost.

Conclusion: Formerly a leader in years gone by. However, better optimization software has passed it and now it lies in the middle ground. If you're familiar with it, you may want to consider getting it, but you'll always have that nagging feeling, there's a better Windows 10 optimizer out there.

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AVG PC Tuneup Review

AVG TuneupFrom the makers of excellent security products comes this excellent tuning program for your Windows computer.

While not one of our overall favorites, AVG PC Tuneup still does a good job of optimizing and cleaning your PC of junk files and data bloat.

Conclusion: Works with Windows computer and there's also editions available for Android and Mac devices. AVG has an incredible looking interface. In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and increased speed, full repair, and stability are the most beautiful to us - and you'll have to look elsewhere for all of that.

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Pirform CCleaner Pro Review

CCleaner ProOne of the most popular cleaning utilities for years, now the Pro version offers a few more features for those who want to pay a little extra for a little more.

More cleaner than speed optimizer, CCleaner Pro will remove needless files, and other junk data that can accumulate on your system over time. Cleaning those files can lead to minor speed improvements.

Conclusion: I was a CCleaner user for years and loved the easy cleaning functionality. However, as a speed optimization program it comes up short. It's also not as effective in repairing your PC as the more dedicated full system repair utilities built in the higher end PC optimizers. I only recommend CCleaner Pro to long time users of the regular CCleaner program who want to support the developers.

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WinUtilities Pro Review

Winutilities for Windows 10A comprehensive selection of Windows 10 utilities to help fix your PC of any problems, even optimize, and speed up your system.

You will also be able to schedule maintenance at a time of your choosing. After working with WinUtilities for a few minutes, you'll have a more stable and faster PC.

Conclusion: We're getting low on the list, but WinUtilities is still a great Windows 10 optimizer. It's just that the competition is fierce and there are better options out there.

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Slimware SlimCleaner Pro

SlimCleaner Pro Community driven utilities allows you to use suggestions from other PC users with systems that are a close match to yours. the boost you achieve will be dependant on how much your computer has slowed down over the years. It will bring your computer back to an almost new state.

SlimCleaner can also remove junk files and crud on your hard dives or SSDs.

Conclusion: I don't really like it when programs want to use the Internet to access or send info from my computer. You have to gain enormous trust to let anyone or a company do that. I don't give out that much trust so easily. But if you're OK with that aspect, SlimCleaner works fairly well for what it is, a system cleaner with a few optimization opportunities from the user help and boost mode.

Download Slimleaner Pro

Razer Cortex System Booster

Razer Cortex Game Booster Claims to give the user expert control to fine tune their computer system. With the provided expert tweak recommendations, you can help your PC load games faster and slightly improve the overall gaming experience.

Cleans junk data like unnecessary temp files and browser cookies. Defragments your game files and optimizes your configuration to achieve slightly better FPS..

Conclusion: If you game a lot and need a tiny boost to performance to put you over the edge to set your games to a higher detail, it may be worth considering. But with so many more effective software apps available that do a much more thorough optimization, it's difficult to recommend Razer Cortex System booster.

Download Razer Cortex System Booster

Comodo PC Tuneup Review

Comodo PC TuneupComodo PC Tuneup has a "Fix all Problems" button to help you easily repair any issues you're experiencing on your system.

The Windows optimizations to gain performance are a little lacking, but there is a security optimization module that can help you keep your computer in a safer state.

Conclusion: Comodo PC Tuneup is a good all around cleaning utility for Windows, but not very effective for a full scale optimization. It will give you a better startup with Windows and a less crowded drive, but it will not give you the better performance and repair options of the higher-rated optimizers.

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Uniblue PowerSuite Review

PowerSuite for Windows 10Delivers a strong Windows 10 optimization for your PC in an extremely safe and effective manner.

Almost 10 years ago, Uniblue's other tune up utilities program was one of my favorites, SpeedUpMyPC. But time has ticked away and while this new iteration is certainly a fine Windows 10 optimizer, we prefer others on top of our list.

Conclusion: Many better solutions exist. An average performer with a great-looking and smooth interface. If a colorfully designed interface is important to you, it may be worth a look.

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Auslogics BoostSpeed Review

BoostSpeed for Windows 10 Optimization and ease-of-use go hand in hand with the BoostSpeed optimizer.

Will also clean out junk files from your data drives and helps to alleviate many (but not all) problems within Windows 10

Conclusion: Once a leader in optimization, it has fallen over the years. Some have had issues uninstalling BoostSpeed, so I urge caution until those issues are fixed.

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Systweak Advanced System Optimizer Review

Advanced System Optimizer for Windows 10The Advanced System Optimizer aims at being a single-click optimizer. Includes an easy to set scheduling option to prep your machine for continual optimization.

For more advanced users or the more daring, there's a few tools and utilities. As always though, proceed with caution, as the manual settings can be a bit tricky.

Performed excellent in the Windows optimization category.

Conclusion: An outstanding Windows 10 optimizer that lacks the Internet optimization that many of the others offer. I really liked ASO, but I just prefer other options a little more. But if you're a fan of SysTweak, this may be for you.

Program Details | Download Advanced System Optimizer

AnviSoft Cloud System Booster Review

Cloud System Booster for WindowsIf you're comfortable operating your computer programs from an online cloud, you'll be interested in Cloud System Booster. Personally, I'm not a fan of releasing control over to a program to continually access the Internet at will.

Provides a boost to your CPU and RAM while also doing a formidable job of cleaning the Windows registry. Includes a Mini-Booster function to help you get optimized quickly and easily.

Conclusion: Cloud System booster is an excellent program for what it claims to do. But the lack of more advanced features drop its' value to us - since we're primarily focused on improving PC and Internet speed. If you're looking for a robust cleaning utility, it may be a consideration, but be aware of the online commitment you're making by using it.

Download Cloud System Booster

Pointstone System Cleaner Review

System Cleaner for Windows 10More of a Windows 10 junk file cleaner than an optimizer. It's an outstanding PC cleaner with just a little bit of optimization thrown in.

Computer novices may find the program easy to navigate, and it's a great program to tinker around with to tweak your system.

Conclusion: A good Windows 10 optimizer, but the lack of effective Windows optimization results, kept it from rating higher.

Unbiased Reviews, Comparisons, and Real Testing

First, a little about me. Almost 20 years ago, I downloaded my first computer cleaning tool, the old Norton's Utilities. it was a good program but complicated to use. Today's Windows 10 optimizers are much more advanced to do a lot more than just clean the junk and crud from your system.

Over the years, I have tried, tested, and researched all of the optimizing and cleaning programs available to improve my PC and Internet performance in Windows 10. There have been some tough times with junkware, amateur programming code, and ransomware.

The reward I get from reviewing Windows optimization software is showcasing the real programs that work as advertised - plus I get to warn people of any scams currently circulating. We take great pride in providing you with unbiased reviews as we compare the true strengths of each program while pointing out any weaknesses.

We use a multitude of computers (desktops and notebooks) to research, test, and evaluate each software we review. From an already fast Windows 10 gaming PC to my old Windows 7 work computer, we have boosted speed in both of these systems through optimization and cleaning software. Of course, our current favorite optimizer for Windows is System Mechanic Pro, as it does both of these at the highest level, in one easy to use software suite.

Author: SpeedupNewSpeedupNew (a collaborative effort by our team)
All of our writers have over a decade of experience reviewing software, tweaking, and just flat out enjoying their computers. We treasure our PC's just like you do. We're here to help you get the most out of your computer.

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