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IOBIT Advanced SystemCare Review

An effective PC and Internet tuneup utility that is definitely one of the better repair programs available. If you need to fix your PC, Advanced SystemCare is one of the best. Had the most success in our tests of fixing many of the common problems that plagues PC users today such as corrupt installations that uninstall improperly.

And of course, it wouldn't be one of the best repair options if it didn't have a safe and effective registry cleaner. ASC cleans the registry to a perfect state creating rock-solid stability after the fix. Plus it will keep your system in perfect running order into the future.

However, if you're looking for pure speed results combined with excellent repair functionality, you will be better off choosing one of the best PC optimizer programs in our latest list.

Advanced SystemCare - Optimizer and Tuneup Utility

Although there are many detailed settings within Advanced System Care, a few clicks can get you easily tuned up and repaired. Whether you're new to the exciting world of PC optimizers or you're a seasoned Tweak Guru, you will enjoy ASC's tremendous range of repair options.

IOBIT Advanced SystemCare

Review by SpeedUpNew

Advanced SystemCareThe Advanced SystemCare program is one of the easiest and certainly one of the most effective tuneup programs we have ever used. The dedicated developers of Advanced System Care have over 5 million happy users. It's obvious with such a following, they are going to continually update and improve their software.

While it does safely clean your Windows registry more deeply than many others, we are also here for the optimizations. Even though it's a superior repair and tuneup program, it doesn't disappoint on the optimization front. It provides very impressive automatic and intelligent optimization of your PC to continually speed up your PC over time.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the outstanding Internet optimization module included that will boost your Internet speed up to 300% faster - the top speed increases would be experienced by those with corrupt or misconfigured ethernet settings that can be fixed by ASC.

There's an abundance of value here in this extreme system tuning suite and highly recommended as a top consideration for every user. Both the PRO and Ultimate versions are excellent.

  • Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®
    Including all applicable 32 & 64bit versions.
  • Quick Setup and Easy to Use - Once installed, the optimization is automatic and continuous
  • Free Automatic Updates to keep up with the ever-changing core of Windows. Beware of free and cheap optimizers or cleaners that do NOT update regularly.
  • Very Small Footprint - uses as few of your system resources as possible for better performance. Especially compared to the other bloated utility software available that will slow down your system.
  • Free Tech Support. Their award-winning team of experts are willing to help you 24/7. Includes a 30 day money-back guarantee for the PRO version, while the ULTIMATE version has a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Advanced System Care: Our In-Depth Results

Advanced SystemCare GadgetWe'll get to the advanced optimization settings in a minute. I wanted to first mention the Turbo Boost feature. It is an EXTRA boost function and I do like the sounds of that. With just a click of a button, you can quickly eliminate junk services to allow your PC to focus on the task at hand.

This can help immeasurably to speedup performance, and more importantly, should give you a real crisp feeling to any movement either on your desktop such as working with a photo editor, etc. or just playing modern 3D games.

It gets even better, when you consider the range of customizations you can make for either "Work Mode", or "Game Mode". You have full control over which services will be used. There are full descriptions for Windows and third party services that may be on your system. Any background applications can also be eliminated to increase speed. Also, you can temporarily change your Windows theme to a less cpu draining selection. It's easy to turn Turbo Boost on or off at the click of a button.

Overall, the Turbo boost feature is a key element that may be able to help you when games are not working as they should or you need that extra pop in performance during a mad photo editing session. Such times as going through hundreds of wedding pictures that may otherwise bring your system to a crash state.

Optimization Automatically or Under Your Control

"Active Optimize" is ON. The automatic nature of Advanced SystemCare is highlighted by the Active Optimize function. It will automatically and intelligently adjust system resources, optimize the CPU, and continually keep the RAM state at a safe and lightning fast level. Nice to see such an easy to use (It's automatic, how can it be easier than that) feature.

OptimizeOptimize the Internet for faster web surfing, and anything else you do through your Internet connection. Nowadays, our lifeline seems connected to the Web in many ways. From more responsive web surfing, to smoother web videos with no buffering problems, to playing online games, the Internet Booster will increase your connectivity and overall Internet speed. Also repairs your Internet connection, if it has gone slow or disconnects frequently due to corrupt Internet settings - usually brought upon by faulty software installs or even adding a toolbar to your web browser.

Smart Defrag performs intelligent drive optimization in an effort to squeeze extra performance out of everything installed on your hard drive.

The Game Booster is available for PC gaming enthusiasts to help with smoother online or offline gaming.

Advanced SystemCare Does Even More

I was a little surprised to find a "Quick Malware Removal" function within the PRO version. However, it's a great idea, since many PC slowdowns and errors may be caused by malicious code. Nothing showed for me since I run a continual security product. If you don't have a dedicated security program, it may pick up something and repair it for you before gearing towards full optimization. It should be noted, the Ultimate version has a very light on resources full fledged real-time protection feature to resolve any speed sapping malware or malicious code issues hidden within your PC.

The Registry fix module claims to repair more than most registry cleaners. That is a bold statement since over-aggressive cleaners can toast your PC system. You can set it to the recommended level or adjust to your liking if you're feeling queasy about cleaning different registry sections. Of course, there is a Rescue option to undo any changes, in case you run into problems. I trust this deep registry cleaner and it gave my PC a thorough boost and even seemed to fix the freezes and stalls I was having when shutting down my web editor - or it may have been one of the other countless optimizations I performed with this optimizer, either way, the problem's gone now.

Also includes a very thorough Junk File Cleaner to help you recover wasted hard drive space. There are many more features and settings for advanced users or someone willing to take a few minutes to learn. These include the well organized Toolbox that contains over 20 system tweaking tools alone. Prepare for maximum tweaking euphoria.


Advanced SystemCare has changed over the years. It was once our top program for speed (recently replaced by Wise Care 365 Pro) but now it thrives as one of the better repair utilities available. If you need a fix for your PC or Internet connection, we believe using ASC is one of the easiest and safest solutions currently available. You can download Advanced SystemCare and you should be able to fully repair and optimize your PC in just a few minutes.

Advanced SystemCare can safely tuneup your PC whether it's a desktop, notebook, laptop, or tablet. It works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP including any 32 and 64 bit version.

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