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Uniblue PowerSuite Pro Review

Easy to use, PowerSuite delivers only slight PC optimization. It lacks some of the more advanced features of our other top selections, such as a dedicated Internet optimizer. Although it does tweak some of the key Internet settings during PC optimization - it may be an option for anyone who doesn't want (or have the time) to adjust numerous settings within their optimization program. But there are better automatic optimizers available for much less.

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro

Review by SpeedUpNew

PowerSuitePowerSuite is built with the average PC user in mind. If you are new to the computing world, or you just want to quickly optimize your PC through a clear and concise interface, this may be a consideration for you. PowerSuite manages CPU resources, and also deactivates unused processes. The automatic options and speed optimizations were very disappointing for the price level. There are better options out there..

Recommended for... those who want an almost automatic, and as a result, easier to use optimizer. This is a fairly good beginner optimizer, but very expensive for what you get. We prefer another easy PC optimizer as the most effective of all the automatic PC optimization choices..

PowerSuite: Easy and (Almost) Automatic Optimization

Automatically manages your CPU and disk resources. The automatic options are presented in the opening Speed tools section. They're easy to access from the main screen by simply clicking on the appropriate zones or tabs. While some of these features are not fully automatic, they are easy to understand, and activating them requires only a few clicks.

Very easy and automatic optimization that gives below par results. Of course, most users may also appreciate the simplicity of it all, but they will quickly be craving a more advanced optimizer that delivers better results.

PowerSuite's Optimization Features

PC Resource Optimizer - Optimizes your computer's processor power and allocating it to the needed areas. Also manages your hard disk resources.

Software Launch Booster - Starting up software can be a slow and sluggish experience. With the launch booster turned on, there were minor improvements in load times, but nothing that excited us.

System Optimization - After the detailed scan, you'll find various tweaks to optimize your PC speed. Each one is clearly described allowing you to activate and deactivate at will. If you feel there are too many in your list, simply set the ones you are not using to ignore, and they will no longer clutter up the list. You can also undo to reveal the hidden ignored entries at any time.

Unused Processes - You will also be able to decide which unused processes to deactivate. This will free up resources. We recommend disabling any processes or services that show up here.

Invalid Registry Entries - PowerSuite has an advanced registry cleaner. It will also do a complete defragmentation of the registry. The full system scan reveals problems within the Windows registry such as missing or invalid paths, empty keys, incorrect file associations, missing type libs, and many others. Any registry changes can easily be undone by clicking the settings icon (top right) and choosing Undo, then select Invalid registry entries from the drop-down list.

Driver Updates - Please be aware this feature only works while your computer is connected to the Internet. It needs to access the huge database of updated drivers to compare with your driver versions. I always prefer updating my own drivers..

Disk Fragmentation - While PowerSuite does NOT have an advanced defrag like our top optimizer choices, the PowerSuite defrag still does an adequate job of providing a defragmentation. Although it's almost identical, performance wise, to the Windows included defrag

Rating PowerSuite VS Other Optimizers

An easy to use PC optimizer describes PowerSuite. Comes up short though of competing against other automatic optimizers that perform better and cost less.

There's no dedicated Internet optimizer with PowerSuite. However, in all fairness, it does provide a number of key Internet settings adjustments within the System Optimization Tweaks section under System Resource Management. If adjusting or repairing your Internet settings is important to you, consider our top Internet optimizer selection to speed up Internet / network performance.

PowerSuite Conclusion:

If you're looking for a small speed boost that can be accomplished with a few clicks of your mouse, PowerSuite may be considered. With the caveat that there are better PC optimizer options out there.

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