Pointstone System Cleaner Review

Cleaning your PC with System Cleaner is a very easy task. The program digs within your system to weed out the unnecessary files and lost data that can hinder your PC performance.

A little weak in the optimizer department, but System Cleaner does include a basic registry cleaner that does a safe job of adjusting the size of the Windows registry. As a PC cleaning program, it works effectively, but for full optimization and cleaning, you may want to look at our best PC optimization software ratings.

Pointstone System Cleaner

Review by SpeedUpNew

System Cleaner. System Cleaner includes a registry cleaner. Plus the protection scheme integrated within the registry defrag option is well thought out and certainly appreciated. If you are strictly looking for a simple registry cleaner, you may want to consider this program. The line between cleaner and optimizer can sometimes draw confusion. However, as the name may suggest, it's more of a cleaner than an optimizer and there is no Internet optimization included.

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®
Compatible with all applicable 32 & 64bit versions above.

System Cleaner: Our In-Depth Results

After the easy installation of System Cleaner, it does suggest entering your email for support etc., but you don't have to. The opt-in email box is unchecked by default, unlike many other sneaky programs that try to make you believe you can't continue without an email address. Still I didn't like the aggressive prompt to start off.

The easiest way to initiate action is to simply click the Quick Maintenance button and let System Cleaner do its' thing. While the scan is running, no files are being changed - it's just searching for problems. On our test system, it found over a many problems - mostly junk files, etc.

Next up, just click the Optimize & Improve tab from the main menu and select Registry Defrag. This will fully optimize your registry by reducing the size and removing structural bloat. Since the registry is constantly being accessed by Windows, this is a very good thing. After analysis, it gives you only one minute to click the Optimize registry option. This is to safeguard you against corrupting the registry. After analysis, it said I could save 2 MB (almost 2%) to the size of my registry.

Overall, System Cleaner performed fine, but we are all about optimization. The registry defrag is our favorite part of the program - however, this will not garner much in the realm of speed increases by itself. Of course, the other options proved OK at cleaning our system as the program is appropriately titled a Cleaner. We would have liked many more optimization features, especially an Internet optimizer.

The interface provides easy access to the most important option, the Quick Maintenance button. However, you will need to be more than a novice computer user to fully understand some of the other options and settings. If you venture into the advanced options of the Quick Maintenance module, tread very carefully.

Conclusion: System Cleaner

I think System Cleaner's only redeeming feature is the Registry cleaner with one of the most guarded Registry Defrags I have seen to date. However, as a full PC optimizer, it's not really fair to judge it, since it does what it's suppose to - clean your PC and it does an adequate job at that. If you're looking for full out optimization, check our best speed up PC programs to find out which one is best suited to help you.

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