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ReviverSoft Registry Reviver Review

It can be risky using a registry cleaner. However, Registry Reviver removes the risk considerably with built-in safety precautions. It delivers the usual scan cleaning, full defrag registry optimization, and it evens lists the errors as 32 or 64 bit.

Important Update:
After our latest monthly evaluation, we are now recommending Wise Care 365 as the leading optimizer. Please see all of the best PC optimizers from our latest comparison results. They currently include excellent registry cleaners.

Even though the registry cleaning is very thorough, you wonder about the real effect on your PC. There are so many more optimization opportunities in Windows, limiting yourself to just optimizing the registry seems like a waste.

ReviverSoft Registry Reviver

Review by SpeedUpNew

Registry ReviverRegistry Reviver is a registry cleaner that cleans the Windows registry of unused entries. After the click of a button, your registry will work to full potential. It can make the Windows environment more steady and consistent, but for full speed optimization, a PC optimizer would do a more thorough job. Solves registry problems and, of course, it can prevent future mishaps from occurring. Unfortunately, it suffers the same fate as most registry cleaners. It's becoming redundant with all of the great full PC optimizers currently available with many more optimizations and cleaning features.

  • Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®
    Including all applicable 32 & 64bit versions.
  • A Registry Optimization - Your registry will be cleaned and repaired to give you improved stability. The data entries within the registry will also be re-aligned to an optimized order, while removing empty spaces to reduce the actual file size - called a registry defrag. The registry is the most important access point constantly in use by Windows.
  • Advanced Safety Protection - Removes the fear of using a registry cleaner. Includes backup protection to easily revert to previous states. Can also be set to automatically set a Windows system restore point before optimizing to give you even more peace of mind.
  • Easy Single Click Operation - If you have ever opened up the Windows RegEdit utility, you know how impossible it is to repair or optimize the registry yourself. Registry Reviver will do everything safely and quickly with just a single button press.
  • 24/7 Technical Support. Detailed help is available directly from the technical support staff. Get easy access from within the program by clicking on the Support link.

Registry Reviver: In-Depth

Registry Reviver by ReviverSoftThe first thing I always do after installing any software, is check for the auto-startup during PC boot. As with most software today, Registry Reviver wants to run at startup. This is easily adjusted within the Options tab under the General settings. Simply uncheck the "Run at Startup" selection. After you scan, repair, and optimize your registry, there's really no need to have Registry Reviver loaded up until the next time you want to check your registry. Some may prefer to leave it as is, to be reminded to scan their registry on every computer startup. However, my preference is a weekly cleaning, and I am all about optimizing my PC to the limit - so as a general rule of thumb, no unnecessary programs are permitted to run in the background.

Registry Reviver has a deliberate interface that provides easy access to scanning, and repairing your Windows registry. More importantly, there are safeguards in place to prevent any stability issues that may arise from cleaning your registry. A Restore option is available that can easily and safely return your registry to a previous state. While that is almost always effective, there's also the added safety from Registry Reviver automatically backing up your PC through Windows System Restore before optimizing. I wish all registry cleaning software had that much safety awareness - then maybe we wouldn't hear all of those nightmare registry cleaner stories so prevalent online. OK, so it's easy to use and it's safe - but what about the registry cleaning and optimization? Yes, I'm getting there, on to that next.

Detailed Registry Cleaning + Registry Defrag Optimization

Registry cleaner deep scanClicking the Scan button places you in the Scan-Results-Repair section of the program. Here, you can choose which area(s) of the Windows registry, you would like to scan. With the exception of the Deep Scan selection, all of them are on by default - which is a very safe and effective scan. However, I am an optimization explorer by nature (you may have noticed by my web site :-) and I am willing to add a little more risk by checking the Deep Scan selection at the bottom right. Here's where it's nice to know Registry Reviver has an effective safety system, especially if something does go wrong with the deeper scan. If you're risk-aversive or are just satisfied with a thorough registry cleaning, it's probably best to keep Deep Scan unchecked.

My scan results showed 93 errors without the deeper scan. However, once checked, I was presented with 232 errors. I perused through the errors to see if it really was from software I had once installed. As you can imagine, I have had an incredible amount of software installed and uninstalled on my PC just from trying out software just for this web site. Plus, I'm also an avid gamer, so I constantly download, install, and uninstall new game demos. I also install many full games, finish them, and uninstall them. So my PC is definitely a prime candidate for a good registry cleaning. Okay, let's get back to the errors.

Yes, there were defunct registry entries from programs, games, apps, and even old drivers that I thought were completely uninstalled ages ago. All things considered, after the repair and optimization, your registry should be as close to a new fresh install of Windows as is possible. A comforting thought considering so many PC problems begin and end within the registry.

It shows whether the registry error is 32 bit or 64 bit. If your problem is with a 64 bit program, you can see if anything listed as 64 bit bit may be causing the problem. Helps you narrow it down and makes troubleshooting much easier.

Registry cleaner and optimizerThe registry cleaner is accessible after clicking on the Utilities tab. It does the job of analyzing your registry to prepare for its' extreme optimization. Simply click the large green "Optimize Now" button and prepare for take off. Next, you can preview the results in the Registry Fragmentation Report. You will see the total fragmented percentage (I had 7.05%) and you'll also see the individual reports for all of your registry areas. It sounds more complicated than it is. Next, you simply click the small lower right "Optimize Now" button and you will completely defrag and optimize your registry. Your computer probably came preloaded with junk software that you uninstalled and Registry Reviver will clean up their leftover remnants in the registry.

Other Registry Reviver Features

I've gone over the key features, now I'll quickly mention a few extras that are included.

Scheduler Settings - You can easily schedule Registry Reviver to run automatically at any time you choose. you can run it once, every day, every week, or simply click Do not Schedule to keep it on manual operation.

Startup Manager - Not quite sure why this is included in a registry program, but I'll take it. Much easier to work with compared to the System Configuration utility (MSconfig) included within Windows - for advanced users only. You can easily switch off startup items and they're categorized by users. You'll also get easy access to toggle system services and third party services. It's a great way to stop programs and some services from needlessly launching at startup, but I recommend always trying to turn off auto-launch from within the program first. As for system services? Be extremely careful if you use this feature and only make adjustments if you know what you're doing - Even then, you're probably still going to get into trouble <-- speaking from personal experience... yes I may have mis-tweaked a few services in my time ;-)

Conclusion of Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver delivers cleaning to your PC's critical access point - the Windows registry. Safely adjusts your registry to prevent any future mishaps.

Registry Reviver will revive your registry to a better state. Even a fresh install of Windows can benefit from it, if you are like many and uninstall all the crapware that comes pre-installed on our new machines. A stable computer starts with the Windows registry and that's where Registry Reviver excels.

Unfortunately, the registry is only one area of your PC that needs optimization. You should always consider a full fledged PC optimizer. it's a better choice considering they include a registry cleaner along with a multitude of other optimizing features.

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