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WinASO Registry Optimizer to Clean the Registry

WinASO delivers very strong registry cleaning. The advanced registry repair also includes a detailed cleaning and registry file size reduction through full defragmentation. Plus, there's a full file recovery module, privacy cleaning, and a system security scan that checks for vulnerabilities to harden your computer against rogue intrusions.

Important Update:
After our latest monthly evaluation, we are now recommending Wise Care 365 as the leading optimizer. Please see all of the best PC optimizers from our latest comparison results. They currently include excellent registry cleaners.

While in their time, a few years ago, a registry cleaner may have been a great idea. Today, most users want a complete PC and Internet optimization solution to get the absolute most out of their computers. We no longer recommend any registry cleaner, and much prefer a full optimization suite like one of the ASC versions. They include a great registry module plus a lot more.

WinASO Registry Optimizer

Review by SpeedUpNew

WinASO Registry OptimizerWinASO is an advanced registry cleaner that also tries its' hand at computer optimization. However, WinASO was designed specifically to flex its' muscles primarily as a registry cleaner and cleaner. With deep and safe error repair, it will go a long way to provide your computer with years of trouble-free service. Read our in-depth details below for even more included features such as a data recovery tool, privacy cleaner, and a security vulnerability scan.

  • Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®
    Including all applicable 32 & 64bit versions.
  • Safely Clean, Repair, and Optimize Registry - A thorough deep scan of your system's registry will identify errors and allow you to analyze them if you wish to intervene manually. Otherwise, WinASO can automatically select the proper correction needed for best results. A very safe Restore function is included should you run into any problems.
  • Extremely Compact Registry Defrag - After the errors are repaired, it's then time to compact the file size. Defragging will create a linear structure.
  • Additional System Optimization - Other parameters involving the registry throughout Windows will be analyzed and set appropriately.
  • Privacy, Security, and Recovery - Find privacy data hidden on your system and decide if you want to remove these bulky space-wasting files. Scan your system for security vulnerabilities to eliminate threats and improve performance. Retrieve lost or deleted files, folders, images, and more with the easy to use Data Recovery module.
  • And much more including... a shortcuts cleaner, automatic shutdown at a scheduled time, startup manager, and a complete program uninstaller.

A Registry Cleaner with Advanced Error Repair

WinAso Registry Optimizer ResultsHaving control is important when your cleaning your registry. WinASO will safely run through the data entries and prepare a complete analysis. WinASO also categorizes each error. This makes it very easy to see exactly the condition of your registry. I install and uninstall a lot of programs, just from my software testing phases, but I am also an avid gamer and I am constantly trying out new game demos. So it's no surprise, I have a High risk error count of 12 as seen in the image above. After the scan, you can simply click Repair and all of the checked errors will be fixed automatically, or you can make a decision on each one individually. The errors discovered from the deeper scan routines may be unchecked and are listed as "recommended to ignore". If you're experiencing an ongoing application problem, you may want to investigate to unchecked errors to see if the program that is giving you the problem is listed there.

Of course, you have even more control before you scan anything. Simply clicking the "Select the areas to be examined" link within the program will bring up an option screen. There are quite a few categories, but the most significant is the "Deep Registry Scan" entry. Unchecking this will remove many, if not all, of the "errors recommended to ignore".

WinASO Registry Defrag

Defrag OptionsUnbelievably some registry cleaners leave this option out. But why would you clean your registry and then leave those gaping holes of blank spaces and bloat? WinASO does a good job of optimizing your registry and reducing its' size, especially if you use the "Full defragmentation" setting. It may take a little longer when you use the defrag function, but it's worth it.

Full DefragmentationAs WinASO defrags your registry, your screen will dim and everything on your PC is temporarily disabled - since the registry is a locked Windows file, a specialized programming routine must be used to access it. After analysis, a screen, (see the image to the right) will display your results. The red blocks indicate the defragmented areas that can be optimized. There will also be a brief summary of how much you can save on your registry file size.

WinASO System Optimizer

System OptimizerSome PC optimizer routines are built into WinASO, but they're not as complete as others we have seen. Within the Optimize Center, you will find settings to optimize your hardware, applications, network, services, and your PC system. Start the optimizing analyst and you'll see the program go through it's paces. Among others, it scans your CPU speed, RAM memory, drivers, services, processes, network, and Internet settings. All of the adjustments are completely safe and will not void your PC warranty or overheat any hardware components. Unlike the dangers caused by overclocking the CPU within your BIOS or through various overclocking utilities.

Other Included Features

Privacy Scan ResultA privacy scan will quickly reveal much of the unnecessary bloat on our computers. As you can see by the image on the right, I had over 136 MB of junk data. In today's world of super large disk drives it may not seem like a lot, but when Windows has to load in that junk every time it uses the application, it makes program launches slow down considerably. This is especially true of web browsers that may have to load in huge data chunks even before you visit a web site.

Even more useful features are included, such as a Data Recovery module that can bring back any file, folder, or image you may have deleted accidentally. The secret here is Windows Recycle Bin actually only takes the file name off of it's live list, while leaving the old file and data remaining on your drive. If Windows hasn't written over that area on your drive yet, you'll be able to recover the file. So as you can see, the earlier you try to recover a file, the better chance of success you will have. Even a freshly formatted drive can still leave old files behind - just use the Unformatting Scan option.

There's also a Shortcuts Cleaner to help you remove or fix invalid shortcuts. A security vulnerability scan to reveal any problems that may slow performance or leave your computer at risk. An Auto-Shutdown utility that makes it easy to automatically shutdown, log off, stand by, or hibernate your Windows PC at any time daily, weekly, or at a specified date and time. The included Startup Manager helps you keep control of the programs that launch during a Windows boot - similar to MSconfig in Windows. An Uninstall Manager makes it easy to remove programs directly within the WinASO program. Also includes a few more system tools, a system information module, and more.

Conclusion of WinASO

A good registry cleaner with a side order of computer optimization. It would need to go a little further as a PC optimizer to be a leader in that category. However, with its' logical registry restructuring, combined with the optimized system settings, WinASO Registry optimizer is a decent registry cleaner. Unfortunately, other full PC optimizer suites are availble for a similar and sometimes lower price and include more optimization modules.

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