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We Review PC Utilities, Tuneup Software, and Optimizers (2021)

Last Updated: February 21, 2021

We tried and researched a large number of popular and not so popular system utilities to see which are the most effective cleaners, tuneup software, and optimizers for Windows PC's.

Our Top Review

After researching and reviewing optimization software for over a decade, we realize many users need a computer optimizer for different situations.

If you are having problems, we suggest the best software to get if your PC is running slow in our top PC optimizers list for 2021.

That list includes the best for speed, which is the most popular. The second most popular type of optimizer is for reparing a problem-filled PC. Finally, the third category showcases the best optimizer for beginners that's very easy to use.

Here's the best PC optimization software we researched and reviewed this year...

WiseCare 365 Review (2021)

5 Star Rating

WiseCare 365We review WiseCare 365 and show you how it gave us the best computer speed results along with the top Internet performance.

Winner of our "Best PC Optimizer" for the last while. WiseCare 365 will speed up your PC and Internet speed to the fastest levels. Also won our "Best System Repair" utility software, it will fix just about any PC problem you will ever encounter.

This is the most advanced and stable PC optimizer available. Incredible speed results for both your computer system and Internet. Also delivers state of the art Windows repair functionality. WiseCare 365 Download Options

Other Recent Reviews

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Norton Utilities cleans your system and remove errors completely to keep your computing running along perfectly. Read our review for more.

Windows computer optimization through a simple interface that even novice users can understand, is the strength of PowerBooster. Read our review.

SlimCleaner cleans your Windows PC to help make it run smoothly - But does it do enough? Read our review.

System Cleaner optimizes your system to weed out the unnecessary files and lost data that can hinder your PC performance. It's more than a registry cleaner. Read our review.

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Clean and optimize your PC speed with WinUtilities. Comes complete with a large collection of system cleaning tools. Read review.

Our Review Policy

All system utilities are reviewed and scored based on their effectiveness at speeding up overall computer performance and Internet access. It's very important to us (and all Windows users) that a stable Windows environment is maintained - because no one wants to tune-up their PC to higher speeds, only to have it crash.

We always have a growing list of PC optimization software to look at. Rest assured, we have evaluated most (if not all) of the popular choices. If they never made it to our list, that doesn't mean their a bad program, they just were not good enough in our opinion.

The system speedup solutions we have reviewed here, are the absolute best we have found. If anything groundbreaking makes its' way onto the scene and surpasses these programs, we'll be sure to post a review as quickly as possible. We'll even give you a head's up that something's in the works. Although it would be near impossible for any new developer to beat our top choices; and we don't see anything new on the horizon for the next while.

You have to be very careful and it's important to check if a PC optimizer is safe that are currently circulating concerning system utility software.

if you've been waiting for a while to get an optimizer, this years' leader, WiseCare 365 Pro, is the biggest leap forward in almost a decade. Highly recommended for those seeking the absolute most advanced optimization available.

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