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Advanced System Optimizer Review | Full Game Booster for PC

Last Updated: February 21, 2021

Advanced System Optimizer Pro has automatic or single-click optimization. Includes an easy to set scheduling option to prep your machine for automatic optimization. But there are better automatic optimizers available for much less.

Heralded as a game booster for PC with a wide spectrum of features. Unfortunately, regardless of all the options, we felt it never delivered anything special performance wise.

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer Review

2021 Review by SpeedupNew

Is Advanced System Optimizer Safe?

We checked if Advanced System Optimizer is safe. As with all system utilities, it needs primary access to the Windows OS, so a few false-positives are expected. We ran it through over 50 malware scanners online, and it passed on many of the major AV scans - with a few warnings as expected.

Is Advanced System Optimizer safe? Yes, in our view, it is safe to download and install on our systems, but you must make the final decision for your system.

Advanced System OptimizerAdvanced System Optimizer (ASO) is a detailed PC optimizer. Novice users will need to carefully study the very informative help files. The one drawback of ASO is the lack of an Internet optimizer. If adjusting or repairing your Internet settings is important to you, consider our top Internet optimizer selection to speed up Internet / network performance.

Game Booster included: If you play a lot of graphic intensive PC games, the included game booster may be of interest to you. Tremendously easy to use with just a few clicks, or you may delve into the wide selection of manual adjustments. However, we prefer another for gaming and overall system speed.

Works with: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7P
Compatible with all applicable 32 & 64bit versions above.

Our In-Depth Results

ASO is heavy on tools and utilities. The automatic function is a PC cleaner with the expected registry, junk, and other file cleaning routines. Other non-optimization features include an undelete function to recover files, a backup manager, plus you will be able to encrypt and securely delete files, remove Internet tracks, and protect your system from malware etc. Next up, we're going to look deeper into the true optimizer features.

On to the optimization. There is a Registry Defrag option to reduce the size of the registry, which helps to speed up Windows access to the registry. The Windows Optimizers tab is where the most interesting (to optimization enthusiasts like us) features are hiding.

The Memory Optimizer will clear PC RAM allowing for faster access to data by your running programs. There are manual and automatic settings with the Memory Optimizer - be careful though, in our experience, clearing too much RAM can actually hinder some programs and even cause crashes and freezes.

The Common Problems Fixer tab contains some very useful features. For those with suspected errors slowing down PC performance or causing other issues, there is the PC Fixer utility that will help you fix common PC problems. The System and Security Advisor has Performance option to scan your PC for opportunities to increase speed. The Tuneup option concerns adjusting your CPU optimization via critical threads and Level 2 Cache settings.

There is a Driver Updater feature present, to help you keep important drivers updated. Outdated drivers can certainly be a major performance hog, but I prefer to seek out my drivers the old fashioned way.

Rounding out the features are a Startup and Uninstall Manager, as well as a Scheduler to automatically scan your PC at the intervals you set. As a safety net, we really do appreciate the Undelete option that is available.

Finally, I must say, the help files within the program are very informative and well laid out. Strangely though, they are NOT located within the Help menu, but rather by clicking the word Demo beside the Help menu - only available in each individual utility that pops up separate from the main interface. Regardless, it is easy to access. There is also a very detailed Online Help section available at their web site that is easily accessed by clicking Help and selecting Online Help of course.


An easy to use interface that delivers a vast array of optimization choices. The problem is the lack of a speed results greatly lessens the experience. Unfortunately, the real strength of Advanced System Optimizer is the help files. While they're beautifully written and helpful, they can't make up for the lack of performance compared to the other more effective optimizers available.

Like most optimizer software, you can download and setup Advanced System Optimizer very quickly. Unfortunately, it's the lack of features and effectiveness that prevent us from using Systweak's latest PC cleaning software. We recommend checking our best PC optimizer software list before downloading Advanced System Optimizer.

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