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AVG PC Tuneup Optimizer Review - Tune Up Windows Download

Last Updated: February 21, 2021

It's good to see more of the larger developers offering excellent optimization programs. There was a time when only a handful of "questionable" software makers would release system tuneup software - but that was years ago.

AVG is respected for their very popular and effective anti-virus programs. While some consider a security solution an essential install, we also consider optimization software essential - so it's no surprise that AVG would want to excel in this field too. Let's dig a little deeper to find out if their tuneup prowess is as good as their anti-virus offering.

AVG Tuneup: Windows Utilities

AVG Tuneup Box and ScreenshotAVG Tuneup includes a software updater for all of your key programs. It's a nice feature that is not included in every optimization program. Even though I prefer full control over what gets updated and installed on my PC, you may like this feature if you want a more auto-running system by giving control to AVG Tuneup to update your essential programs.

The junk-data cleaning digs a little deeper than most and seems to be updated on a regular basis as I see it's already added functionality for SnagIt and a few other newer programs.

AVG Tuneup has a longer battery-life module to extend the battery life if you're using a notebook PC. i believe you don't really need a power-saving specific module built-into an optimizer. If any tuneup utility is doing a proper job of optimization, your power consumption should be lowered by the reduced resource usage anyway.

The "Fix Problems" utility included did a decent, yet very safe and conservative job of fixing Windows errors and problem areas. While it's a fine line to walk between repairing and "over-repairing", AVG plays it safe and does a good basic job of fixing issues. If your PC is riddled with problems or has a major issue that has reduced performance, you would be better served to consider a more robust repair utility.

The gains in gaming performance were adequate but a little disappointing considering they're using over 35 power tools to achieve the slight increases.

Works with: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7


It's a good all-around PC optimization program, but I was left wanting more. Since AVG Tuneup is a "universal" optimizer that works with Windows PCs, Android, and Mac devices, perhaps it's that heavy programming burden that leaves it short on the PC side - which is the only platform we are interested in.

It does have a beautiful interface, but I am rarely impressed with the face of software that I'm rarely going to see. It's the underlying components that make or break optimization software. While nothing broke, my PC just didn't get the added punch and zip that the other leading optimizers gave me.


It's difficult to recommend AVG tuneup... especially with better PC tuneup programs out there such as WiseCare 365.

AVG Tuneup
$49.99 USD

if you are using AVG's anti-virus programs, you may be comfortable using their tuneup software. We'll continue to watch AVG Tuneup closely to see if their next iteration improves significantly.

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