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Glary Utilities Review - PC Utilities for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Last Updated: February 20, 2021

One of the better tune up utilities for Windows, Glary Utilities download gives you a fairly easy one stop option to clean and optimize your system.

While Glary Utilities did not climb to the very top this year, it is a good all around performer. With a toolbox containing over 20 system tuning utilities, you will have plenty to do if you put your mind to optimizing your PC. However, if you want to lay back and let Glarys Utilities do most of the heavy lifting, there is an automated option that can do a one-click optimization.

Glary Utilities: Clean a Windows PC

Glary System UtilitiesI enjoyed my time with Glary Utilities even though it's not really what I would call an exciting piece of software. More based on function than form, Glary Utilities will deliver a decent Windows tuneup, but it will not thrill with overpowering speed optimizations. If you want a utility type of program to dig around into the inner workings of Windows, it may be for you. But if you want the best speed increases possible, you'll need to look for a full throttled PC optimizer that will accelerate both your computer and online speed such as the much more polished WiseCare 365 Pro.

Works with: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7
Compatible with all applicable 32 & 64bit versions above.


Provides very good optimization to both your Windows computer and Internet speed. Where it does fall away from its' competitors is within the final speed results. I prefer to think of Glarys Utilities as an excellent assortment of tools to play with in order to get a struggling PC back in order. As for full speed optimizing, you're better off looking elsewhere.


Recently updated, Glary Utilities has even more advanced features now. While it still lags behind a few others for top speed results, it is certainly going to give you a good optimization.

Frustrating computer errors can hinder the performance of PCs, but more importantly, it will hinder your enjoyment of your valuable computing time.

Glary utilities will quickly scan to fix errors and clean out all of the accumulated junk files and repair corrupted system files. When times are tough on your PC, you'll need a tough system repair utility, and Glary has proven itself to many users over the years, it is up to the job.

Glary Utilities will optimize your PC, fix system errors, and clean your Windows computer of any useless and duplicate files. You'll get faster speed and improve Windows stability to protect against future crashes, freezes, and other serious problems.

Glary Utilities
$39.95 USD

Using Glary Utilities, we were able to generate excellent stability and improve PC speed overall. Results will vary, but here's what most users will experience.

  • Boosts startup speeds for faster program launch and close.
  • Optimizes Windows settings to create a more responsive Windows environment..
  • Easy one-click function can quickly provide basic PC optimization.
  • Has a privacy protection module to keep your personal information on your PC and not floating about the Internet.
  • Over 20 premium tools to tweak and adjust your Windows settings. Detailed information gives you confidence to dig further into these optimizer tools.


A good optimizer and system cleaner, Glary Utilities is close to being a leading edge optimizer, but it just doesn't deliver enough to warrant a top rank rating.

Having said that, it's not going to disappoint too much and there's a lot here, if you're up to the task of going through all of the system tools. Those with restless fingers will probably enjoy the extra clicks to achieve full optimization, just be patient and careful if you take on the challenge.

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