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AmigaBit PowerBooster Review - Windows Optimization

Last Updated: February 20, 2021

Windows computer optimization through a simple interface that even novice users can understand, is the strength of PowerBooster. Are you looking for improved stability to Windows, while building up speed to an adequate response rate? Do you want a simple to use, automatic solution that will not need any time to learn? Then PowerBooster may be the program for you. but if you want the best PC optimization software available, there are better options.

With this downloadable program, you will get a slight speed increase to Windows 7, 8, and of course, the more recent Windows 10. Plus it has a fair Internet optimizer included to help speed up your online speed. The interface is certainly new user friendly and we recommend PowerBooster if you're a little timid about using an optimizer, as the other more advanced options may be a little too complex for completely new PC users.

PowerBooster is easy to use

PowerBooster ScreenshotFast and Stable:
A true "beginner's" optimizer with a very simple layout. After PowerBooster performs its' Full System Analysis, the complete Windows optimization will run and you'll experience a little faster overall computing speed while opening and closing programs, improved video editing, and a very small boost to your PC gaming speed.

Fully optimizes your Windows registry and will even improve your computer's boot time. But if you want serious increases in all of the important facets that determine speed for your PC and Internet, choose WiseCare 365 Pro instead.

The PowerBooster download is designed with new users in mind to adjust and customize your Windows settings without going too far.

  • Automatic live tuning will provide safe performance improvements.
  • Advanced boot sector optimization for improved computer boots.
  • Maximize your gaming performance with the included Game Booster module.
  • Data consistency through registry defrag and cleaning. This provides improved stability.
  • Protects against slow speeds by freeing memory resources.
  • Automated optimization gives you complete control. Also restore any changes quickly and easily.
  • Many system maintenance features including a one-click-optimizer.
  • Accidental deleted file recovery with a built-in Undelete module.
  • Increase SSD life span and fully optimize old-style mechanical hard drives.
  • Optimize your Internet connection with the Internet Tuner.
  • Trims down the services and processes taking up precious CPU cycles.
  • Adjust (normally) inaccessible and hidden Windows settings with the tweaking module.


If you're looking to download a Windows optimizer that will help you avoid any aggravating Windows re-installs in the future, PowerBooster deserves consideration. One expects to never have to go through the long Windows install process after they get their new PC, but the sad truth is many have to re-install about 3 or 4 times during the life of their PC.

PowerBooster prevents that misery for novice users, by fully stabilizing Windows, all while trying to improve the responsiveness and overall system speed. PowerBooster does as its' name suggests, it optimizes Windows and it does a fine job at that.

However, if you're only going to be satisfied with maximum computer and Internet speed increases, as can only delivered by the leading software, consider choosing one of the others in our list instead.

While they may be a little more complicated, spending a few minutes to learn how to properly optimize your PC is well worth it, in our view. After all, once your system is optimized, you don't really need to do much else afterwards, as most programs automatically keep your PC highly tuned from that point on.

PowerBooster Pro

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