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WinOptimizer Review - Automatic & Easy-to-Use Optimizer

Last Updated: February 20, 2021

WinOptimizer is an optimization program for Windows PCs. Very easy to use but it's not the leader in the more important categories of speed and repair.

WinOptimizer vs Others

365 Pro
Optimize PC Speed 90 95 99
Optimize Internet 86 91 99
Slowdown Protection 90 97 98
Clean Registry 92 98 98
Optimize Registry 89 96 99
Improve Startup 85 93 99
Improve Gaming 91 94 99
Fix Problems & Errors 95 98 98
Other Minor Variables: 91 96 99
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
FINAL SCORE 90% 95% 99%

The Details

WinOptimizer Scan to OptimizePress the scan button:
You're done. Your PC and Internet are now optimized. You want a little more speed, dig a little deeper into the more advanced features to tinker with your Windows settings a little more.

But the crux of your performance improvements will come from the single button click. It's a wonderful optimizer solution for the newest PC user to the older expert tweakers who are tired of messing around with the Windows registry until they get an unbootable PC.

WinOptimizer also includes a registry cleaner, junk file cleaner, and secures your system from privacy invasions while online.

WinOptimizer can quickly, easily, and safely optimize your PC and Internet. While the optimization benefits are not the leader in any of our categories, we can forgive it a little for the tremendous ease of use it provides as an automatic optimization solution. By pressing WinOptimizer's big scan button and open up your PC and Internet performance into the fast lane.

$49.99 USD

Average results can be expected with Winoptimizer's easy to use 1-click scan. Here's just a few of the benefits you can expect from WinOptimizer.

  • Clicking the easy scan button optimizes PC and Internet speed. Not as fast as other leading PC optimizers, but definitely a noticeable difference.
  • Stability will improve reducing lags, freezes, and sluggish performance during resource intense sessions such as video rendering. PC gaming with the latest very demanding releases will improve responsiveness and frame rates.
  • The registry will be fully optimized and running a peak efficiency.
  • Internet connection speed will improve. The amount of improvement will rely on whether your system has been improperly configure, corrupted, or just using the plain and slow default settings.
  • There are more advanced modules further into the program, so if you dare to go in there, make sure you read everything carefully and proceed with caution. Backing up your Windows registry and making a system restore point before doing any advanced changes is always a good policy.


it's an average PC optimization program that delivers decent results. If you're only concerned about ease-of-use, it may be for you. However, most optimizer software today is easy to use and I wouldn't let the simplicity of using WinOptimizer be the deciding force. There's more effective programs for less, so this one may leave you wanting.

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